Urgently Requiring ECE Explanation

We feel that Ron is not trying hard enough to promulgate his theory. After all, he has largely limited himself of late to explaining Ideotic’s patent and SS’s (literally) breadboard circuit ‘replication’. Ron wants ‘industry or government’ to fund prototypes or fully-fledged power-units. He ignores those that already exist. Remember Dr Abatan from yesterday? Well, he is already pushing (it has wheels) a handy perpetual-motion machine,


Surely Ron can explain that (his theoretical explanation could be handed out with the operating instructions). Some people may have thought that we were being a trifle sarcastic yesterday concerning our ‘closed-circuit hydro’ scheme, even though it was precisely analogous to the Abatan and Ideotic scams schemes. But pond-life has a way of imitating art, and so here is something else for Ron to ponder,


It should also interest Hill-of-Beans, given that he thinks that hydroelectric dams and elevator counterweights extract energy from gravity. And you had better not criticize the latter paper Ron: the authors have Allah الله أكبر on their side (see the acknowledgements). Worse, criticizing the journal’s publishers can attract $billion lawsuits:


And to all the sane readers out there, we say



2 Responses to “Urgently Requiring ECE Explanation”

  1. IoanRichard Says:

    Mr Evans was (past tense) a Chemist and never a Physicist. If he remembers any Chemistry, can he apply himself to answering the arty politicians who now claim the world will soon be virtually driven by Lithium-ion batteries, instead of all the garbage he churns out about pseudo physics and bogus energy sources. What says you Evans about Lithium-ion batteries powering the new “green world” in the near future?

    By the way he has just published a poem on the web – MARWNAD GERAZIM – lamenting the loss of an ancient Baptist Chapel in his, and our, community (emphasis on “our” as he does nothing for this community). Myself, and others, held a last service there on the day chosen for “viewing for prospective buyers” as a sort of protest. Once again Evans was nowhere to be seen supporting us, and the chapel, proving it is all in his strange mind – as he does zero zilch for the community here. What says you CRACKPOTWATCH and your many readers?

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      To be pedantic, batteries are not a source of energy; they are a storage medium. But the same government announcement in fact mentioned that the batteries would be charged mainly using intermittent sources such as wind and solar. Ron’s favourites!

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