Lie Detectors

FT Report 17/6/17 with

June 17, 2017

The FT harassment site is not being viewed by anyone at all for the fifth day of monitoring. ”

The actual figure was 497, as anybody could have checked by watching our hit-counter: which is now a detector of your lies … and of the worthlessness of that Indian monitoring site. The hit-counter is situated just above our new poll, which you have not yet voted on … or did you vote honestly? Where is your hit-counter located Ron?

“So in eighteen years it has not been viewed by anyone outside the asylum. ”

Above our hit-counter, which is above our polls, there is our archive … which dates back less than six years. Are you claiming that our pressure-group was set up long before there was anything to protest about in the way of a wrongly awarded honour? So our archive is another detector of your lies and another indicator of the inaccuracy of your monitoring service.  Do your colleagues never have a ‘quiet word’ with you about your blatant lies? Or does AIAS operate more along the lines of a religious cult? We look forward to the next comet. Will you gather them together in one place and show them the ECE-based ‘counter-bary’ machine which will take them to that comet. Of course, they will have to swallow their ‘energy-drinks’ first … it’s a long bourn. 

“The trolls are feeling very lonely, and want attention like infants. Spike Milligan sums this up as follows, in a variation of the tale of the officer’s kazzy (on youtube). Fawlty, you must go to Siberia immediately! At once Rip. Ron is a Russian spy, and generates page views from a frozen cabin deep in the Taiga, we must find out how he does it. Yes Rip. We must get to the bottom of this. There is no toilet paper and I already have Rip.”

Are you feeling entirely well, Ron?



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