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Broydd Iaith

August 30, 2017

Say no more.


Wolf Prize Conspiracy

August 27, 2017

Three Wolf Prize Nominations for 2018

August 27, 2017

I wish to thank Dr. Gareth John Evans for three Wolf Prize nominations for 2018 in physics, chemistry and mathematics. Since 2003 major discoveries have been made in all three subject areas. The nominations have been accepted by the Wolf Foundation in Israel and are under consideration. The tremendous impact of the work is well known and has been measured with objectivity. Many thanks also to the three supporters: Dr. Horst Eckardt, Dr. Douglas Lindstrom and Dr. Stephen Bannister.”

Completely pointless exercise, given that Sewage has no right to nominate and Ron certainly has no right to win. What will remain, unless Ron hurriedly deletes the evidence, is the proof that these clowns conspired to fool the Wolf Prize Committee into thinking that the supporters were independent admirers.  

Little ‘Non-Englander’

August 27, 2017

Unwanted Communication from Ioan Richard

August 27, 2017

As Armiger or Squire in Mawr I have asked the Police Commissioner to act on evidence that Mr Richard has violated the malicious communications act by posting grossly offensive material on a blog well known to the police. ”

Do you have an official document to the effect that you are a Squire? All of Mr Richards’ communications are truthful, unlike yours, and have the weight of a former Lord Mayor behind them.

“This blog has grossly offended the scientific world, which has ignored it with utter contempt. ”

That blog offers numerous means via which the ‘scientific world’ could express its displeasure. It has not done so. The scientific world despises pseudoscience.  You claim, untruthfully, that the blog is not visited simply in order to explain the absence of votes that support you. What about all of the negative votes? 

“That is enough for charges to be brought on the written evidence. Under a House of Lords ruling, a communication is grossly offensive in the malicious communications act if the recipient finds it so. I am described as “Moron” and so on ad nauseam. I find this grossly offensive and press for charges. ”

The blog is not ‘communicated’ to you: you choose to read it. If mere posting is communication, then you are in serious trouble for backing various perpetual-motion scams, not to mention quack cancer treatments. That is a criminal offence even if the treatment is an accepted one: you are no more an oncologist than you are a physicist. To scientists, you are just an annoying clown who should never have got a Civil List Pension and whose posts are offensive to them.

“The Local Authority Ombudsman has advised that this is a matter for the police. ”

Post that statement.

“The material has caused gross offence to all members of AIAS / UPITEC. ”

Good. Pseudoscientists deserve every brickbat that they receive. They do untold harm to the scientific education of young people. 

“Richard has admitted to being part of this organized trolling. ”

Informed criticism of a gang which is clearly up to no good is not trolling.

“Accordingly I do not wish to have any contact with him at all. I do not want anything from him pushed through my door. He has no right to try to “organize” the frontigers of Mountain Road. ”

He has as much right to as anybody. By the way, the term is ‘frontager’. Now that we have made a point of it, you are forever doomed to misspell it (like Monte Python)  lest anyone should think that you were taking instruction.

“The objections to unwanted development on 10 Mountain Road were all ignored. I have been told that planning permission was given without any consideration of objections.”

That is because the objections were frivolous or malicious.

“Richard’s letter is written in English and is concerned with the value of house prices. ”

Strangely enough, that is permitted under the Welsh Language Act.

“In my opinion prices are wildly inflated, young people cannot even save enough for a deposit on a mortgage. ”

The situation is much worse in other parts of the country. At least some young local people can look forward to inheriting a house. Unlike like your own wife. 

“No one has the right to interfere in the right of a frontiger. ”


“For many years the road was used as access by bike vandals whom I fought personally for eight years. ”

And never once got a brick through your street-side windows? Softies.

“They sped along the road in front of Richard’s house, without any regard for human life. The present surface of the road is adequate and controls speeding. ”

Don’t you mean that the road surface is inadequate.  As a FRONTAGER of an unadopted road, you will have a pay a lot to fix that one day.

“The Welsh language and way of life has been destroyed in Mawr by overdevelopment and the greed for money at the expense of the younger generation. It is up to the frontigers to object to any further development. Prices should be driven down according to Bevanite socialist principles, and the Welsh language revived. It is clear that much of the damage to Mawr has been caused by poor government. Mawr Community Council has been reprimanded twice as is well known. Richard does not write in Welsh because he probably cannot. ”

Did you know that the village has a facebook page? Why not try your rants out there, for an instant  vox pop. response.

