Biefeld-Brown Bollocks

Biefeld Brown Effect

June 21, 2017

Good idea, combining the field equations should produce a lot of new ideas. Thanks for going through the notes. It will be very interesting to see whether equations such as (34) and (35) produce precession from the spin connection. The combination of field equations and the numerical integration method is very powerful.”

Here Ron goes again, ‘explaining’ something which does not even exist. The Biefeld-Brown effect is one of the big ‘set pieces’ in the lunatic fringe. It is essentially just a misinterpreted Faraday-Wind effect. Brown was not even the first to kid himself that he had discovered an electrical influence upon gravity. An Irish-Dutch inventor had previously put an electrical gadget on a weighing machine, turned  it on and reported that the balance-reading had decreased. Being an incompetent experimenter, he declared that the gadget had lost weight. This was one of the classic errors that Bacon had warned about (not considering alternative explanations): it had not lost weight, there was simply an ion-wind directed downwards. Incidentally, this inventor (whom our author-friend has asked us not to name) had attended the same Bristol school as Grindell Matthews (previous crackpot-in-residence at Craigcefnparc). Even nowadays, the present incarnation of that school employs a professor who believes in the Viv Pope theory that gravity does not exist. That same professor runs a unit which is charged with ‘bringing science to the man-in-the-street’.  Brown was the less usual sort of scam-artist; the sort who tries to ‘sell a bill of goods’ to a government: Garabed Giragossian had tried that, and almost succeeded because US senators did not understand the difference between power and energy. Grindell Matthews tried to con £25000 (at 1920 prices) out of the UK government by faking ‘death-ray’ demonstrations. However, the Office of Naval Research looked at Brown’s work … and dismissed it (we of course have a copy of that report). In order to make himself look more respectable, Brown latched-on to Biefeld (deceased 74 years ago to the day) – a respected astronomer who was 38 years his senior – and who was already exhibiting early signs of dementia. There is no proof that Biefeld actively contributed to this apparent collaboration. But Biefeld had known Einstein as a student in Europe, and lunatic-fringers love to be able to link themselves to Einstein even while denigrating his work (eh Ron?).  But even the worst can be useful, in that anybody who mentions Brown (or Tesla, or Searl, or Laithwaite or …) in anything less than scathing terms marks himself out as being one sandwich short of a picnic. 



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