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July 31, 2017

385(1): Conservation of ECE2 Antisymmetry in Electrostatics

July 31, 2017

This note shows that the antisymmetry laws of ECE2 are conserved rigorously by the same spin connection as deduced in UFT384 for Newtonian gravitation. The very precise Coulombic electric field strength (5) is used, one of the most precise experimental laws of physics. Note carefully that the electrostatic vector potential (6) does not exist in the standard model of physics, and nether do the antisymmetry laws. ”

A lot of things are missing from the ‘standard model of physics’ simply because the natural evolution of the subject has left them behind. There are many neat tricks (such as the method of images) which are useful in treating specific problems but which complicate most other situations. Sommerfeld, in his Optics (1954) said that an electrostatic vector potential is not of much use but is a nice recognition of the work of Huygens.   

“As first shown in UFT131 ff, the latter completely refute the U(1) gauge theory of the standard model, and with it the standard electroweak theory and Higgs boson theory. ”

A refutation is not a refutation unless and until it is accepted universally by the same people who used the previous model. An attempted ‘refutation’ based upon incorrect mathematics, which does not even come to the attention of the scientific community and which is not discussed and evaluated openly in reputable journals, is merely the ramblings of an isolated crank.

“This is well known to the very large ECE School of Thought, which disagrees with many aspects of the standard model of physics. I remember that Dr. Douglas Lindstrom, on reading UFT131 ff, said that he had woken up to a new world. ”

There is no ‘very large ECE school of thought’; just a handful of cranks which provides theoretical support for various street-level scams in the fields (haha) of perpetual-motion and antigravity. Many academics go ‘a bit funny’ in later life: look at Hamilton, look at Eddington, look at Goedel … look at just about anybody. And Lindy was no Hamilton, or Eddington or Goedel in the first place. Neither were you: so what are you doing there, on the same list as Hamilton?!

“This is accurate because he spends his time between British Columbia and Florida. ”

Who is paying for the tickets: himself, or are they already reeling-in suckers? Well, at least he might get a pair of custom-made trousers out of it. They attempt to patent trousers as well as magnetic gadgets, did you know?  What renaissance-men they must be.

“The standard modellers, on the other hand, woke up to a hangover. It will take then a hundred years to sleep it off and in the meantime we keep pestering them for due recognition in the best traditions of physics. We have more nominations than spikes on a hedgehog, needles in more than one meaning.”

Well, yes, the constant and increasing cacophony of pseudoscientists would give anyone a headache. We always put the accent on the ‘phony’ of cacophony in this context. How neat it would be if it were spelled ‘cacaphony’. Then we could put the accent elsewhere. Which nominations are those? Are they the imaginary ones? Or are they the real ones? Real only because you recommended yourselves to the Institute of Physics. 



Ideotic’s Magic Doorbell

July 29, 2017

We have all watched horror films which are pretty scary until ‘the monster’ is finally seen clearly … whereupon it feels more like a comedy; the creature being pretty pathetic.  Patents are like that: unseen, and spoken of in the abstract, they seem to promise all sorts of wonderful things. Seen clearly, they are – like film monsters – pathetic. Here then is Ideotic’s granted Japanese patent; explaining the invention which Ron thinks will replace windmills, solar, nuclear fission, etc. Of course, the patent promises nothing of the sort; it would not have been granted had it done so. As we have pointed out before, it is essentially the same design as ‘Dr’ Bearden’s Motionless Electromagnetic Generator: the one which Ron and AIAS ‘explained’ years ago in the pages of Foundations of Physics Letters – thus getting the journal closed down and van der Merde sacked.  And then Ron dropped Bearden and his ‘viable’ perpetual-motion machine. Ideotic’s innovation is to add a movable core to the basic transformer set-up. As the arrows indicate, the core oscillates because the transformer acts as a solenoid. Braking of the movement produces sharp induction spikes, and these deceive standard ‘everyday’ meters … and incompetent experimenters. But put differing bells in the way of the moving core, and one has a nifty two-tone door-chime.   So exactly how would you scale this up, Ron: build millions of little ones, or just one big one? The latter might be difficult, what with the core mass increasing as L^3 and the winding cross-section only increasing as L^2. If only you had a contact at a huge electrical engineering company that could build a prototype. Just kidding. Bosses at that company should soon be ‘contacting your contact’. What is the German for P45?  


Happy Birthday, Sewage

July 26, 2017

So sad. So sad, to hitch ones wagon to the wrong star. 

Springtime for SS and Germany

July 24, 2017

You must all be very excited, over there at your virtual institute, knowing that details of your perpetual-motion efforts are winging their way to Siemens HQ and Der Spiegel. Anticipating that knock on the office door? Perhaps Siemens will arrange for SS to work for you full-time, and pass an open-ended sabbatical at your cottage university.

Bird’s, or God’s, Eye View?

July 22, 2017

Bladeless Wind Turbines

July 22, 2017

It is possible to manufacture new bladeless wind turbines, so the incredibly ugly and dangerous blades could be removed at developer expense without subsidies. The turbines would them look like a series of towers, still a terrible blight on the landscape but without slaughtering wildlife. The turbines companies could easily do this but they do not have the investment capital without subsidies, and a quarter have recently gone bankrupt. Even if they did remove the blades the turbines would still be essentially useless, as my research over the past year shows very clearly. The Etherington Report of 2005 on this site predicted this fiasco in 2005. The developers, after removing the blades, could paint the towers green and brown to merge with the landscape.

