Dodgy Pensioner

My Civil List Pension

June 12, 2017

This £2,400 a year, having been incremented twice. It is paid by the Treasury in London, on behalf of Queen Elizabeth. The First Lord of the Treasury is also the Prime Minister. My P60 is from the Treasury. These days, one only needs to look up the internet to find out all about the Civil List Pension, paid out of the Civil List. It is roughly equivalent to Order of Merit, or Companion of Honour.”

It is supposed to be given to, “such persons only as have just claims on the royal  beneficence or who by their personal services to the Crown, or by the performance of duties to the public, or by their useful discoveries in science and attainments in literature and the arts“. What attainments of yours are those then? Crap poetry or physical theories that nobody believes or uses (unless they have a perpetual-motion or antigravity machine to support)? Where does it say that you can use the address of the Treasury to promote perpetual-motion machines? It is nothing like the Order-of-Merit, which is far far grander. We have to admit though that the OM goes to some strange people anyway. Would even you want to rub shoulders with James Dyson? The centrifugal vacuum-cleaner principle was already being described as ‘old hat’ in about 1904. How on Earth did Dyson parlay that into a knighthood, an Order-of-Merit … and a Fellowship of the Royal Society? Is the OM awarded for ‘services to money’ or did he offer a particularly good deal on vacuum-cleaners for Buck House?  


One Response to “Dodgy Pensioner”

  1. IoanRichard Says:

    To Mr Evans (Bogus Mathematical Physicist), I have now had lengthy telephone conversations with people in very serious authority as to your abuse of your “Queen’s Civil List Pension” position. Have you declared it to the Benefits Agency? You may get asked a few awkward questions soon about abusing this pension such as your eccentric / delusionary statements – like you claiming to being :- “a member of the gentry” or “working for the Queen” or being “Squire of Mawr” and “Lord of Gower and Glyntawe” or you saying “It is roughly equivalent to the Order of Merit, or Companion of Honour.” or “belittling other recipients (e.g. Faraday) as being subservient to your position as him being a mere experimenter according to your genius”. I may soon consult Lawyers about your continuing defamation of my character on your science fiction blog. So far the advice given to me is “ignore this deluded nasty buffoon” (that is you Evans). Can you give proof of anything you say about me? Come on let us have any TRUE FACTS you can dig up and PROVE. Has your new MP replied to you yet? Please publish her reply.

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