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July 31, 2017

385(1): Conservation of ECE2 Antisymmetry in Electrostatics

July 31, 2017

This note shows that the antisymmetry laws of ECE2 are conserved rigorously by the same spin connection as deduced in UFT384 for Newtonian gravitation. The very precise Coulombic electric field strength (5) is used, one of the most precise experimental laws of physics. Note carefully that the electrostatic vector potential (6) does not exist in the standard model of physics, and nether do the antisymmetry laws. ”

A lot of things are missing from the ‘standard model of physics’ simply because the natural evolution of the subject has left them behind. There are many neat tricks (such as the method of images) which are useful in treating specific problems but which complicate most other situations. Sommerfeld, in his Optics (1954) said that an electrostatic vector potential is not of much use but is a nice recognition of the work of Huygens.   

“As first shown in UFT131 ff, the latter completely refute the U(1) gauge theory of the standard model, and with it the standard electroweak theory and Higgs boson theory. ”

A refutation is not a refutation unless and until it is accepted universally by the same people who used the previous model. An attempted ‘refutation’ based upon incorrect mathematics, which does not even come to the attention of the scientific community and which is not discussed and evaluated openly in reputable journals, is merely the ramblings of an isolated crank.

“This is well known to the very large ECE School of Thought, which disagrees with many aspects of the standard model of physics. I remember that Dr. Douglas Lindstrom, on reading UFT131 ff, said that he had woken up to a new world. ”

There is no ‘very large ECE school of thought’; just a handful of cranks which provides theoretical support for various street-level scams in the fields (haha) of perpetual-motion and antigravity. Many academics go ‘a bit funny’ in later life: look at Hamilton, look at Eddington, look at Goedel … look at just about anybody. And Lindy was no Hamilton, or Eddington or Goedel in the first place. Neither were you: so what are you doing there, on the same list as Hamilton?!

“This is accurate because he spends his time between British Columbia and Florida. ”

Who is paying for the tickets: himself, or are they already reeling-in suckers? Well, at least he might get a pair of custom-made trousers out of it. They attempt to patent trousers as well as magnetic gadgets, did you know?  What renaissance-men they must be.

“The standard modellers, on the other hand, woke up to a hangover. It will take then a hundred years to sleep it off and in the meantime we keep pestering them for due recognition in the best traditions of physics. We have more nominations than spikes on a hedgehog, needles in more than one meaning.”

Well, yes, the constant and increasing cacophony of pseudoscientists would give anyone a headache. We always put the accent on the ‘phony’ of cacophony in this context. How neat it would be if it were spelled ‘cacaphony’. Then we could put the accent elsewhere. Which nominations are those? Are they the imaginary ones? Or are they the real ones? Real only because you recommended yourselves to the Institute of Physics. 



Ideotic’s Magic Doorbell

July 29, 2017

We have all watched horror films which are pretty scary until ‘the monster’ is finally seen clearly … whereupon it feels more like a comedy; the creature being pretty pathetic.  Patents are like that: unseen, and spoken of in the abstract, they seem to promise all sorts of wonderful things. Seen clearly, they are – like film monsters – pathetic. Here then is Ideotic’s granted Japanese patent; explaining the invention which Ron thinks will replace windmills, solar, nuclear fission, etc. Of course, the patent promises nothing of the sort; it would not have been granted had it done so. As we have pointed out before, it is essentially the same design as ‘Dr’ Bearden’s Motionless Electromagnetic Generator: the one which Ron and AIAS ‘explained’ years ago in the pages of Foundations of Physics Letters – thus getting the journal closed down and van der Merde sacked.  And then Ron dropped Bearden and his ‘viable’ perpetual-motion machine. Ideotic’s innovation is to add a movable core to the basic transformer set-up. As the arrows indicate, the core oscillates because the transformer acts as a solenoid. Braking of the movement produces sharp induction spikes, and these deceive standard ‘everyday’ meters … and incompetent experimenters. But put differing bells in the way of the moving core, and one has a nifty two-tone door-chime.   So exactly how would you scale this up, Ron: build millions of little ones, or just one big one? The latter might be difficult, what with the core mass increasing as L^3 and the winding cross-section only increasing as L^2. If only you had a contact at a huge electrical engineering company that could build a prototype. Just kidding. Bosses at that company should soon be ‘contacting your contact’. What is the German for P45?  


Happy Birthday, Sewage

July 26, 2017

So sad. So sad, to hitch ones wagon to the wrong star. 

Springtime for SS and Germany

July 24, 2017

You must all be very excited, over there at your virtual institute, knowing that details of your perpetual-motion efforts are winging their way to Siemens HQ and Der Spiegel. Anticipating that knock on the office door? Perhaps Siemens will arrange for SS to work for you full-time, and pass an open-ended sabbatical at your cottage university.

Bird’s, or God’s, Eye View?

July 22, 2017

Bladeless Wind Turbines

July 22, 2017

It is possible to manufacture new bladeless wind turbines, so the incredibly ugly and dangerous blades could be removed at developer expense without subsidies. The turbines would them look like a series of towers, still a terrible blight on the landscape but without slaughtering wildlife. The turbines companies could easily do this but they do not have the investment capital without subsidies, and a quarter have recently gone bankrupt. Even if they did remove the blades the turbines would still be essentially useless, as my research over the past year shows very clearly. The Etherington Report of 2005 on this site predicted this fiasco in 2005. The developers, after removing the blades, could paint the towers green and brown to merge with the landscape.

Just a small point, Ron, but turbines tend to be placed on high-points of the landscape (something to do with the wind apparently) and so most people see them against the sky. We therefore question the logic of painting them green and brown … since that will be ‘jarring’ against a heavenly background. Someone with a poetic or artistic nature might venture to suggest that ‘sky-blue with random white blotches’ would be better. On a personal note: one of us would like to know when that eyesore known as ‘the angel of the north’ is going to be demolished!

Urgently Requiring ECE Explanation

July 22, 2017

We feel that Ron is not trying hard enough to promulgate his theory. After all, he has largely limited himself of late to explaining Ideotic’s patent and SS’s (literally) breadboard circuit ‘replication’. Ron wants ‘industry or government’ to fund prototypes or fully-fledged power-units. He ignores those that already exist. Remember Dr Abatan from yesterday? Well, he is already pushing (it has wheels) a handy perpetual-motion machine,

Surely Ron can explain that (his theoretical explanation could be handed out with the operating instructions). Some people may have thought that we were being a trifle sarcastic yesterday concerning our ‘closed-circuit hydro’ scheme, even though it was precisely analogous to the Abatan and Ideotic scams schemes. But pond-life has a way of imitating art, and so here is something else for Ron to ponder,

It should also interest Hill-of-Beans, given that he thinks that hydroelectric dams and elevator counterweights extract energy from gravity. And you had better not criticize the latter paper Ron: the authors have Allah الله أكبر on their side (see the acknowledgements). Worse, criticizing the journal’s publishers can attract $billion lawsuits:

And to all the sane readers out there, we say


Royal Address

July 21, 2017

Original Manuscripts

July 21, 2017

These were nearly all produced since 2005, when I was appointed directly by the Head of State, Elizabeth II, and Parliament to a post as Civil List Pensioner, on recommendation of the Prime Minister. So these are State papers. They are being kept here at present on behalf of the the State. The Royal Library at Windsor recommended that they be kept in the Centre for Scientific Archives of the Science Museum in London on behalf of my employer, the Head of State and on behalf of the State. ”

Does HM know about the following Ron? Does she know that you have involved her in theoretical support for a perpetual-motion scam known as the Johnson Motor? It certainly does not say much for Physica B either.



