Damn Fine Bagels

Edits for my Lifetime Achievement Site

June 22, 2017

Fred Marks, Editor in Chief, notified me that the website is


I edited the entry and submitted it about a week ago, so the edits may be in your files. I sent it using the “submit” facility. If at all possible, it is best to reproduce the attached CV in the above site. The attached CV may also be used to update my Marquis entry next time round. I can electronically update my Marquis entry as usual. I am most grateful for this signal honour and the award is proudly displayed in our library here.”

Needless to say, this is yet another vanity scam. It is run by Randy Narod. His ‘thing’ (wink wink) is night-club ownership. Oh, and he also owns bagel shops. He is perhaps not the best person to document academic qualifications, given that he paid someone to take examinations in his place. For that he was barred from practising his chosen profession.  Like Ron, he is an FoT (friend of Trump). Ron is linked to Trump by climate-change denying. Narod is linked to Trump by an educational scam in which they participated,

 In his CV, Ron has of course included almost all of the usual lies, such as the one that he is an Honorary Fellow of Lancaster University.  He openly admits his links to perpetual-motion cranks. That would bar him from inclusion in genuine biographies but, of course, it does not matter here. Again missing from his CV are all of his entries in the books from the International Biographical Centre. Perhaps he is able to spot at least some of the many vanity scams out there. Note that it is possible to contact Ron via the first link above. Be sure to congratulate him. By the way, Ron, was it your idea to have a spinning-top next to your entry, or is that Randy’s concept of ‘science’. In either case, what irony!



2 Responses to “Damn Fine Bagels”

  1. Harry Hab Says:

    Good sleuthing! They do know how to pick expensive-looking fonts though, so (ha ha) Ron is getting his money’s worth. By which I mean the money the taxpayer shells out for his various benefit scams.

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