“Awbrey Dominion and Decline” by Jon Anthony Aubrey (2007)

June 11, 2017

Many thanks for all this information, very interesting! In John Aubrey’s book “Brief Lives”, he mentions that it was Robert Hooke who discovered the inverse square law, and set a problem for the younger Isaac Newton. What force law produces an elliptical orbit? According to John Aubrey, and there is no reason to doubt it, Isaac Newton answered incorectly, a 1 / r law. Then Hooke gave him the solution and Isaac Newton went on from there to develop fluxions. This is why I name it the Hooke Newton inverse square law. John Aubrey was a friend of Robert Hooke at Oxford, and John Aubrey’s papers are in the Bodleian Library. He was a famous antiquarian as you know, and our ancestral cousin as attached.”

True scholars of physics know that Ismaël Boulliaud was the first person to adumbrate the inverse square law … in 1645, when Newton was a 3-year old and Hooke was 10. Boulliaud’s father had also observed Halley’s comet long before Halley was born. Perhaps Chauvin had a point.


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