Odious Comparisons

FOR POSTING: Comparison on www.statshow.com of Institutes of Advanced Study

June 14, 2017

The following information is in page views a month

1) AIAS / UPITEC 75,264.
2) Princeton Institute for Advanced Study 103,740.
3) Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies 18,720.
4) Berlin Institute for Advanced Study 13,680.
5) Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities 257,340
6) IAS Nantes in Brittany 30.

These are all world leading institutes, so AIAS / UPTEC is a world leader, with a much smaller staff. Some similar institutes and organizations are as follows:

7) National Library of Wales 48,390.
8) Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa 183,720
9) Royal Society of London 166,320.”

Ron is clearly delighted that he has been able to find a site-monitoring service that gives him the sort of results that he wants. It remains to explain why other monitoring sites do not agree:






And in a spirit of glasnost, here are our visitor records,

Visitor numbers

and a list of where they went next; note that most of them went to Ron’s blog. 


Don’t mention it. Here are our visitors from yesterday, when nobody supposedly visited

13th June

Finally, observant visitors will have noted that there is a hit-counter on this blog. We see no counter on Ron’s blog or website.

Oh, and how is the birthday-boy’s site going?



Well, that’s not very good for ‘a leading scholar’, is it?



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