Environmental Impact

July 21, 2017

Funding of AIAS / UPITEC

July 21, 2017

The Institute is well funded, partly funded by industry through organizations associated with individual Fellows. For example the Alex Hill environment ( has been well funded for about thirty years and has recently expanded into a venture partnership with a U.S. company. ”




A slum dwelling, linked to another failing company … some environment!



Another Bright Idea!

July 21, 2017

Wind 16.07%, 1 – 30 mph, Wales 7 – 30 mph, 0717 local time

July 21, 2017

The effective wind speed in the Betws area now is 8 mph, (a mean speed of 17 mph minus 9 mph needed to start the turbines), so a negligible amount of power is being produced by the Betws turbines, even in the middle of a windy front. The wind here never reaches the steady 20 – 40 mph needed for any kind of effective power generation from wind turbines. Solar is negligible at 2.17%, hydro has almost disappeared entirely at 0.05%. Nuclear is flat out and gas is approaching full capacity. It is a rainy morning so the solar panels dumped on Mawr are producing nothing at all. It is obvious that what is needed is tidal power combined with ES and LENR.”

Why not apply the basic ES idea to ‘hydro’?! One of us keeps an inverter in the back of his car; it is a battery device which can output mains-voltage AC. It has to be recharged after every use. Strangely enough, he has never thought of using it to run a battery-charger and thus keep it going forever; even though this is a popular idea among third-rate third-world academics,

and tenth-rate first-world would-be academics,


So here is the idea, totally in line with this philosophy: find a disused water-reservoir, run the water through a turbine to generate electricity and use that electricity to pump the water back into the reservoir. Genius or what? But like all such ideas, we suspect that it has already been patented. However, while we are on a roll, why not use a wind turbine to power a fan and thus make sure that the turbine is fully utilized? Oh dear, that is definitely not a new idea! To be serious folks, the new fad of ‘energy-harvesting’ is only a little less stupid. Recuperating energy from brakes and shock-absorbers makes sense; that energy would certainly be wasted otherwise. But mainstream designers have suggested putting rollers in roads, or turbines in railway-tunnels, in order to ‘recuperate wasted energy’. In this case, the idea is not exactly pseudoscientific … but it IS criminal: any energy thus obtained will have been stolen from the motorist or the railway company!   

Note: the above journal is of course a typical example of the overwhelming flood of predatory (i.e. crackpot) journals.





Storage Suggestion

July 21, 2017

Donation of Original Manuscripts

July 21, 2017

To Centre for Scientific Archives,
The Royal Library at Windsor has suggested that I archive my original manuscripts as Civil List Pensioner, appointed directly by the Head of State, to the Centre for Scientific Archives. I have sent a couple of e mails and telephoned 01793 814406 in the website of the CSA, but I cannot get a reply from this number over two or three days. The papers are valuable and are kept here at home in about a hundred folders. I phoned the Science Museum at 0333 241 4000 but apparently they do not have contact information for the CSA. My idea is to have the papers archived in a safe environment open to the public. As a Civil List Pensioner, I am employed directly by the Head of State, who would also wish for the papers to be kept in a safe environment. There is no space in the Royal Library at Windsor.”

There is a branch of Big Yellow in Cardiff, and they answer the telephone! No space at Windsor? Well, they “would say that wouldn’t they?” to misquote slightly a Welsh celebrity.

Heightened Security?

July 21, 2017

Donation of Original Manuscripts

July 21, 2017

To Librarian, Miners’ Library,

This is to follow up a telephone call today concerning the donation of original manuscripts to the Miners’ Library. They are currently held at 50 Rhyddwen Road, Craig Cefn Parc, Swansea, SA6 6RA. They are manuscripts produced after being appointed Civil List Pensioner in 2005 by the Head of State. My family were all coal miners so there is a connection with the Miners’ Library. The idea is to archive them in a safe environment open to the public.”

Are those not the same manuscripts which you valued at £5,000,000? The insurance premiums must be crippling. 

Another Nerve Touched?

July 21, 2017

Funding of AIAS / UPITEC

July 21, 2017

The Institute is well funded, partly funded by industry through organizations associated with individual Fellows. For example the Alex Hill environment ( has been well funded for about thirty years and has recently expanded into a venture partnership with a U.S. company. Douglas Lindstrom and Russ Davies work with a company in Florida, Magnetic Miles Llc., to develop pulsed LENR. Doug has recently made a business tour of China. Steve Bannister works in the Department of Economics, University of Utah and is able to make carefully selected funding applications in the limited time available to him from his other duties. All the Fellows raise their own salaries in one way or another. In view of the successful development of energy from spacetime circuits (UFT313, 321, 364, 382 and 383) it would be optimal in my opinion to coordinate work on Energy from Spacetime (ES) and Pulsed LENR. I have successfully raised my own funding since 1995. ”

That is a peculiar, but typical, way of looking at things: in other words, they are all being paid by bona fide organisations or are getting their money from scams while wasting their spare time on nonsense for free. And you forgot Dave’s $59000.

Is That Good News?

July 20, 2017

Immediate International Interest in UFT382 and UFT383, New ES Circuits

July 20, 2017

As can be seen from the early morning report today there is immediate interest in these new circuits, I expect that many such circuits will proliferate very quickly over the next few years. The interest in the ECE2 papers is at a record high level, every one of the seventy papers and books to date being read every day. The daily report gives details of the interest. It is clear that the inclusion of a paragraph on circuits in ECE2 will generate a lot of interest. The interest in PECE and CEFE for July 2017 is also intense. It is clear that tens of thousands of electronic engineers are following the site, as well as hundreds of thousands of physicists and chemists. This morning’s report shows interest by the Royal Society of Chemistry in the Self Charging Inverter paper (SCI) by Osamu ide, and there is also a lot of interest in the replication paper UFT364, and in UFT311, where the Osamu Ide circuit is explained precisely with the use of ECE spin connections. This gives precise experiemntal proof of the existence of the spin connection in electrodynamics. The obsolete Maxwell Heaviside theory of the standard physics cannot explain any of these circuits, which could make wind turbines obsolete overnight.”

