Ron v Democracy

Result of Genral Election

June 10, 2017

The tories have been asked by Queen Elizabeth to govern temporarily as a minority. They have only 318 seats, other parties have 332 seats. In Scotland SNP has a clear majority, and in Wales Labour has a clear majority: Labour 28, Plaid Cymru 4, tories 8. The tories have no right to govern and this is a constitutional crisis which can be resolved only by giving independence to Scotland and Wales. The UKIP fascists have been wiped out, and in Wales all parties other than the above have been wiped out. There is great unrest at tory rule. As Squire in Mawr I vehemently oppose tory rule of Welsh speaking Wales. As a Member of the Gentry and as a US dual citizen I remained a neutral observer.”

You really do not understand democracy, do you Ron? No more than you understand how real science is done (one confronts opposition with evidence in open debate rather than hiding away and claiming victory on the basis of lies and incorrect mathematics). It is self-evident that some group will always be unhappy with the result of an election. Still, that is better than the ‘primitive’ version of ‘democracy’ … where the winners get to exterminate the losers. Even in civilized times, governments really cannot allow your favoured idea of direct democracy. That does not work because, as the internet increasingly reveals to us, the majority of the population consists of vicious and stupid people (viz. Brexit). And so most civilized nations have adopted representational democracy. But even that has to be protected: a democracy might vote a dictator (or a moron) into power: that happened with Hitler, and has just happened again in Turkey. So a second protection is a ‘loyal opposition’ and a final protection is a written constitution: which the UK lacks, just as it lacks a secret ballot.  PS You are not the squire; where is the paperwork?


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