“I am a fluent Welsh speaker and a well known poet in both languages. I am a member of the nobility of Wales and descended from the Princes. I am not a “fellow resident” of Mr Richard. I was born in this house and know Mawr as well as anyone.”

And Mawr knows you.

Shhh, Don’t Mention the (Race) War!

August 27, 2017

UFT88 Read at the University of Bonn

August 27, 2017

UFT88 has been read at the Argelander Institute for Astronomy of the University of Bonn, which is ranked 156 in the world by webometrics, 113 by Times, 239 by QS and 101 – 150 by Shanghai. It was founded in 1777 and has 35,619 students. It has produced several Nobel Laureates and Fields Medallists, notably Lennard (1905) and Paul (1989) in physics, and Wallach in chemistry (1910).”

Do you mean Philipp LENARD, Ron? He was certainly your type of person: a rabidly anti-Einstein Nazi who dismissed relativity as ‘Jewish physics’. Have you ever wondered why Einstein is  a household name, while Dirac, Minkowski, etc., are not? It is not due to relativity itself, but to Nazi attacks on it … so one should thank Lenard & Co. for that. Just imagine how much he would have appreciated being interviewed by Rancid. By the way, when is your next interview? Will you mention this time your desire to ethnically cleanse Mawr of non Welsh-speakers?

Size Comparison

August 26, 2017

This is just a not-so-little something for the  l o n g  weekend.  According to Ron’s favourite monitoring service,, the ‘top organic keyword’ search for our blog is ‘Happy Birthday Ron’. It far outranks any other keyword for our site. Here is the amazing thing: it outranks every other similar keyword combination, right across the internet:

But just look at who is trailing far behind in second place! Kudos, Ron, you are bigger than Ron Jeremy!  Er, you do know who he is, don’t you? Yes, he is the son of a real physicist. Perhaps you should ask former chemistry professor, Nicholas Goddard, for advice on a career-change. 

PS: before any bright spark rushes to explain condescendingly what is going on here: don’t bother, we know full well. It’s just another semrush defect.


The Problem Is …

August 24, 2017

386(3): Violation of Conservation of Antisymmetry by the Standard Model

August 24, 2017

This note evaluates the magnetic dipole potential (7) in Cartesian coordinates at a point far from a current loop. The spin connection vector can be found from Eq (7) and Eqs. (9) to (11). Finally the ECE2 magnetic flux density B is found from Eq. (13). It is seen immediately from Eqs. (14) to (16) that the standard model violates antisymmetry, a disaster for standard (Maxwell Heaviside) electrodynamics first pointed out in UFT131 ff. Conservation of antisymmetry requires the existence of a spin connection and the existence of torsion, a clear and important result. It would be very interesting to graph the components of A and the spin connection vector omega, and the components of B. This new ECE2 level magnetic flux density must be compared with experimental data. The vector potential is an example solution of the ECE2 Ampere law, curl B = mu0 J.”

that experimental checking of the correct mathematical expression for the field of a current-loop is a standard laboratory exercise for students. It is also the basis for the design of umpteen everyday instruments and gadgets and is currently – we hear – being looked at as a possible way of replacing ‘big K’ at Sevres. Are you daring to claim that your experimentally unverified formula is correct and that trillions of items of contrary practical evidence are wrong? Talking of ‘connections’, did you know that the ‘flux-lines’ between 2 nearby loops are not as they are neatly depicted in textbooks, but are quite chaotic? Can your theory explain that? It is probably the huge ‘disconnect’, between electrical engineering textbooks and the latest physics research, that drives so many supposedly ‘expert’ electrical engineers into the lunatic fringe.

Breaking Rank

August 23, 2017

Ron and his gang like to maintain (in between hissy-fits) the fiction that they do not read this blog. Interested readers may therefore like to peruse  the comments which follow our Irony Oh Irony (09/08/15) and Another Year of Abject Failure (25/12/16) posts. ‘Faulty’ has been making some extraordinary claims there. He agrees that all of the notorious so-called ‘free energy’ (perpetual-motion) devices are fakes and that even their claimed replication of Ideotic’s Magic Doorbell did not in fact detect any energy gain. This is rather like Hitler’s No.2 flying to England! We wonder, has Siemens AG been breathing down their neck? What will Ron and SS make of this? Ideotic is one of their ‘proofs’ of energy-from-spacetime, and Faulty is denying it. Will he be drummed out of the lunatic fringe?    