If we were you we would be worrying that the RSC might finally be beginning to wonder whether it had made a terrible mistake by recommending you for a civil-list pension. Who knows who might be keeping it abreast of your activities …


Cui Bono

July 20, 2017

Who indeed,


July 20, 2017

“Fruitcake Site Being Totally Ignored

This hick hate blog is being totally ignored today, as we can all see using It is known as the ticking stink bomb for those in the know, composed of stolen pyridine and ancient bile. It has been ignored for about seven thousand days in succession an allcomers’ world record. The interest in EC2 theory is at a record high.”

Our hit-counter is about to roll over to 128,000. It is just one week and six days since it rolled over to 127,000. It took two weeks and two days to garner the previous 1000 hits. If only Ron could work out how to add a hit-counter to a WordPress blog. 


Future International Interest?

July 20, 2017

Immediate International Interest in UFT382 and UFT383, New ES Circuits

July 20, 2017

As can be seen from the early morning report today there is immediate interest in these new circuits, I expect that many such circuits will proliferate very quickly over the next few years. The interest in the ECE2 papers is at a record high level, every one of the seventy papers and books to date being read every day. The daily report gives details of the interest. It is clear that the inclusion of a paragraph on circuits in ECE2 will generate a lot of interest. The interest in PECE and CEFE for July 2017 is also intense. It is clear that tens of thousands of electronic engineers are following the site, as well as hundreds of thousands of physicists and chemists. This morning’s report shows interest by the Royal Society of Chemistry in the Self Charging Inverter paper (SCI) by Osamu ide, and there is also a lot of interest in the replication paper UFT364, and in UFT311, where the Osamu Ide circuit is explained precisely with the use of ECE spin connections. This gives precise experiemntal proof of the existence of the spin connection in electrodynamics. The obsolete Maxwell Heaviside theory of the standard physics cannot explain any of these circuits, which could make wind turbines obsolete overnight.”

It is somewhat of an anomaly that a high-tech company like Siemens does not seem to favour e-mail. Never mind, we have ‘done our bit’ by snail-mailing copies of SS’s perpetual-motion papers to Siemens Corporate Headquarters Press Office, to its CEO and, for good measure, to Der Spiegel. It is a scandal that SS does not get proper credit for all of his sterling work at AIAS.   

Point of Order

July 18, 2017

Convictions for trolling Increase ten fold in a decade

July 18, 2017

I strongly approve of these figures. Under the Malicious Communications Act it is a criminal offence to send a threatening, offensive or indecent letter, electronic communication or article with the intent to cause distress or anxiety. Convictions for trolling have increased tenfold in a decade. I would like to see the sentence for trolling increased to ten years from its present two years. The entire community of scientists and engineers worldwide, of all shades of opinion, reject trolling completely and unequivocally. All contributors to a troll blog compound a felony and are guilty of trolling, so all can be convicted. I would like to see carriers made responsible and face criminal charges for trolling. ”

Not that it is relevant anyway, but we refer you to #7 of your ‘Points of Discussion’ of the 16th inst. Kindly stick to the agenda.

Dramatis Personae

July 18, 2017

We do not believe in according any respect at all to crackpots, and have evolved suitably derogatory pseudonyms for them. This may confuse newcomers. Here is a handy key.

Ron: Dr Myron Evans, retired (and long-unemployed) chemist, undeserving recipient of a civil-list pension (thus giving him the same status as Faraday, Herschel, Hamilton …) who has never heard of a perpetual-motion scam that he did not like. Also keen on antigravity and quack cancer cures. His pension calls into question the academic reputation of the Royal Society of Chemistry (which backed it). The original idea was that we would call him ‘My’ when he said something worthwhile and ‘Ron’ when he did not. We do not recall ever having to call him My.

Siemens Stain aka SS: Dr Horst Eckardt, main henchman, and employee of the German industrial giant, Siemens. That company has apparently not noticed this stain on their reputation … nor the fact that he seems to spend more time working for Ron than for them.

Penderghastly: Mr Kerry Pendergast, former schoolteacher and biographer of Ron. Undeserving recipient of a Royal Society Hauksbee Medal. He was called an ‘unsung hero of science’ in spite of his rabidly pseudoscientfic writings. This award calls into question the academic reputation of the Royal Society of London.

Sewage: Dr Gareth Evans, scientific officer at Ceredigion County Council. His pseudonym arises from the fact that his last brush with real academics was the supply to them of contaminated water samples. Former student of Ron’s. Often sends fawning text messages to Ron … apparently during work-time.

Dismal Scientist (aka Sub-Prime): Dr Steve Bannister, elderly (but only recently doctorally qualified) professor of economics at the University of Utah.  Thinks that Ron is one of the world’s most brilliant scientists and that perpetual motion scams are viable investment opportunities.  Economics is of course known as ‘the dismal science’, and thicko economists never spotted that ‘sub-prime’ mortgages were going to cause the biggest financial crash since 1929.

Public Dick aka Public Defective aka Sam Spade: Mr Stephen Crothers, an amateur ‘scientist’; like Ron (and indeed all crackpots) routinely anti-Einstein. So named for his (claimed) previous career as a private detective. Even his surname has a derogatory meaning in Australia.

Tugboat: Mr Robert Cheshire, amateur scientist and pub entertainer, narrator of Ron’s biopic (wherein he mispronounces the name of a famous scientist). Claims to have been educated at a ‘public school’ housed on a ship.  Named for one of his previous jobs.

Hill-of-Beans: Mr Alex Hill. Claims to sell perpetual-motion machines, to Fortune-50 companies, out of a slum in Mexico. Has appeared in a Tesla-worshiping film together with Ron and Michio Kaku; thus calling into question the latter’s academic reputation. ‘Not worth a hill-of-beans’: common Americanism for worthless.

No-Bubbles: Mr Michael Jackson (get it?), crank who believes that Ron’s loony ECE theory explains the human soul. Also claims that Einstein and Cartan helped the Nazis to build antigravity craft. He stated this on the Rancid radio show. When Ron was interviewed shortly afterwards on the same show, he did not deny anything that No-Bubbles had said.

Rancid: Mr Jeff Rense, disreputable antisemitic (digital-)radio shock-jock. Regularly has guests who make outrageous and hurtful claims such as “the Sandy Hook massacre was a hoax”.

Van der Merde: Professor Alwyn van der Merwe of the University of Denver. Former editor of the journal, Foundations of Physics Letters. Dismissed from that post for – among other reasons – publishing papers, by Ron and his group, which ‘explained’ a perpetual-motion device known as the Motionless Electromagnetic Generator. The latter seems to be little different in (lack of) principle to the Ideotic device

Dunging-Davies: Dr Jeremy Dunning-Davies, retired from Hull University. ‘Electric-Universe’ crank, former member of AIAS and now President of Telesio-Galilei, a rival pseudoscientific organisation. Like Ron, he had received a gold medal from Telesio-Galilei. So out-of-touch with reality is Hull University that its annual report praised his receipt of a gold medal ‘for services to energy research’; not comprehending that the energy in question was to come from perpetual-motion scams. 

