Our Death Has Been Much Exaggerated

“FT Site Consigned to Oblivion

I think that the entire scientific world would like to consign this site to oblivion, so unless any AIAS / UPITEC Fellow objects, I will not waste any more time on it. I am waiting for a reply from the M. P. It is not getting any traffic, and it is a howling in the wilderness. If a threat is acted upon, however, that has to be reported to the police.”

Our hit-counter has just rolled over to 127,000. That makes 1000 hits since the 21st June; a matter of two weeks and two days.  Our data are openly verifiable. Yours are concocted away from public scrutiny. The scientific world has long since drawn its own conclusion. Also, Ron, check our polls. They are universally negative towards you. Why is it that none of your millions of fans can find their way to our blog and shift the balance? Perhaps you should advertise our public-service efforts more widely.  


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