Just a small point, Ron, but turbines tend to be placed on high-points of the landscape (something to do with the wind apparently) and so most people see them against the sky. We therefore question the logic of painting them green and brown … since that will be ‘jarring’ against a heavenly background. Someone with a poetic or artistic nature might venture to suggest that ‘sky-blue with random white blotches’ would be better. On a personal note: one of us would like to know when that eyesore known as ‘the angel of the north’ is going to be demolished!

Urgently Requiring ECE Explanation

July 22, 2017

We feel that Ron is not trying hard enough to promulgate his theory. After all, he has largely limited himself of late to explaining Ideotic’s patent and SS’s (literally) breadboard circuit ‘replication’. Ron wants ‘industry or government’ to fund prototypes or fully-fledged power-units. He ignores those that already exist. Remember Dr Abatan from yesterday? Well, he is already pushing (it has wheels) a handy perpetual-motion machine,

Surely Ron can explain that (his theoretical explanation could be handed out with the operating instructions). Some people may have thought that we were being a trifle sarcastic yesterday concerning our ‘closed-circuit hydro’ scheme, even though it was precisely analogous to the Abatan and Ideotic scams schemes. But pond-life has a way of imitating art, and so here is something else for Ron to ponder,

It should also interest Hill-of-Beans, given that he thinks that hydroelectric dams and elevator counterweights extract energy from gravity. And you had better not criticize the latter paper Ron: the authors have Allah الله أكبر on their side (see the acknowledgements). Worse, criticizing the journal’s publishers can attract $billion lawsuits:

And to all the sane readers out there, we say


Royal Address

July 21, 2017

Original Manuscripts

July 21, 2017

These were nearly all produced since 2005, when I was appointed directly by the Head of State, Elizabeth II, and Parliament to a post as Civil List Pensioner, on recommendation of the Prime Minister. So these are State papers. They are being kept here at present on behalf of the the State. The Royal Library at Windsor recommended that they be kept in the Centre for Scientific Archives of the Science Museum in London on behalf of my employer, the Head of State and on behalf of the State. ”

Does HM know about the following Ron? Does she know that you have involved her in theoretical support for a perpetual-motion scam known as the Johnson Motor? It certainly does not say much for Physica B either.



Environmental Impact

July 21, 2017

Funding of AIAS / UPITEC

July 21, 2017

The Institute is well funded, partly funded by industry through organizations associated with individual Fellows. For example the Alex Hill environment ( has been well funded for about thirty years and has recently expanded into a venture partnership with a U.S. company. ”




A slum dwelling, linked to another failing company … some environment!



Another Bright Idea!

July 21, 2017

Wind 16.07%, 1 – 30 mph, Wales 7 – 30 mph, 0717 local time

July 21, 2017

The effective wind speed in the Betws area now is 8 mph, (a mean speed of 17 mph minus 9 mph needed to start the turbines), so a negligible amount of power is being produced by the Betws turbines, even in the middle of a windy front. The wind here never reaches the steady 20 – 40 mph needed for any kind of effective power generation from wind turbines. Solar is negligible at 2.17%, hydro has almost disappeared entirely at 0.05%. Nuclear is flat out and gas is approaching full capacity. It is a rainy morning so the solar panels dumped on Mawr are producing nothing at all. It is obvious that what is needed is tidal power combined with ES and LENR.”

Why not apply the basic ES idea to ‘hydro’?! One of us keeps an inverter in the back of his car; it is a battery device which can output mains-voltage AC. It has to be recharged after every use. Strangely enough, he has never thought of using it to run a battery-charger and thus keep it going forever; even though this is a popular idea among third-rate third-world academics,

and tenth-rate first-world would-be academics,


So here is the idea, totally in line with this philosophy: find a disused water-reservoir, run the water through a turbine to generate electricity and use that electricity to pump the water back into the reservoir. Genius or what? But like all such ideas, we suspect that it has already been patented. However, while we are on a roll, why not use a wind turbine to power a fan and thus make sure that the turbine is fully utilized? Oh dear, that is definitely not a new idea! To be serious folks, the new fad of ‘energy-harvesting’ is only a little less stupid. Recuperating energy from brakes and shock-absorbers makes sense; that energy would certainly be wasted otherwise. But mainstream designers have suggested putting rollers in roads, or turbines in railway-tunnels, in order to ‘recuperate wasted energy’. In this case, the idea is not exactly pseudoscientific … but it IS criminal: any energy thus obtained will have been stolen from the motorist or the railway company!   

Note: the above journal is of course a typical example of the overwhelming flood of predatory (i.e. crackpot) journals.





Storage Suggestion

July 21, 2017

Donation of Original Manuscripts

July 21, 2017

To Centre for Scientific Archives,
The Royal Library at Windsor has suggested that I archive my original manuscripts as Civil List Pensioner, appointed directly by the Head of State, to the Centre for Scientific Archives. I have sent a couple of e mails and telephoned 01793 814406 in the website of the CSA, but I cannot get a reply from this number over two or three days. The papers are valuable and are kept here at home in about a hundred folders. I phoned the Science Museum at 0333 241 4000 but apparently they do not have contact information for the CSA. My idea is to have the papers archived in a safe environment open to the public. As a Civil List Pensioner, I am employed directly by the Head of State, who would also wish for the papers to be kept in a safe environment. There is no space in the Royal Library at Windsor.”

There is a branch of Big Yellow in Cardiff, and they answer the telephone! No space at Windsor? Well, they “would say that wouldn’t they?” to misquote slightly a Welsh celebrity.