Ideotic: Mr Osamu Ide, Japanese electrical engineer whose simple circuits (little more complicated than an electric door-chime) are supposed to have a greater output than input. Circuits having ‘spiky’ hard-to-monitor outputs are a common scam in the lunatic fringe. He patents them, and presents them at conferences, without making claims for excess energy production. He then claims everywhere else that they produce energy from nowhere. A similar ‘sleight of mouth’ trick was pulled by the antigravity crank, Norman Dean, in the 1960s. Ide has applied to the UK government for funding. The latter has funded at least 3 other crackpot schemes … watch this space.

Oily Lorenzo: Dr Lorenzo Santini, claims to be a nuclear engineer but is against conventional science, believes in the perpetual-motion ‘work’ of cranks such as Stefan Marinov and in the deliberately deceptive gyroscope tricks of Laithwaite. Neighbours of the nuclear energy facility at which he works have good reason to be concerned. Named for Lorenzo’s Oil, which was held up as a triumph of laymen over experts. 

Other pseudonyms will be explained upon request.




Caution, Genius at Work

July 18, 2017

Trevithick Steam Locomotive

July 18, 2017

Many thanks for this message. The people accompanying AIAS Fellow Prof. Steve Bannister of the University of Utah were AIAS Fellow Kerry Pendergast and myself. We were all impressed by the Trevithick and other exhibits, and at AIAS / UPITEC we are working towards new sources of energy and a second industrial revolution. Prof. Bannister’s Thesis on the first industrial revolution is on www.aias.usand Thanks are also due to Kerry Pendergast for generous hospitality. A small prototype tidal power station can be built in the Marina to demonstrate how large scale tidal power would work, it would need one prototype turbine, which would turn steadily as the thirty foot tide comes in and out, generating a lot of electric power. A series of tidal lagoons, plus LENR and ES power stations, (low energy nuclear reactors and energy from spacetime circuits) would supply all the electric power needed for Wales, with a lot left over for export. ”

We all recall Ron’s brilliant idea of putting turbines in the dykes and irreversibly flooding the Netherlands … and now this! The whole point of the Marina, Ron, is that it is non-tidal; else the boat-owners would often find their boats hanging vertically by their painters.  Sure, one could put a turbine in the Marina wall: they could call it a leak. Do you really tell normal people about your perpetual-motion schemes? Is that wise? They will think that you are an idiot. 

Note: Dismal’s thesis may really be about the first industrial revolution, but he calls that the second industrial revolution. So if you are expecting further progress in that direction you will have to call it the Third industrial revolution. Confusing isn’t it.


Saved by the Bull

July 17, 2017

FOR POSTING: UFT381 and UFT382 and Publications Section

July 17, 2017

These are very important papers of the Muenich group associated with AIAS / UPITEC on the testing and extensive development of the Ide circuit for taking energy from spacetime (ES). They should be read with UFT311, UFT321, UFT364 and other papers on and This type of circuit produces more power than inputted power. The excess power can be used in unlimited applications. Advanced programs and analytical methods are used in these papers to evaluate the results, and to define circuit parameters. In UFT311 definitive proof was given of the need for a spin connection in electrodynamics as well as gravitation. For those interested in making wind turbines obsolete overnight, these prototype circuits can be developed into advanced power stations, giving unlimited and clean energy. The economic implications of this are analyzed in Dr. Steve Bannister’s Ph. D. Thesis on There is no time to lose in developing these new power stations. My year long daily analysis on this blog shows that wind turbines are essentially useless.”

We were minded at first to send the paper about Ideotic’s gadget to SS’s bosses in Munich and ask why one of their employees is putting his name to drivel about perpetual-motion machines. That sort of thing surely cannot inspire confidence in a company whose business is electrical engineering. But then we realized that the authors are effectively protected by their ignorance of basic physics. The paper is supposed to be about extracting energy from nowhere (aka spacetime); the supposed proof being an excess of output over input. But input and output of what?  It is supposed to be about energy production but that word appears only 5 times. The word ‘power’ appears 68 times! So they have pulled the same trick that Hill-of-Beans pulls at, by promising multiplication of power.  This lay confusion concerning power and energy once almost got a mechanical perpetual-motion machine backed by the US government. Journalists routinely make that mistake(?) when discussing lightning (huge power, little energy): they equate its power to the power needs of a small city, but fail to mention that the lightning would supply that power for only a millisecond. The point is that power is not conserved, so the above paper in fact proves absolutely nothing about energy-extraction from cloudcuckooland. In any case, real scientists would feed the output into a calorimeter: that is much easier and more reliable than trying to integrate spiky meter-readings. The upshot is that there is no point in reporting Siemens Stain to his bosses, for claiming perpetual motion, because he has not. The best that one could do is ask them why one of their employees does not understand the difference between energy and power. “That sort of thing surely cannot inspire confidence in a company whose business is electrical engineering”. Even Ron is careful to say that the power output is greater than the input power. We would still like to know where the Dismal Scientist mentions ‘free energy’ in his thesis: he is obsessed there with wood and coal. 


Magnificent Sights

July 16, 2017

Wind 11.59%, 3 – 17 mph, Wales 8 – 12 mph, 0806 local time

July 16, 2017

The effective wind speed in the Betws area is only 3 mph now, (12 mph mean speed minus 9 mph needed to start the derelict turbines). The optimal wind speed of large turbines is 20 – 40 mph, such speeds never occur in the British Isles, so the entire industry is a grim joke, an unstable fiasco. It is impossible to think of a more inefficient way of producing electric power. Solar today is negligible at 3.40% and hydro is farcical at 0.49%. The clear answer is a combination of tidal power and advanced ES and LENR power stations.”

How magnificent it must be to see those great blades spinning when the air is ‘stationary at 9mph’.  How even more magnificent it must be when they were started by the previous day’s wind and momentum has kept them going as the wind fell below 9mph. But we cannot quite visualize what happens then: do they generate wind, do they  turn in the usual direction with the wind heading the wrong way … or do they simply run backwards. Do tell.

Will the Good News Never End?

July 16, 2017

Some Other Points of Discussion with Steve Bannister and Kerry Pendergast

July 16, 2017

One important item of news that emerged is that essentially the entire faculty in Steve’s department of economics in the University of Utah in Salt Lake City has accepted ECE2 and its implications. Economics faculty are as capable in mathematics as physics or chemistry or engineering faculty. ”

One of us is already composing a letter of congratulation to the Dismal Scientist’s boss on the subject of his department’s experiment in academic suicide. He is also writing a note to Nature magazine about it in the hope of getting Ron some publicity on the back of this wonderful news. Our author friend is also ecstatic: his book is intended to ‘out’ the cranks who work for NASA, Boeing, BAe, etc.; he never dreamed of being able to bring down an economics department as well! Of course, it could all be fake news … given the source. And, before anybody asks, our author friend is currently busy with a book on an entirely different subject: it must be such a calvary, being a polymath. 

