AIAS Defunct

Checking Note 380(4)

June 28, 2017

Right, agreed, this will be fixed in the final paper as usual. Our system of checking, graphics and computer algebra is also first class, and the entire theory is based on irrefutable Cartan geometry. Our papers have been refereed and checked hundreds of thousands of times by a vast and permanent readership coming from the best universities, institutes, corporations, military facilities and similar in the world. Our scientometrics are uniquely accurate and detailed.”

This is not news, it has always been true; it is just that every passing day makes it ever more obvious. Even we would ignore it if it were not for the fact that Ron has received an undeserved accolade and will forever pollute the list of great British scientists if he is not removed. Ron is a crackpot pure-and-simple, and all of the remaining AIAS fellows are crackpots: those who still had a scientific reputation to protect have quietly defected over the years. Our apologies to any reputable scientists who have simply forgotten that they are on Ron’s ‘staff list’. Ron himself proves, on a daily basis, that his theories are nonsense by using them to ‘confirm’ the existence of phenomena which do not in fact exist. Among these phenomena are the supposed net energy production by simple electrical circuits (Ideotic, Hill-of-Beans, MEG), supposed antigravity (Laithwaite, Biefeld-Brown) and retrograde precession. Computer-checking cannot detect defective theory, especially if the person doing the checking has himself a vested interest in supporting the drivel. All of these obsessions (perpetual-motion, antigravity, anti-Einsteinism) place Ron & Co. firmly in the lunatic fringe. Everything else is pure fantasy and deception. There is no proof of any interest from real scientists: there is never any direct communication from them, no other sign of their interest, and the ‘scientometrics’ are clearly bogus. The web-traffic monitoring site which Ron now uses for support is known to generate unrealistic results. Meanwhile, Ron’s publications are panned by every reviewer other than his creature, Penderghastly.  We call on Ron to ask that he be removed from the list of Civil List Scientists (he can keep the monetary part). Let him jump before he is pushed.  


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