Ideotic’s Magic Doorbell

We have all watched horror films which are pretty scary until ‘the monster’ is finally seen clearly … whereupon it feels more like a comedy; the creature being pretty pathetic.  Patents are like that: unseen, and spoken of in the abstract, they seem to promise all sorts of wonderful things. Seen clearly, they are – like film monsters – pathetic. Here then is Ideotic’s granted Japanese patent; explaining the invention which Ron thinks will replace windmills, solar, nuclear fission, etc. Of course, the patent promises nothing of the sort; it would not have been granted had it done so. As we have pointed out before, it is essentially the same design as ‘Dr’ Bearden’s Motionless Electromagnetic Generator: the one which Ron and AIAS ‘explained’ years ago in the pages of Foundations of Physics Letters – thus getting the journal closed down and van der Merde sacked.  And then Ron dropped Bearden and his ‘viable’ perpetual-motion machine. Ideotic’s innovation is to add a movable core to the basic transformer set-up. As the arrows indicate, the core oscillates because the transformer acts as a solenoid. Braking of the movement produces sharp induction spikes, and these deceive standard ‘everyday’ meters … and incompetent experimenters. But put differing bells in the way of the moving core, and one has a nifty two-tone door-chime.   So exactly how would you scale this up, Ron: build millions of little ones, or just one big one? The latter might be difficult, what with the core mass increasing as L^3 and the winding cross-section only increasing as L^2. If only you had a contact at a huge electrical engineering company that could build a prototype. Just kidding. Bosses at that company should soon be ‘contacting your contact’. What is the German for P45?  



One Response to “Ideotic’s Magic Doorbell”

  1. Harry Hab Says:

    I’m thinkin’ about my doorbell
    When ya gonna ring it, when ya gonna ring it
    Yeah, I’m thinkin’ about my doorbell
    When ya gonna ring it, when ya gonna ring it

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