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385(1): Conservation of ECE2 Antisymmetry in Electrostatics

July 31, 2017

This note shows that the antisymmetry laws of ECE2 are conserved rigorously by the same spin connection as deduced in UFT384 for Newtonian gravitation. The very precise Coulombic electric field strength (5) is used, one of the most precise experimental laws of physics. Note carefully that the electrostatic vector potential (6) does not exist in the standard model of physics, and nether do the antisymmetry laws. ”

A lot of things are missing from the ‘standard model of physics’ simply because the natural evolution of the subject has left them behind. There are many neat tricks (such as the method of images) which are useful in treating specific problems but which complicate most other situations. Sommerfeld, in his Optics (1954) said that an electrostatic vector potential is not of much use but is a nice recognition of the work of Huygens.   

“As first shown in UFT131 ff, the latter completely refute the U(1) gauge theory of the standard model, and with it the standard electroweak theory and Higgs boson theory. ”

A refutation is not a refutation unless and until it is accepted universally by the same people who used the previous model. An attempted ‘refutation’ based upon incorrect mathematics, which does not even come to the attention of the scientific community and which is not discussed and evaluated openly in reputable journals, is merely the ramblings of an isolated crank.

“This is well known to the very large ECE School of Thought, which disagrees with many aspects of the standard model of physics. I remember that Dr. Douglas Lindstrom, on reading UFT131 ff, said that he had woken up to a new world. ”

There is no ‘very large ECE school of thought’; just a handful of cranks which provides theoretical support for various street-level scams in the fields (haha) of perpetual-motion and antigravity. Many academics go ‘a bit funny’ in later life: look at Hamilton, look at Eddington, look at Goedel … look at just about anybody. And Lindy was no Hamilton, or Eddington or Goedel in the first place. Neither were you: so what are you doing there, on the same list as Hamilton?!

“This is accurate because he spends his time between British Columbia and Florida. ”

Who is paying for the tickets: himself, or are they already reeling-in suckers? Well, at least he might get a pair of custom-made trousers out of it. They attempt to patent trousers as well as magnetic gadgets, did you know?  What renaissance-men they must be.

“The standard modellers, on the other hand, woke up to a hangover. It will take then a hundred years to sleep it off and in the meantime we keep pestering them for due recognition in the best traditions of physics. We have more nominations than spikes on a hedgehog, needles in more than one meaning.”

Well, yes, the constant and increasing cacophony of pseudoscientists would give anyone a headache. We always put the accent on the ‘phony’ of cacophony in this context. How neat it would be if it were spelled ‘cacaphony’. Then we could put the accent elsewhere. Which nominations are those? Are they the imaginary ones? Or are they the real ones? Real only because you recommended yourselves to the Institute of Physics. 



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