August 23, 2017

Steve Crothers’ chapter 11 of PECE2

August 23, 2017

I agree with Stephen Crothers, ‘t Hooft in my opinion is a mediocrity.”

Because, of course, poorly controlled demonstrations using a smart-phone far outweigh years of state-of-the-art photometry.  Just as the opinions of crackpots outweigh those of Nobel laureates … in your fantasy-world.

This One’s Free

August 23, 2017

Final version of PECE2 book

August 23, 2017

Agreed with Doug, the typesetting is highly accurate and it is a fine production. UFT354 is currently the most read paper of the ECE2 series, on the effect of torsion on the relation between the metric and Christoffel symbol, and proving that the torsion tensor must be totally antisymmetric. This was the essence of Doug’s contribution. It is very important. Torsion completely refutes Einsteinian general relativity.”

‘Highly accurate’? Then what’s this in the caption to Figure 11.11? Oh, ‘3-dimentional’. If you want to know where the other errors are, in text and equations, you will have to beg.

Blog Stats

August 23, 2017


But who’s counting? Until Ron installs independent hit-counters on his sites, we shall claim to out-class him … no matter how much bogus evidence he concocts.

Words of One Syllable

August 22, 2017

Myron’s Wolf nomination

August 22, 2017

I will follow up tomorrow with a recorded delivery airmail to the Wolf Foundation. This document can form the basis for many future nominations with minimal effort by the colleagues. All this is a challenge to the power structure of the standard model. If they just arbitrarily ignore or reject some sincere colleagues, they will lose credibility in the way Wikipedia has lost credibility. Horst is an artist and could prepare an excellent letterhead. He can combine it with my coat of arms and armorial badge.”

Are you all dumb, deaf and blind; not to say daft?

The Wolf Prize Committee sends invitations only to those whom it deems sufficiently exalted to nominate worthy candidates for the prize.

Sewage has not been invited to nominate as he is very very far from being Wolf-Prize nominator-material. 

In any case, Ron is very very very  … very very far from being Wolf Prize-winner material.

Even if those were not high enough barriers to surmount, the Committee would take a very dim view of a gang of loons, locked into a shared delusion, who conspired to make it appear that they were all independent. How would the Committee find out? Hmm, how would did it find out? 

Get a Room – 2

August 22, 2017

Recent Photograph

August 22, 2017

After this I will need a new hat size. This was a professionally taken photograph at the Patti Theatre, Craig y Nos Castle. Many thanks again to all concerned!!

Another creepy communication from Sewage.

Wrong Checks

August 22, 2017

FOR POSTING AS UFT366: Final version of PECE2 book

August 21, 2017

Many thanks to all concerned! The final monograph is a significant advance in knowledge and is a challenge to many aspects of the standard model of physics. Particular thanks are due to Douglas Lindstrom, Robert Cheshire, Russ Davis and Steve Crothers for helping to fund the production. There is an important chapter ten by Ulrich Bruchholz on his theory of elementary particles, a theory that is able to calculate elementary particle masses where the standard model fails, and a landmark chapter eleven by Stephen Crothers on the refutation of the fundamentals of Big Bang and black hole theory, combined with criticisms of the Planck theory. This chapter complements criticisms of the Planck theory in the Evans / Morris papers on and .We must question in order that we may understand. Finally the book was collated, edited, and mainly funded by Dr. Horst Eckardt, who has made many fundamental contributions of his own in the last twelve years or so.”

Hmm, all of those people involved; one of whom seems to do nothing but run an equation-checker, and yet this rag-bag of loony theories still contains spelling errors. Why is it that none of you can be bothered to run a spell-checker over the text? 