“So the acceptance of ECE and ECE2 is widespread. It has been accepted in an entirely new way, a way that had to be found to bring new knowledge to the world without being irrationally stopped by physics dogmatists. Steve and Kerry were particularly interested in retrograde precession, and the ability of the ECE2 lagrangian to produce both forward and retrograde precessions. ”

Where is it ‘widespread’? Just give one example of its use, or even mention, by real physicists. Penderghastly and Dismal were ‘particularly interested’ by something that has not been observed? What a pair. By the way, the opposite of ‘retrograde’ is ‘prograde’. 

“That is an amazing result, and only the use of Maxima by Horst Eckardt could have produced it. The amazing thing is that the lagrangian is the familiar lagrangian of special relativity but defined with finite torsion and curvature. So for over a hundred and ten years, it had not been realized that it gives precession, and retrograde precession.”

If only he could afford Mathematica! But why is that so amazing? Here is somebody who regularly observes perpetual motion; why does he not rush straight to the newspapers with that news? In fact, why don’t any of you do that? Oh, of course, that is not news what with Hill-of-Beans routinely selling perpetual-motion machines to Fortune-50 companies. Jeez, what a strange delusional bubble you all live in. You do realize that it will be burst one day don’t you?

“The obsolete Einstein theory can only produce forward precessions. ”

That is all that there is. Did you not read that paper which stated that astronomers are looking for the signature of retrograde precession but, if it is observed, it will be due to another cause?

“They asked me to outline the main points of progress. ”

By the way, the opposite of ‘progress’ is retrogress. 

“These are given in UFT366 and in the ECE2 papers, the interest in which is at a record high. There was some discussion of Heisenberg’s indeterminacy, which is refuted comprehensively in UFT175 using higher order commutators. By now this is a classic paper. In fact I would say that all the UFT papers are classics, many come up on the first page of Google. ”

Classic in what sense? No real scientist ever refers to them. Many come up on our home computers as well, but not on our workplace ones … try turning off Google’s ‘intelligent search’. 

“The State of Utah was the first to fund LENR and it turns out that the State was right to do so. ”

No, they were one of the two foci of the cold-fusion fiasco. The other focus was Southampton University. The latter also employed Harold Aspden the notorious pseudoscientist. He rushed to patent cold fusion ahead of the inventors. He also screwed some £45000 out of the UK government to develop a motor with an efficiency greater that 100%. One could say that you fail even as a crackpot: you have managed to cheat only a pension out of the government. Others, including Searl’s brother, have received large lump sums … one sum was the equivalent of 100 years of your pension.   

“There is no doubt that LENR works, in fact it produces so much heat that the design must include effective cooling. ”

And outsiders are kept well away from it: not because of the heat but because they might find out the real cause. After all, Thermite would also ‘require cooling’. Electrical heating could be smuggled in via the ‘thermocouple’ leads. It does not inspire confidence that the main promulgator has already ‘done time’ for an energy-related fraud. 

“There is no doubt that energy from spacetime (ES) not only works, but it is exactly understood by ECE and ECE2. The relevant UFT papers are UFT226 ff, UFT311, UFT321 and UFT364, and many others. ”

Which energy from spacetime? Time was when you were gung-ho for ‘Dr’ Bearden’s Motionless Electromagnetic Generator, and were ‘explaining’ it in the pages of Foundations of Physics Letters (which got shut down as a result and its editor Van der Merde fired).  How many proofs are needed? 

“When looking at the Trevithick locomotive replica there was discussion about how luddites of that era were so cynical, that they would do anything to prevent the Trevithick engine from working, so Stephenson invented the Rocket. Crawshay tried to claim a bet of 500 guineas because a bolt sheared on the way back. The locomotive had already delivered the cargo of iron and seventy or so passengers. ”

At least it managed it once, before independent witnesses. If only that could be said of your favourite scams. 

“Human nature is the same exactly now, luddites of our era refuse to accept LENR and ES even though they can see the apparatus melting or see the circuit working. ”

We know of a professor of engineering who can stand on bathroom scales, wave his arms around in a certain way, and produce a steady reading which is lower than his actual weight. Is that proof of antigravity? One would have to be a gullible idiot to believe that … oops, damn those electromagnetic/mechanical analogies.

“There was some discussion of UNCC. There was intense international criticism (attached) of UNCC, which fabricated allegations in a dishonest, cynical way. ”

Talking of dishonest and cynical, we note that those letters of support include ones from Viv Pope (the ‘gravity does not exist’ crank), there accorded a ‘Dr’ title which he did not possess, Dr Pozhar (later an AIAS Fellow who now runs some sort of private university in the US) and Dr Abas, who later put a rather different opinion of you into print:

“The reason for this is that Backingham and Barron chose to try to force on the world their incorrect complete symmetry argument. Time has shown that this has been completely forgotten, while ECE and ECE2 are well known throughout the world. As described in the UNCC Saga the faculty at UNCC turned coat and buckled. That caused immense damage to my first wife and myself, and forced me to work in a new way, well below the poverty line for many years. The result was AIAS, which later becaem AIAS / UPITEC, and several major State honours. Buckingham first started to interfere unethically in my work when I was a post doctoral at the EDCL. He wrote to my Ph. D. supervisor to try to force me to publish less. MAnsel Davies showed teh letter to me. It is now known that my entire output of papers has been read thosunds of times for each of over two thousand papers and books. I was very happy at Aberystwyth and Cornell, but on each occasion the luddite attacks started. In fact, both at the EDCL and UNCC, and also Cornell, I outproduced the other faculty combined. I was not paid at Cornell, and it used my work in order to get funding from the NSF. My first wife found this out and showed the report to me. My happy family life was completely destroyed by UNCC’s capitulation to luddites until my second wife arrived in 2002, out of pure kindness of heart.”

Ah, Buckingham, Barron, UNCC; there were heroes in those days.

Meeting of the Mindless

July 15, 2017

Some Points of Discussion with Steve Bannister and Kerry Pendergast

July 15, 2017

The following was agreed upon in six or seven hours of informal discussion.

1) In general the Institute is succeeding on all fronts, pure and applied science and engineering and distance teaching, and we are pioneers of a new School of Thought in the natural sciences and engineering.”

All that is needed now is for somebody to notice.
“2) Steve knows of a package used in economics which can solve about sixty partial differential equations in sixty unknowns. This was discussed at the Idaho conference with Doug Lindstrom. This can be adapted to solve seven equations in seven unknowns in physics.”

Is it free? We all know that you use Maxima instead of Mathematica simply because the former is free.
“3) The use of skype and other advanced communications equipment would allow lectures to be given to an audience scattered in different localities, and introduce sound and vision.”

But Skype is two-way. We can just imagine what ‘sounds and visions’ you would attract.

