Another Abject Failure for ECE

FOR POSTING: UFT380 Sections 1 and 2 and Background Notes

July 3, 2017

This paper initiates the task of finding a general solution of the ECE2 field equations of electromagnetism and gravitation, gives example solutions, and a straightforward explanation of the Biefeld Brown counter gravitational effect.”

Yet again Ron undermines his own theory by twisting it (torsion indeed) to make it ‘explain’ phenomena that do not exist. Technically speaking, all apparently electrostatic effects involve associated magnetic fields, but members of the lunatic fringe who  believe in the Brown Bollocks Effect (Biefeld was an innocent and exploited dupe) must be wondering where the electromagnetism comes in. When they build their pathetic ‘lifters’, there are none of the usual magnets in sight; only a high-voltage feed. Keep the lifter still, and one can make it spray paint! So where are the electrostatic constants in those calculations? There is no antigravity involved; just a weak rocket-like effect. How sad it would be if a fool who cannot understand the Faraday electric-wind or the homopolar generator were allowed to remain on the same list as the genius who discovered them over 150 years ago.    


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