Stirring Memories

FT Report 15/6/17

June 15, 2017

The FT site is completely defunct, it attracts no visits at all,”

Mathematicians can spot this lie for themselves by regularly checking our hit-counter (just above the polls). Where is Ron’s hit-counter?

“this conclusion is clear after only three days of monitoring with ”

Thus again proving that Ron’s favoured site-monitoring service is inaccurate.

“The site has been biling for eighteen years with no effect.”

The Wayback Machine immediately proves that that is a lie. Just ditto the above statement.

“The publisher of Cambridge International Science Publishing found that it had been banned in Tesco in 2012 and had been replaced by baked beans. ”

At the time, one of us immediately checked at his local Tesco branch. There was no problem. Riecansky, like Ron, is probably one of those people who needs to call on expert help in order to configure his internet connections properly. We wonder whether Ron even knows that CISP is no more: after being threatened with compulsory striking-off almost every year (for accounting offences), it recently struck itself off voluntarily. Riecansky, like Ron, is an FOT (Friend of Trump): they belong to a notorious denier organisation, as do all of the AIAS gang AND Jeremy Corbyn’s brother.

As for Tesco, since Ron brings it up, who can forget that the heir (a Dame of the realm no less) to the family fortune fled abroad to avoid a £40,000,000 fine for gerrymandering. It seems that she returned after using crafty financial tricks to reduce her £70,000,000 to £300,000. So, we would not take moral guidance from Tesco anyway.

“For eighteen years there has been no interest in the site at all. ”

Well, there wouldn’t have been would there? Given its state of non-existence for most of that period.

“A retired mayor of Swansea joined this hate blog and the effect is international revulsion. ”

Indeed it is! How do you feel, being the focus of such revulsion?

“The only reason why the general public is exposed to this illegal site is that WordPress refuses to remove it. ”

WP refuses to remove it because it offends only one person. Here is an analogy: just think of one of those cartoons of George IV … and we do not even have to exaggerate any features.

“Much tougher legislation is needed against hate blogs and people who join them. ”

What should be removed are the pseudoscientific sites which increasingly  impede scientific education.

“A summary by Spike Milligan: “I’ve got a complaint”, “What is it?” “Leprosy”.”

To those who are unfamiliar with ancient British comedy, Milligan was an Indo-Irish entertainer who suffered shell-shock during WW2, spent much of his life under medical supervision, once tried to murder Peter Sellers (player of Ron’s favourite character, Clouseau), publicly insulted Prince Charles and produced incomprehensible (or incredibly racist) ‘comedy’.  One was never sure whether one was ‘laughing with him, or at his mental illness’. The perfect comic-idiom for Ron. But don’t give up your day-job … oh, you haven’t had one for ages.



2 Responses to “Stirring Memories”

  1. IoanRichard Says:

    Latest UK Queen’s Awards to Welsh people just announceed at :- and not one single pseudo member of the “A I A S” on the list. Not even the “Master Professor” himself. The Palace and UK Cabinet and Royal Institutes etc. have now all learnt from their past gross errors of judgement.
    What says you the readers of “Crackpotwatch”?

  2. Pete Ridley Says:

    Someone posted a link to this page on John O’Sullivan’s “membership” page of his blog Principia Scientific International (

    Notice that the original page was about John O’s original plan for PSI being registered in the UK as a CIC. I wonder if many of those claimed “members” realise that John O’ has now registered PSI as an UK private company (not-for-profit) and is claiming to be a registered charity.

    The Principia Scientific International Ltd. Articles of Association say of its members ” .. Every member of the charity promises, if the charity is dissolved while he or she or it is a member or within 12 months after he she or it ceases to be a member, to contribute such sum (not exceeding £10) as may be demanded of him or her or it towards the payment of the debts and liabilities of the charity incurred before he is she or it ceases to be a member … “.

    I wider if Myron and his AIAS associates are aware of this.

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