“4) There is a need for an ECE textbook with problems for students. At present there are several advanced monographs. I believe that Horst is working on such a textbook along with Doug.”

There is absolutely no need for such a textbook; students are already sufficiently confused by all of the other pseudoscientists out there. 
“5) There is a need to arrange skype lectures and seminars to people such as NASA, Steve and Kerry were interested in the retrograde precession from ECE2. There is a need to interest a producer and director in a film or TV programme or series.”

That could work: there are a lot of incompetent engineers at NASA, and they have already thrown money at loonies such as Podkletnov. Did Penderghastly also not notice that you had misread that article which mentioned retrograde precession? Yet again, we recommend the Welsh actor/director, Keith Allen, for that task. He knows just how to deal with the subject-matter. 

“6) I gave a summary of main points of progress in ECE2, and explained how the tangent indices are removed.”

But did you do it properly?

“7) It was agreed that illegal harassing and hate blogs should be ignored completely by the entire scientific profession. I pointed out that such criminal conduct in any civilized meeting (scientific meeting, Congress or any Parliament worldwide) would have the Session Chair or Speaker down on top of them immediately.”

Is that relevant? You are not part of the scientific profession. It is the purveyors of perpetual-motion and antigravity machines who would feel the weight of a conference chairman. Of course, it would have to be a real conference: not one of the crackpot conferences which mesh with the crackpot journals and their crackpot peer-reviewers.

“8) I mentioned my opinion that it is no longer rational to ignore or reject ES or LENR, and that an all out effort should be made to get them mass produced. I mentioned that the luddites such as Crawshay would have smashed up Trevithick’s steam engine. Some discussion took place while we were seated around the first steam locomotive in the world, the Trevithick locomotive.”

You clearly subscribe to a peculiar view of rationality. Poor Dismal, he is going to tell all his friends that he saw the first steam locomotive. How cruel of you not to tell him that it is only a replica. 

“9) I mentioned that I started ECE theory in late 2002 by reading Carroll’s chapter three. Since then many proofs have been given that were left out by Carroll. One of these led to UFT88, now a classic paper by any standards. Sean Carroll sent an e mail to the late John B. Hart mentioning that ECE is a plausible classical theory. It is also a plausible quantum theory and unified field theory.”

He left them out because they would have been wrong.  Why don’t you ask Carroll what he thinks of ECE right now? He won’t answer you will he? 

“10) There was some discussion as to whether there is anything more fundamental than geometry. I mentioned a more abstract geometry and Steve mentioned that the present theory is adequate by Ockham’s Razor.”

Correct use of that razor would erase you all! When is Dismal going to risk his job by stating openly that he thinks that energy can be plucked out of nowhere. When is he going to endorse publicly some of your favourite scam-artists? 

“11) It was agreed that the work we have done has written itself into history, and the theory takes on a life of its own because infinite permutations and combinations of ideas are possible.”

It will all disappear when you do. You are nothing more than an excrescence of the internet.

“12) I mentioned that the Heisenberg indeterminacy has been thoroughly refuted, along with many other aspects of standard physics.”

That was the only joke in your stand-up routine?
“13) I offered to give lectures or talks without notes via skype, to any audience, schools or universities anywhere in the world. We are already doing that routinely by website.”

OK, two jokes.
“14) I mentioned that there is always work to do, one thing that comes to mind is to look at LENR theory and develop it. I think that Doug and Russ may be doing this now. The theory is variations on a theme of geometry, paralleling the Goldberg variations by Bach and the Diabelli variations by Beethoven. Another thing is a look at the Hulse Taylor pulsar.”

One cannot develop that which does not exist.
“15) It was agreed that I am isolated here and this is by no means the best place for science. This is due to the various attempts to destroy my work using misrepresentation.”

You would be isolated wherever you are, but please don’t let that stop you from leaving. The only way to misrepresent your work is to call it valid!

“16) There were many other points of discussion, I emphasized the great importance of scientometrics. They are the “radar” I use every day. Without them I would not know of the astonishing worldwide interest in the theory.”

Your radar is broken.

“So this group of avant garde intellectuals has written itself into history.”

Agreed; it has written itself into the history of pseudoscience.


More Fake News

July 15, 2017

Wind 7.74%, 2 – 22 mph, Wales 7 – 16 mph, 0939 local time

July 15, 2017

The effective wind speed in the Betws area is now 4 mph, 13 mph mean speed minus 9 mph needed to start the wind turbines, deliberately built to produce no power. So this is Gulliver’s economy, the outcome of a crazy and corrupt cabal. It must have been known that there is not enough wind on Betws and Mynydd y Gwair to produce any significant power. They were built to get subsidies from the tax payer. Solar is negligible at 4.79% and hydro is negligible at 1.13%. A quarter of wind turbine companies have gone bust in the past two years. Subsidies for turbines have ended. The effect of ending subsidies can be gauged by a school having to pay £11,000 to repair a turbine after the wind company went bust.

It seems that quite an extensive ‘cottage industry’, called truth-checking, has grown up around the need to analyse anything that Trump says. We have already been providing this service for Ron over many years. Either he cannot understand simple newspaper stories, or he thinks that the whole population is as gullible as his followers. How, for example, does he deduce the above statement from this:

Fake Academics Visit Fake Antique

July 14, 2017

Meeting with Steve Bannister and Kerry Pendergast

July 14, 2017

It was very good to see Steve and Kerry again, and there were about six or seven hours of detailed discussion. I will report on these more fully tomorrow. ”

We can hardly wait. How exactly does one discuss bogus proofs of non-existent phenomena? Has the Dismal Scientist actually put his job on the line yet by writing about perpetual-motion machines anywhere … that is, anywhere where anyone sane will actually see it?

“We agreed that the Institute is going very well on all fronts, and discussed major points of progress. ”

In a sense, it has progressed. After all, it was originally housed in a flat in a communist-style block and now it is housed in a semi-detached cottage. You should show Dismal the economic rating of the area according to (‘low income, poor education’ pretty much nails it). But with no proof of any success other than that provided by your dubious scientometrics, the ‘institute’ is not going anywhere.

“I emphasized that there is nothing more objective than geometry on which to base a theory of physics, and Cartan geometry is the simplest possible geometry. This is of course an ancient point of view, held by for example Kepler and Einstein. ”

Well yes, but they understood the geometry. And what about Stevin: he had his geometrical disproof of perpetual-motion engraved on his tombstone! It was the same type of machine which you and SS have discussed as being viable. Why don’t you prove that viability … using geometry. We would love to see that proof on your gravestone.

“We discussed ways of giving lectures by skype to any audience anywhere in the world, with occasional conferences being very important. ”

Given that nobody watches your YouTube lectures, who is going to watch you on Skype? On the other hand, many people might rush to offer you the sort of ‘feedback’ via Skype which you are so careful to avoid by not allowing comments on your blog. 

“I thank Steve for his hospitality ”

You made him buy you all lunch?!

