Dylan Expert

Comparison with the Dylan Thomas Centre www.dylanthomas.com

June 22, 2017

On www.statshow.com the Dylan Thomas Centre website www.dylanthomas.com is getting 10,950 page views a month compared with 75,264 for our very own AIAS / UPITEC, based in Swansea’s North Pole, Craig Cefn Parc. Dylan Marlais Thomas is advertized now as Swansea’s most famous son, but in his own lifetime he was dirt poor and regarded as a waster by the bone headed, of which there are many around here. He is certainly Swansea’s most famous son, science in Wales always takes second place to literature.”

Learn more about Dylan from local Swansea celebrity, historian and poet:




One Response to “Dylan Expert”

  1. IoanRichard Says:

    NOTE in the video :- when I referred to famous poets locally to my home area I mentioned a MEIRION EVANS of Felindre now of Llanelli, that was certainly not the deluded pseudo scientist Myron Evans of Craigcefnparc. I do not wish to be associated with Mr Myron Evans in any way whatsoever.

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