A Cunning Plan

We know that various individuals have sent complaints about Ron to the Royal Society of Chemistry, to the Honours Forfeiture Committee and to other relevant bodies and officials. The problem is that bureaucracy can easily ignore an isolated ‘disgruntled of hicktown’. Meanwhile, petitions tend to fizzle out, or are blocked by the very person who is complained about. Even a successful petition with many signatures might be easily ‘mislaid’ … being a single communication. So the plan is this: at some date in the future, we shall provide a handy checklist of all of Ron’s misdeeds. At a second date, every suitably motivated person will simultaneously send a letter to one or all of the relevant bodies (foreign readers should allow for postal delays). Try as he might, no bureaucrat could hide such a pile of snail-mail, especially if the media got to hear of it.  Distasteful advertisements and TV programmes have been banned because of a relatively small number of simultaneous complaints; hence our stratagem. Any readers who would be inclined to take part in such a ‘writing exercise’ are invited to signal such intent on our latest poll. 


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