Time to Catch Up

Many thanks to Kerry Pendergast

June 30, 2017

Many thanks to Kerry Pendergast for meeting the industrial economist Steve Bannister of the University of Utah at Abergavenny railway station and bringing him back on the Heads of the Valleys road. This runs straight through Merthyr Tydfil where Kerry went to Grammar School. Craig y Nos Castle Hotel’s website is well designed and is getting over 9,000 page views a month (attached). It is situated about twenty miles from Swansea. A Waterfront Hotel is most convenient for the Trevithick engine. I can meet Steve on the Friday. We are currently at a record high monthly interest in the ECE2 papers and books.”

Now, before the Dismal Scientist turns up, you really should make an effort to read his doctoral thesis. You see, you are listed as a member of the Dissertation Approval Committee … but you do not appear to have read it! You continually claim that it says one thing e.g.,

Osamu Ide and Horst Eckardt should be invited to give lecture demonstrations to the RSC and RS. As AIAS Fellow Steve Bannister (Dept. of Economics, University of Utah) points out in his Thesis  …  it will bring in a second industrial revolution because it is an inexhaustible source of clean energy. [open letter to the President of the RSC, 11th February]

but it actually says another,

The work identifies two energy revolutions explaining the EIR. The first, converting from wood to coal for industrial and domestic heating purposes, probably happened  several times in history at other places in addition* to England. In addition* to this first–phase energy revolution in England, Chapter 2 documents an added noteworthy instance, that of the iron and steel industry in Sung China (960–1126 CE). The second  revolution, converting from muscle power to steam power, happened first in England before engulfing the world. [Thesis abstract]

His thesis says absolutely nothing about perpetual-motion machines; he would still be Mr Bannister if it had! This dichotomy means that you are either too incompetent to have been a rightful and valid member of the committee or you are intellectually dishonest. One might almost call that persistent dilemma for the onlooker your defining feature. We, by the way, are in no doubt.

*hmmm … clumsy


5 Responses to “Time to Catch Up”

  1. Harry Hab Says:

    Why was Ron on the committee anyway? You’d have to scape the bottom of the barrel, then drill a hole in the bottom of the barrel, then tunnel through several thick strata of pitch before you get to Ron…

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      He was probably invited by Bannister; international interest would look good. But how did he attend the viva? We seem to recall that he mentioned Skype at the time, but that comment appears to have disappeared (so to speak)*. He has also not yet signed the approval sheet it seems; perhaps he is afraid that that would amount to perjury.
      *Found it! They discuss the preparations here,
      where Ron also lies about having read it … or confirms that he read it but chooses to lie about what it says. Your choice.

      • Harry Hab Says:

        Interesting… I think his failure to carry out the chore may be a matter of Ron’s Trumpian trait of losing interest as soon as it is no longer about exalting him. Now, perhaps as a PhD student B can be forgiven for not being able to tell the wheat from the chaff, but PhD students have supervisors who are supposed to act like responsible adults. I get that we are not talking about a world-class university, but still…

        • crackpotwatch Says:

          On the other hand, don’t forget that Bannister is middle-aged and a former ‘army-brat’; no naive spring chicken. Like the other Steve, he decided to seek out the same qualifications, late in life (crisis?), that most academics get when barely out of their teens. Steve B succeeded because he went for the ‘low-hanging fruit’.

          • Harry Hab Says:

            Ah yes, I didn’t know that. Explains a lot. In principle, there’s nothing wrong with seeking to do a PhD in middle age, but in practice, all the ones I’ve seen had mutant bees in their bonnet that they somehow hoped to vindicate by getting a higher degree…

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