Caution, Genius at Work

Trevithick Steam Locomotive

July 18, 2017

Many thanks for this message. The people accompanying AIAS Fellow Prof. Steve Bannister of the University of Utah were AIAS Fellow Kerry Pendergast and myself. We were all impressed by the Trevithick and other exhibits, and at AIAS / UPITEC we are working towards new sources of energy and a second industrial revolution. Prof. Bannister’s Thesis on the first industrial revolution is on www.aias.usand Thanks are also due to Kerry Pendergast for generous hospitality. A small prototype tidal power station can be built in the Marina to demonstrate how large scale tidal power would work, it would need one prototype turbine, which would turn steadily as the thirty foot tide comes in and out, generating a lot of electric power. A series of tidal lagoons, plus LENR and ES power stations, (low energy nuclear reactors and energy from spacetime circuits) would supply all the electric power needed for Wales, with a lot left over for export. ”

We all recall Ron’s brilliant idea of putting turbines in the dykes and irreversibly flooding the Netherlands … and now this! The whole point of the Marina, Ron, is that it is non-tidal; else the boat-owners would often find their boats hanging vertically by their painters.  Sure, one could put a turbine in the Marina wall: they could call it a leak. Do you really tell normal people about your perpetual-motion schemes? Is that wise? They will think that you are an idiot. 

Note: Dismal’s thesis may really be about the first industrial revolution, but he calls that the second industrial revolution. So if you are expecting further progress in that direction you will have to call it the Third industrial revolution. Confusing isn’t it.



2 Responses to “Caution, Genius at Work”

  1. IoanRichard Says:

    We know Mr Evans lives in his mind on an alternative planet, but he must read the WIKI entries – here is one genuine Wiki entry about Swansea Marina :-
    The Swansea barrage (or the Tawe barrage) was completed in 1992 creating a new marina at the mouth of the River Tawe extending the leisure boat facilities already being offered by the old South Dock. The barrage structure includes a boat lock, spillway, and generator turbine. The turbine serves a dual use: acting as a power generator for the National Grid as well as being used to pump water back into the Tawe river system.
    Yes Mr Evans it already has a tidal generator at the Tawe mouth.
    Nearby the Council landfill site has a Methane Generator. I hope you will correct your misinformation.
    By the way Mr Evans I am still awaiting two responses:-
    Did your new MP Ms Antoniazzi reply to you, or did she ignore you? If she replied, please share her answer with us.
    Also Mr Evans, did you read of my work in the Coal Mining industry – something you deny happened in my working life. Will you correct what you’ve been wrongly saying about me publicly in that respect..
    If you allowed responses to your Blog, or did not block e mails, I could ask you directly.
    Answers please Mr Evans.
    By the way – you’ve really dropped Mr Bannister in the “goo”. Let’s hope the Court of Governors at Utah University hear of his endorsement of pseudo Physics and the claim that all his colleagues in Utah get to hear if it.
    What says you Crackpotwatchers? Have you sent it on to Utah?

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