Here’s a Curious Thing or Two

Page Views per Month for

June 23, 2017

Overall Activity Report: AIAS

These are the scientometrics for page views per month for using WebLog 2.53 feedback software. The same method has been used for fifteen years so there is an excellent and very accurate record. The page views per month for are added to this to give an average for 2016 of 75,264 page views per month.”

According to Ron’s favorite monitoring site, statshow, “ is not currently ranked anywhere. was launched at January 25, 2010 and is 7 years and 151 days. It reaches roughly 30 users and delivers about 30 page views each month. Its estimated monthly revenue is $0.00. We estimate the value of to be around $10.00”  Is that not curious, given that upitec is essentially a mirror-site for both aias and Ron’s blog? What does WebLog say about upitec, Ron? And look how craftily he combines the page-views for the two sites in order to conceal this strange disparity. It is rather like the old conundrum given to beginning statistics students: ‘a tramp jumps into a billionaire’s Rolls Royce. Not counting the chauffeur, is there now an average of two multi-millionaires in the car?’ Ron certainly wants to give that impression. Here is another curious thing. Statshow also says that Ron’s blog has been running for over 17 years. Where is the rest of it?


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