Same Old, Same Old

Major Problems in Mawr

July 7, 2017

I received a circular today in the English language. I do speak that foreign language, with difficulty and a heavy accent, but prefer to be addressed as Armiger or Squire in the Welsh language. This should not be too much of an effort compared with a shift underground. The Welsh Language Act demands that all pamphlets be in both languages. So why do representatives assume that people speak English in Mawr? I am a Civil List Pensioner appointed by the Head of State and Parliament in 2005. I was granted a coat of arms ( by letters patent in 2008 and I am therefore an Armiger and a member of the Gentry both on merit and descent from the Tudors and Normans Blah, Blah, Blah …

There is only one problem in Mawr


2 Responses to “Same Old, Same Old”

  1. IoanRichard Says:

    Oh what an utter fool Mr Ron is. He has not only been defaming me, which is actionable. He has now picked a nasty fight with the local Tory Party. These people have serious influence in the Westminster ruling Government, who in turn can really influence the Palace and the Queen into rescinding his farcical Civil List appointment. It’s not only a matter of losing a couple of thousand £ pounds a year – it is a matter of utter disgrace all his own fault for abusing the use of a farcical Civil List appointment. Soon no more nonsense like “Lord of Gower” & “Squire” & “Member of the Gentry”, and as he is not a “Professor Emeritus” no further abuse of the title “Professor”. In the very near future it will be either just Mr or Dr.. What says the Crackpotwatch readers?

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      It will always be Dr. It is an annoying anomaly that a medic can be struck-off, a priest can be defrocked, a lawyer can be disbarred and an engineer can lose his charter … but there is no mechanism to remove an earned (rather than honorary) higher (research) degree. The philosophy seems to be that – in research – nothing is ever definitively proved and so a nutter cannot be condemned. To us, a doctorate is like a driving-licence: worthless if one does not stick to ‘the rules of the road’.

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