Ducks and Scholarship

Cancer Radiotherapy

June 12, 2017

In October 2013 I recorded on this blog that Glaxo had taken up cancer radiotherapy, as advised by Alex Hill. Having no medical qualifications I have never worked in the field, but was among the first to support the idea. As Alex Hill points out today, the field has become a giant industry.”

No. Cancer radiotherapy has been around since the discovery of radium. What Glaxo have developed is ‘electroceuticals’: direct electrical stimulation of tissue. What you illegally recommended (having no knowledge of oncology) was the crackpot ray-gun (so-called ‘Bordeaux Box’) of Antoine Prioré. As you said in 2013, some people cannot tell ‘ducks from scholarship’. And to whom were you offering cancer-curing advice (contrary to common law)? Why, it was Craddock, henchman of Bearden. You know, the person whose Motionless Electromagnetic Generator perpetual-motion machine you ‘explained’. Bearden, who thinks that the Yakuza control the weather. Bearden, who habitually carries a gun because he thinks that ‘men-in-black’ are plotting to kill him with futuristic weapons because of his ‘secret knowledge’.  They say that one can judge a man by the friends he keeps. Well, you have some real doozies … loony-wise. 


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