Craigcefnparc News #22

Ioan Richard writes:

On 20-6-17 (just over three weeks ago) Evans wrote to his newly elected Member of the Westminster UK Parliament, Tonia Antoniazzi Labour MP for Gower, Swansea. His letter was an “open letter” rant about his usual nonsense, including defamation of myself again. His letter was in LINK form on his Science Fiction Blog of 20-6-17. Normal practice for Evans is to publish all replies (whether marked confidential or not). To date, three weeks on, he is silent about Ms Antoniazzi. Does this mean she binned his letter or that he never sent it? She even mentioned our village Craigcefnparc in her maiden speech but carefully avoided any reference to Evans.
At another level he later wrote a load of bilingual nonsense to his Regional Wales Assembly Member Suzy Davies AM (a competent Conservative and a Solicitor by profession). Ms Davies sent him a reply in her native Welsh language on 8-7-17 which he promptly published in his Blog on 9-7-17. She said she did not agree with him. He promptly got into a mad rage and said publicly in reply to her on his Blog for her not to communicate further with him. That is the nasty vile way he operates.
So, Evans, when are you going to publish Ms Antoniazzi’s response to your utter nonsenses? Tell the world and publish it, or did she just bin your “open letter” as junk – which it was?


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