Magnificent Sights

Wind 11.59%, 3 – 17 mph, Wales 8 – 12 mph, 0806 local time

July 16, 2017

The effective wind speed in the Betws area is only 3 mph now, (12 mph mean speed minus 9 mph needed to start the derelict turbines). The optimal wind speed of large turbines is 20 – 40 mph, such speeds never occur in the British Isles, so the entire industry is a grim joke, an unstable fiasco. It is impossible to think of a more inefficient way of producing electric power. Solar today is negligible at 3.40% and hydro is farcical at 0.49%. The clear answer is a combination of tidal power and advanced ES and LENR power stations.”

How magnificent it must be to see those great blades spinning when the air is ‘stationary at 9mph’.  How even more magnificent it must be when they were started by the previous day’s wind and momentum has kept them going as the wind fell below 9mph. But we cannot quite visualize what happens then: do they generate wind, do they  turn in the usual direction with the wind heading the wrong way … or do they simply run backwards. Do tell.


2 Responses to “Magnificent Sights”

  1. IoanRichard Says:

    The only major references I can find to “ES & LENR power stations” are eccentric articles written by the “world famous Professor” himself and in the Sci-Fi comic ‘Last Defenders’. Am I using my SEARCH facility in the wrong way? What am I missing?
    Interestingly during the 25 year long, well supported, public local community battle to save the Mynydd y Gwair Common for the Welsh grazier farmers, this “world famous Professor” only did one simple single thing – he drove a car up the mountain road with two odd friends. In private he read a short poem and one of his pals planted a potato (which failed to grow). The other pal took a photo.
    In twenty five years, of fierce and legally costly local mass protesting, that is the only thing he ever did in attempting to save his nearby Mynydd y Gwair common land for the local Welsh speaking grazier farmers.
    Now he simply quotes public Electric UK Grid Graphs. What says you Crackpotwatch?

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      He does not appear to go out at all now. It seems that he had to be driven into Swansea. We diagnose agoraphobia. As for his ‘energy reports’, he makes them early in the morning. Everybody knows that there tends to be a ‘lull’ just after dawn. Is he going to report solar at the same time as the days get shorter? It is hardly a good example of scientific-quality sampling. What has happened to Mrs Ron? Does anybody know?

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