“and Kerry for giving Steve a tour of the South Wales coal field and iron works. We saw the Trevithick steam engine replica in Swansea. There has been tremendous progress by internet and e mail, silent media, and skype would add the extra dimensions of sound, video and discussion, similar to undergraduate discussions when I was a freshman at Aberystwyth. I could lecture to any audience without notes using skype, so could any other Fellow of AIAS / UPITEC. My feeling is that AIAS / UPiTEC could debate scientifically with qualified scholars anywhere in the world.”

… until they finally invent smellovision


Quite Beneath Our Contempt

July 13, 2017

Fruitcake Site Being Totally Ignored

July 13, 2017

This hick hate blog is being totally ignored today, as we can all see using It is known as the ticking stink bomb for those in the know, composed of stolen pyridine and ancient bile. It has been ignored for about seven thousand days in succession an allcomers’ world record. The interest in EC2 theory is at a record high.”

No comment required or deserved.

Oh to be a Fly on the Machinery

July 13, 2017

Ideas for Trevithick Visit on Friday.

July 13, 2017

It will be a pleasure to see Steve Bannister again, and thanks again to Kerry Pendergast for organizing the trip.

Penderghastly ‘organized it’? Dismal was coming to the UK anyway.  Giving somebody a lift is not ‘organizing’. 

“I will certainly have coffee ready here.:

Shouldn’t Mrs Ron do that? Ooops!

“Steve’s Thesis is based on the availability of essentially infinite and clean energy from spacetime: UFT311, UFT321 and UFT364 and many other papers. ”

What is wrong with you? Are you literally incapable of telling the truth? His thesis says absolutely nothing about perpetual-motion machines; that won’t play, even in Utah. Or has he irremedially  confused you by calling the only industrial revolution, the Second Industrial Revolution?

“The circuits are patented and replicated and can be explained precisely with ECE and ECE2 theories. ”

The granted patents make absolutely no claim to produce net energy. In fact, one of them explicitly states that one gets back 100% of what was put in. No competent electrical engineer would claim even that – given the many possible routes for energy loss. So, if ‘experimenters’ get net energy and you predict net energy, you must all be lying. Gee, who knew.

“Richard Trevithick had built a steam engine before his first steam locomotive. The idea was to transport iron from Merthyr Tydfil, Dowlais, Penderyn and other works to Cardiff using the steam engine and the canal. Steve explains that the first industrial revolution took place in Britain because of the availability of minerals and coal, which provided energy on a far bigger scale than previously possible, and because of inventive ingenuity. There was a great deal of scepticism and cynicism surrounding the Trevithick engine, notably from Crawshay, the iron master. The engine worked and took iron and passengers to the canal. This is all on the internet. ”

The internet says that it ran only once, for a bet, and was then replaced by horses.  It was originally located at the Welsh Maritime Museum in Cardiff. This had been built on the site of a very seedy nightclub, and was then replaced by a bunch of yuppie shops.  

“The other source of essentially infinite energy comes from low energy nuclear reactors.”

This scam was originally called cold fusion. The main promoter is an Italian ex-convict who has made over four dozen court appearances.  

“Doug Lindstrom and Russ Davies are working on this in Florida, and LENR is explained in UFT226 ff. AIAS / UPITEC is by many measures the leading institute of its kind in the world, and therefore in Wales. ”

We have already covered the nature of the Florida fruit-loops, who include a garage owner and a trouser-designer. Again, there is nothing to be explained … so any explanation is self-evidently bogus.

“This is an international effort led from Mawr, in which there are old drift mines and an enormous coal tip which I showed Steve the last time around. My family were all coal miners, which is why I am delighted at progress towards new sources of energy.”

And Mawr would no doubt be delighted if the effort were led from somewhere else! What a pity that you did not become a miner.  There is certainly lots of new energy around: don’t forget to show the Dismal Scientist all of the windmills and solar panels.  

Craigcefnparc News #22

July 12, 2017

Ioan Richard writes:

On 20-6-17 (just over three weeks ago) Evans wrote to his newly elected Member of the Westminster UK Parliament, Tonia Antoniazzi Labour MP for Gower, Swansea. His letter was an “open letter” rant about his usual nonsense, including defamation of myself again. His letter was in LINK form on his Science Fiction Blog of 20-6-17. Normal practice for Evans is to publish all replies (whether marked confidential or not). To date, three weeks on, he is silent about Ms Antoniazzi. Does this mean she binned his letter or that he never sent it? She even mentioned our village Craigcefnparc in her maiden speech but carefully avoided any reference to Evans.
At another level he later wrote a load of bilingual nonsense to his Regional Wales Assembly Member Suzy Davies AM (a competent Conservative and a Solicitor by profession). Ms Davies sent him a reply in her native Welsh language on 8-7-17 which he promptly published in his Blog on 9-7-17. She said she did not agree with him. He promptly got into a mad rage and said publicly in reply to her on his Blog for her not to communicate further with him. That is the nasty vile way he operates.
So, Evans, when are you going to publish Ms Antoniazzi’s response to your utter nonsenses? Tell the world and publish it, or did she just bin your “open letter” as junk – which it was?

Upitec Being Ignored

July 12, 2017

Hate Blog Being Ignored

July 10, 2017

The fruitcake hate blog with which we are regretfully familiar has been ignored for eighteen years, and currently is being ignored completely (anyone can see this on ”

Just check with semrush. But how can that be, given that is essentially a mirror-site of both aias AND Ron’s blog? It is almost as if Ron searched until he found the monitoring site which gave the results that he wanted, just as he twists his calculations until they (appear to) give the predictions that he wants. By the way, et3m – the company which supposedly sells perpetual-motion machines to Fortune-50 companies – is also doing badly. Just check with semrush.


Obedient Ron

July 11, 2017

Hate Blog Being Ignored

July 10, 2017

The fruitcake hate blog with which we are regretfully familiar has been ignored for eighteen years, and currently is being ignored completely (anyone can see this on”

A few days ago, we suggested that Ron should advertise our site more widely … and he has done so (and we are already a third of the way to our next 1000 hits!). But speed it up a bit next time Ron; it is not as though you have anything else to do. And try to be a slightly more accurate: why would we have been campaigning to get you off the Civil List even before you were on it. We are clever … not prescient.

“Fellow U. S. citizens and I might consider making a strong formal protest to the United States Embassy in London because this illegal hate blog involves a former County Councillor who has revealed his identity. ”

You will have to explain the logic of that statement. In what way do Welsh parochial matters affect the US? Have you in fact checked your status? Do you even know that the US does not recognize dual nationality? You could be American over there, but would have to give up being Welsh. On the other hand, you would not like it there: under the 1st Amendment, you would be pilloried for your pseudoscience like nowhere else on Earth! Exercising freedom-of-speech is not trolling. Countering pseudoscience with scientific fact is not trolling. It is like a Megan’s Law right/duty to point out local loonies in ones neighbourhood.

