Dramatis Personae

We do not believe in according any respect at all to crackpots, and have evolved suitably derogatory pseudonyms for them. This may confuse newcomers. Here is a handy key.

Ron: Dr Myron Evans, retired (and long-unemployed) chemist, undeserving recipient of a civil-list pension (thus giving him the same status as Faraday, Herschel, Hamilton …) who has never heard of a perpetual-motion scam that he did not like. Also keen on antigravity and quack cancer cures. His pension calls into question the academic reputation of the Royal Society of Chemistry (which backed it). The original idea was that we would call him ‘My’ when he said something worthwhile and ‘Ron’ when he did not. We do not recall ever having to call him My.

Siemens Stain aka SS: Dr Horst Eckardt, main henchman, and employee of the German industrial giant, Siemens. That company has apparently not noticed this stain on their reputation … nor the fact that he seems to spend more time working for Ron than for them.

Penderghastly: Mr Kerry Pendergast, former schoolteacher and biographer of Ron. Undeserving recipient of a Royal Society Hauksbee Medal. He was called an ‘unsung hero of science’ in spite of his rabidly pseudoscientfic writings. This award calls into question the academic reputation of the Royal Society of London.

Sewage: Dr Gareth Evans, scientific officer at Ceredigion County Council. His pseudonym arises from the fact that his last brush with real academics was the supply to them of contaminated water samples. Former student of Ron’s. Often sends fawning text messages to Ron … apparently during work-time.

Dismal Scientist (aka Sub-Prime): Dr Steve Bannister, elderly (but only recently doctorally qualified) professor of economics at the University of Utah.  Thinks that Ron is one of the world’s most brilliant scientists and that perpetual motion scams are viable investment opportunities.  Economics is of course known as ‘the dismal science’, and thicko economists never spotted that ‘sub-prime’ mortgages were going to cause the biggest financial crash since 1929.

Public Dick aka Public Defective aka Sam Spade: Mr Stephen Crothers, an amateur ‘scientist’; like Ron (and indeed all crackpots) routinely anti-Einstein. So named for his (claimed) previous career as a private detective. Even his surname has a derogatory meaning in Australia.

Tugboat: Mr Robert Cheshire, amateur scientist and pub entertainer, narrator of Ron’s biopic (wherein he mispronounces the name of a famous scientist). Claims to have been educated at a ‘public school’ housed on a ship.  Named for one of his previous jobs.

Hill-of-Beans: Mr Alex Hill. Claims to sell perpetual-motion machines, to Fortune-50 companies, out of a slum in Mexico. Has appeared in a Tesla-worshiping film together with Ron and Michio Kaku; thus calling into question the latter’s academic reputation. ‘Not worth a hill-of-beans’: common Americanism for worthless.

No-Bubbles: Mr Michael Jackson (get it?), crank who believes that Ron’s loony ECE theory explains the human soul. Also claims that Einstein and Cartan helped the Nazis to build antigravity craft. He stated this on the Rancid radio show. When Ron was interviewed shortly afterwards on the same show, he did not deny anything that No-Bubbles had said.

Rancid: Mr Jeff Rense, disreputable antisemitic (digital-)radio shock-jock. Regularly has guests who make outrageous and hurtful claims such as “the Sandy Hook massacre was a hoax”.

Van der Merde: Professor Alwyn van der Merwe of the University of Denver. Former editor of the journal, Foundations of Physics Letters. Dismissed from that post for – among other reasons – publishing papers, by Ron and his group, which ‘explained’ a perpetual-motion device known as the Motionless Electromagnetic Generator. The latter seems to be little different in (lack of) principle to the Ideotic device

Dunging-Davies: Dr Jeremy Dunning-Davies, retired from Hull University. ‘Electric-Universe’ crank, former member of AIAS and now President of Telesio-Galilei, a rival pseudoscientific organisation. Like Ron, he had received a gold medal from Telesio-Galilei. So out-of-touch with reality is Hull University that its annual report praised his receipt of a gold medal ‘for services to energy research’; not comprehending that the energy in question was to come from perpetual-motion scams. 

Ideotic: Mr Osamu Ide, Japanese electrical engineer whose simple circuits (little more complicated than an electric door-chime) are supposed to have a greater output than input. Circuits having ‘spiky’ hard-to-monitor outputs are a common scam in the lunatic fringe. He patents them, and presents them at conferences, without making claims for excess energy production. He then claims everywhere else that they produce energy from nowhere. A similar ‘sleight of mouth’ trick was pulled by the antigravity crank, Norman Dean, in the 1960s. Ide has applied to the UK government for funding. The latter has funded at least 3 other crackpot schemes … watch this space.

Oily Lorenzo: Dr Lorenzo Santini, claims to be a nuclear engineer but is against conventional science, believes in the perpetual-motion ‘work’ of cranks such as Stefan Marinov and in the deliberately deceptive gyroscope tricks of Laithwaite. Neighbours of the nuclear energy facility at which he works have good reason to be concerned. Named for Lorenzo’s Oil, which was held up as a triumph of laymen over experts. 

Other pseudonyms will be explained upon request.





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