Another Nerve Touched?

Funding of AIAS / UPITEC

July 21, 2017

The Institute is well funded, partly funded by industry through organizations associated with individual Fellows. For example the Alex Hill environment ( has been well funded for about thirty years and has recently expanded into a venture partnership with a U.S. company. Douglas Lindstrom and Russ Davies work with a company in Florida, Magnetic Miles Llc., to develop pulsed LENR. Doug has recently made a business tour of China. Steve Bannister works in the Department of Economics, University of Utah and is able to make carefully selected funding applications in the limited time available to him from his other duties. All the Fellows raise their own salaries in one way or another. In view of the successful development of energy from spacetime circuits (UFT313, 321, 364, 382 and 383) it would be optimal in my opinion to coordinate work on Energy from Spacetime (ES) and Pulsed LENR. I have successfully raised my own funding since 1995. ”

That is a peculiar, but typical, way of looking at things: in other words, they are all being paid by bona fide organisations or are getting their money from scams while wasting their spare time on nonsense for free. And you forgot Dave’s $59000.


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