“He should therefore come under police investigation for trolling and other offences. This trolling by a former County Councillor reduces the credibility of local government to zero. ”

Did you not read the above? Freedom-of-speech is not trolling. Demeaning the work of celebrated scientists, and calling CERN fraudulent, that is trolling. On the other hand, recommending well-known perpetual-motion scams, such as Searl’s, for public funding is downright criminal.

“Since he joined, along with some abusive local cronies, the international community has recoiled in revulsion. The international scientific world of all opinions rejects violent abuse and trolling of leading scientists by internet.”

What is your evidence for those statements? We have a number of polls which would permit the ‘international community’ to express its displeasure … but it has not done so. Why is that? Why don’t you add a poll to your blog? Why not simply allow comments?

“I have made the M. P. for Gower full aware of these matters, and have asked her to raise the matter in Parliament. There should be a Parliamentary investigation of this hate blog. ”

We would welcome that. But do you really want them to look into the facts of the matter? Such as the fact that a fully-fledged nut-case (perpetual-motion, antigravity, quack cancer-cures, etc., his specialty) is being paid out of the public purse even as he denigrates British scientists. The tabloids would have a ‘field day’ … and we would attain our goal. 

“Mawr Community Council has a record of being severely reprimanded by the Assembly Auditor. The new County Councillor, Rowlands, was on the Council when it was reprimanded, in 2011 and 2015, but has not mentioned the reprimands and has not apologized in any way to the electorate. The Commissioner of Police has also been kept fully informed. The tories Rowlands and Davies (elected by 18% and 6% respectively of those entitled vote) attempted to cover up all the problems of Mawr when informed of them by myself as Armiger or Squire. I was told by Davies that she would not discuss these problems, did not read about the problems, and at the same time I was told that she wanted to help. With logic like this who needs hypocrisy? This is electoral dictatorship. As Squire I am not looking for votes, obviously, and I am gravely concerned by the many problems of Mawr. Its main problem was the former County Councillor. The new one shows signs of being no better.”

Oh, if only you had some sort of public standing or respect, you could then fix all of that.

Same Old, Same Old

July 7, 2017

Major Problems in Mawr

July 7, 2017

I received a circular today in the English language. I do speak that foreign language, with difficulty and a heavy accent, but prefer to be addressed as Armiger or Squire in the Welsh language. This should not be too much of an effort compared with a shift underground. The Welsh Language Act demands that all pamphlets be in both languages. So why do representatives assume that people speak English in Mawr? I am a Civil List Pensioner appointed by the Head of State and Parliament in 2005. I was granted a coat of arms ( by letters patent in 2008 and I am therefore an Armiger and a member of the Gentry both on merit and descent from the Tudors and Normans Blah, Blah, Blah …

There is only one problem in Mawr

Our Death Has Been Much Exaggerated

July 7, 2017

“FT Site Consigned to Oblivion

I think that the entire scientific world would like to consign this site to oblivion, so unless any AIAS / UPITEC Fellow objects, I will not waste any more time on it. I am waiting for a reply from the M. P. It is not getting any traffic, and it is a howling in the wilderness. If a threat is acted upon, however, that has to be reported to the police.”

Our hit-counter has just rolled over to 127,000. That makes 1000 hits since the 21st June; a matter of two weeks and two days.  Our data are openly verifiable. Yours are concocted away from public scrutiny. The scientific world has long since drawn its own conclusion. Also, Ron, check our polls. They are universally negative towards you. Why is it that none of your millions of fans can find their way to our blog and shift the balance? Perhaps you should advertise our public-service efforts more widely.  

Our Charitable Work

July 6, 2017

Somebody on Wikipedia (ECE Theory) has suggested sarcastically that Ron should install a hit-counter which shows just how many people have been sent to his blog by ours. No  hit-counter exists on Ron’s blog, and certainly not such a specific one. But here are the data anyway. The total as of this moment is 2410. In the first full year it was only 18, last year it was 873 and so far this year the number is 706. No wonder that he reports an upward trend.

Another Porky?

July 6, 2017

Aberystwyth Vice Chancellor MacMahon has Resigned

July 5, 2017

According to some reports staff morale at Aberystwyth is low. I am well known to be very critical of the way that these appointments are made, and of the way in which they erode the Welsh language and identity, often holding them in complete, self seeking, contempt. The new Vice Chancellor, someone called Treasure who was a dental consultant, is not a Welsh speaker at all, probably with a very low h index, meaning little or no research, a faceless bureaucrat. So UCW Aberystwyth is no longer recognizable as having anything to do with Wales. I am also very critical of UCW in my time as in Autobiography Volume Two, widely read throughout the world. I am also very critical of artificial equalities and artificial quotas, which erode and gradually eliminate merit. There is a culture of inflated student numbers and huge, crippling fees for diluted degrees. It is very clear that a new Prifysgol Cymru is urgently needed based on scholarship and merit, with all staff fully and personally fluent in Welsh. April MacMahon was notorious for saying that she knew a few words of Gaelic. In Wales, Gaelic is not spoken, Welsh is spoken by the toiling natives. There is a cosy system of appointments of buddies to highly paid jobs. Using the Freedom of Information Act I tried to find out how MacMahon’s appointment was made, whether there was any open competition, whether any Welsh speakers were even considered, or whether there was open advertisement. The College refused to give any reply. I did find out that after six months, appointment documentation is destroyed, so we do not know the competition, if any. ”

So when was that then? We find no trace of your request;

perhaps they binned it because it was you asking. It is not as though they are averse to responding to odd questions: note the one about research into wormholes. There is a wealth of other information, such as the fact that the chancellor is paid in excess of £175000pa and that the least-remunerated person gets some £8000pa. Perhaps we should ask exactly why you were awarded a DSc. Was it, as we maintain, done to make sure that you were snapped-up by some other employer and thus get you out of their hair? 

Another Abject Failure for ECE

July 3, 2017

FOR POSTING: UFT380 Sections 1 and 2 and Background Notes

July 3, 2017

This paper initiates the task of finding a general solution of the ECE2 field equations of electromagnetism and gravitation, gives example solutions, and a straightforward explanation of the Biefeld Brown counter gravitational effect.”

Yet again Ron undermines his own theory by twisting it (torsion indeed) to make it ‘explain’ phenomena that do not exist. Technically speaking, all apparently electrostatic effects involve associated magnetic fields, but members of the lunatic fringe who  believe in the Brown Bollocks Effect (Biefeld was an innocent and exploited dupe) must be wondering where the electromagnetism comes in. When they build their pathetic ‘lifters’, there are none of the usual magnets in sight; only a high-voltage feed. Keep the lifter still, and one can make it spray paint! So where are the electrostatic constants in those calculations? There is no antigravity involved; just a weak rocket-like effect. How sad it would be if a fool who cannot understand the Faraday electric-wind or the homopolar generator were allowed to remain on the same list as the genius who discovered them over 150 years ago.