The Cuckoo in Ron’s Nest

Contribution by Stephen Crothers

June 17, 2017

I am sure that this will be another excellent contribution from the well known scholar and critic of dogma, Stephen Crothers. It looks as if the obsolete methods of publication make money out of millions of unread papers. They also charge a huge amount to get a reprint from a library. In the enlightened sixties, all this was free. This makes a sausage machine out of scholarship. There is no sincerity at all in that type of system, the capitalist system.”

You do realize, don’t you Ron, that the Public Dick is not really on your side? He is not pathetically attacking the unassailable General Theory of Relativity in order to ‘make the world safe for ECE’, he is doing so in order to make it safe for ‘electric universe’ nuts; among them, your old AIAS colleague, Dunging-Davies. The electric-universe nuts believe that electrostatic forces are more important than gravity on the cosmological scale. One might well suspect that, as electrostatic attraction is some


times stronger than gravitational attraction. Unfortunately, electric charges can be positive or negative, and their fields are blocked by intervening objects … thus frustrating any large overall influence. Gravity comes in only one (attractive) form and cannot be shielded against. So, the apparent alliance between AIAS and the Public Dick is an uneasy one, rather like the Axis forces during WW2. If the Allies had lost, what would Hitler have done with the Emperor … or vice versa


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