Will the Good News Never End?

Some Other Points of Discussion with Steve Bannister and Kerry Pendergast

July 16, 2017

One important item of news that emerged is that essentially the entire faculty in Steve’s department of economics in the University of Utah in Salt Lake City has accepted ECE2 and its implications. Economics faculty are as capable in mathematics as physics or chemistry or engineering faculty. ”

One of us is already composing a letter of congratulation to the Dismal Scientist’s boss on the subject of his department’s experiment in academic suicide. He is also writing a note to Nature magazine about it in the hope of getting Ron some publicity on the back of this wonderful news. Our author friend is also ecstatic: his book is intended to ‘out’ the cranks who work for NASA, Boeing, BAe, etc.; he never dreamed of being able to bring down an economics department as well! Of course, it could all be fake news … given the source. And, before anybody asks, our author friend is currently busy with a book on an entirely different subject: it must be such a calvary, being a polymath. 

“So the acceptance of ECE and ECE2 is widespread. It has been accepted in an entirely new way, a way that had to be found to bring new knowledge to the world without being irrationally stopped by physics dogmatists. Steve and Kerry were particularly interested in retrograde precession, and the ability of the ECE2 lagrangian to produce both forward and retrograde precessions. ”

Where is it ‘widespread’? Just give one example of its use, or even mention, by real physicists. Penderghastly and Dismal were ‘particularly interested’ by something that has not been observed? What a pair. By the way, the opposite of ‘retrograde’ is ‘prograde’. 

“That is an amazing result, and only the use of Maxima by Horst Eckardt could have produced it. The amazing thing is that the lagrangian is the familiar lagrangian of special relativity but defined with finite torsion and curvature. So for over a hundred and ten years, it had not been realized that it gives precession, and retrograde precession.”

If only he could afford Mathematica! But why is that so amazing? Here is somebody who regularly observes perpetual motion; why does he not rush straight to the newspapers with that news? In fact, why don’t any of you do that? Oh, of course, that is not news what with Hill-of-Beans routinely selling perpetual-motion machines to Fortune-50 companies. Jeez, what a strange delusional bubble you all live in. You do realize that it will be burst one day don’t you?

“The obsolete Einstein theory can only produce forward precessions. ”

That is all that there is. Did you not read that paper which stated that astronomers are looking for the signature of retrograde precession but, if it is observed, it will be due to another cause?

“They asked me to outline the main points of progress. ”

By the way, the opposite of ‘progress’ is retrogress. 

“These are given in UFT366 and in the ECE2 papers, the interest in which is at a record high. There was some discussion of Heisenberg’s indeterminacy, which is refuted comprehensively in UFT175 using higher order commutators. By now this is a classic paper. In fact I would say that all the UFT papers are classics, many come up on the first page of Google. ”

Classic in what sense? No real scientist ever refers to them. Many come up on our home computers as well, but not on our workplace ones … try turning off Google’s ‘intelligent search’. 

“The State of Utah was the first to fund LENR and it turns out that the State was right to do so. ”

No, they were one of the two foci of the cold-fusion fiasco. The other focus was Southampton University. The latter also employed Harold Aspden the notorious pseudoscientist. He rushed to patent cold fusion ahead of the inventors. He also screwed some £45000 out of the UK government to develop a motor with an efficiency greater that 100%. One could say that you fail even as a crackpot: you have managed to cheat only a pension out of the government. Others, including Searl’s brother, have received large lump sums … one sum was the equivalent of 100 years of your pension.   

“There is no doubt that LENR works, in fact it produces so much heat that the design must include effective cooling. ”

And outsiders are kept well away from it: not because of the heat but because they might find out the real cause. After all, Thermite would also ‘require cooling’. Electrical heating could be smuggled in via the ‘thermocouple’ leads. It does not inspire confidence that the main promulgator has already ‘done time’ for an energy-related fraud. 

“There is no doubt that energy from spacetime (ES) not only works, but it is exactly understood by ECE and ECE2. The relevant UFT papers are UFT226 ff, UFT311, UFT321 and UFT364, and many others. ”

Which energy from spacetime? Time was when you were gung-ho for ‘Dr’ Bearden’s Motionless Electromagnetic Generator, and were ‘explaining’ it in the pages of Foundations of Physics Letters (which got shut down as a result and its editor Van der Merde fired).  How many proofs are needed? 

“When looking at the Trevithick locomotive replica there was discussion about how luddites of that era were so cynical, that they would do anything to prevent the Trevithick engine from working, so Stephenson invented the Rocket. Crawshay tried to claim a bet of 500 guineas because a bolt sheared on the way back. The locomotive had already delivered the cargo of iron and seventy or so passengers. ”

At least it managed it once, before independent witnesses. If only that could be said of your favourite scams. 

“Human nature is the same exactly now, luddites of our era refuse to accept LENR and ES even though they can see the apparatus melting or see the circuit working. ”

We know of a professor of engineering who can stand on bathroom scales, wave his arms around in a certain way, and produce a steady reading which is lower than his actual weight. Is that proof of antigravity? One would have to be a gullible idiot to believe that … oops, damn those electromagnetic/mechanical analogies.

“There was some discussion of UNCC. There was intense international criticism (attached) of UNCC, which fabricated allegations in a dishonest, cynical way. ”

Talking of dishonest and cynical, we note that those letters of support include ones from Viv Pope (the ‘gravity does not exist’ crank), there accorded a ‘Dr’ title which he did not possess, Dr Pozhar (later an AIAS Fellow who now runs some sort of private university in the US) and Dr Abas, who later put a rather different opinion of you into print:


“The reason for this is that Backingham and Barron chose to try to force on the world their incorrect complete symmetry argument. Time has shown that this has been completely forgotten, while ECE and ECE2 are well known throughout the world. As described in the UNCC Saga the faculty at UNCC turned coat and buckled. That caused immense damage to my first wife and myself, and forced me to work in a new way, well below the poverty line for many years. The result was AIAS, which later becaem AIAS / UPITEC, and several major State honours. Buckingham first started to interfere unethically in my work when I was a post doctoral at the EDCL. He wrote to my Ph. D. supervisor to try to force me to publish less. MAnsel Davies showed teh letter to me. It is now known that my entire output of papers has been read thosunds of times for each of over two thousand papers and books. I was very happy at Aberystwyth and Cornell, but on each occasion the luddite attacks started. In fact, both at the EDCL and UNCC, and also Cornell, I outproduced the other faculty combined. I was not paid at Cornell, and it used my work in order to get funding from the NSF. My first wife found this out and showed the report to me. My happy family life was completely destroyed by UNCC’s capitulation to luddites until my second wife arrived in 2002, out of pure kindness of heart.”

Ah, Buckingham, Barron, UNCC; there were heroes in those days.


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