Crackpot Is as Crackpot Does

August 22, 2017

FOR POSTNG: Articles on Dissemin

August 22, 2017

There appear to be over a hundred articles of my co authors and myself on Dissemin. My total output is over two thousand items (see and . I will register and start to upload some more articles and books on Dissemin, and strongly encourage all the AIAS / UPITEC staff to do the same. The Wikipedia article to which you refer has been obsolete for over a decade. Some commentary published by Wikipedia uses terms such as “crackpot”. As a result the article you mention is not regarded as meaningful science by the professional community worldwide. It is my duty to advise that it is a criminal offence in the law of Wales and England (Malicious Communications Act) to describe people in terms that are grossly offensive. My staff and I find the tem “crackpot” to be grossly offensive and damaging. Accordingly it is requested that Wikipedia remove this article. It has already removed an article about me that completely distorted my career. I also request that Wikipedia post my true CV, which is attached. To date it has automatically censored attempts to put the record straight, and this is in breach of its policy of neutrality. So I can upload this CV on to Dissemin if that is allowed.”

Ask 1000 people, who know nothing of science, what they would call someone who believes that he can conjure energy out of thin air, who believes that spinning an object is the key to antigravity and who backs quack cancer-cures, and a very large percentage would certainly come up spontaneously with the term ‘crackpot’. A few might want further details, “is he qualified, does he work as a scientist, does he have evidence, does he publish on the subject, does he have followers?” Well yes, but he has no qualifications in mathematics or physics, he hasn’t worked since the breakdown, the evidence all comes from cranks (some with criminal records for energy-related fraud), he now  ‘publishes’ only on his own website and his followers include someone who claims that Einstein was installed (by ‘Big Oil’) in the Berne Patent Office in order to counter Tesla’s free-energy work.  The only detail likely to elicit sympathy would be the mention of ‘breakdown’. That would certainly rebound on the person conducting the ‘vox pop‘, “well that explains everything else, leave the poor guy alone. Is he receiving ‘care in the community'”. Not really; in fact he thinks that he is the most important person in that community.  Interviewee sighs, shakes head, walks on. Look you Ron, don’t shoot the messenger.     


Quid Pro Quo

August 21, 2017

Colour Graphics

August 21, 2017

Yes I agree, the colour graphics are essential because they bring the mathematics and physics vividly alive.”

… and keep vanity-publishers in profit! Seriously though, who is going to pay a single cent for rubbish that can be read for free?

‘Wide Boy’ for Wide-Screen

August 19, 2017

Wide Screen and Computer System

August 19, 2017

Many thanks to Steve Dewitt for setting up a wide screen on my work computer. This makes it much easier to read the statistics, and programmes such as “Civilization” can be seen in HD on youtube. I read this book directly after graduation in 1971. ”

Hey Ron, why not watch this enlightening YouTube video about your friend, John Searl. You remember him, don’t you? There is a permanent link to his scams at, and you have recommended that the UK Government should back his perpetual-motion machine. By the way, why have you not ‘explained’ it using ECE? After all, it ‘touches all of your  bases’: energy-from-nowhere, levitation of spinning objects and quack cancer-cures. What sort of genius has to have someone else come round to attach a new monitor. And where did he park?



No Problem

August 19, 2017

Kirchhoff’s Law: a problem

August 19, 2017

Agreed as always with Stephen Crothers, in my rather unpleasant dealings with ‘t Hooft more than a decade ago, it quickly became apparent that he knew nothing about Cartan geometry, had not read a word of ECE theory and did not know that everything is checked with computer algebra. This is typical of the standard model dogmatists. Prof van der Merwe’s “Foundations of Physics” was destroyed by an organized e mail attack. With physics like this who needs short arm tackles?”

If a theory predicts ‘energy from nowhere’ it is clearly wrong. Finding the precise mistake should be left to bright undergraduates. There is nothing wrong with Cartan geometry … only with your incorrect extensions of it. Computer algebra checks only that manipulations of equations have been correctly performed; it cannot detect flaws in a worthless theory. That is the job of experiment: either new ones disprove the theory (experimental confirmation opens a logical ‘can of worms’) or the theory does not agree with existing results. Van der Merde’s Foundations of Physics Letters was destroyed by himself, you, the AIAS gang and ‘Dr’ Bearden, not by any whistle-blowers who were simply fed up with reading tripe about perpetual-motion machines. Crothers is a clown and Robitaille is a crank who thinks that amateurish demonstrations performed using everyday objects somehow outweighs years of experimentation using highly sophisticated instruments. What the shining edifice of physics really needs is a pressure-hose to wash all of the crud off its periphery.  

By the way, the current issue of American Journal of Physics contains an educational paper about relativity and geometry. What a tragedy it is that pseudoscience is free-to-view while real science is hidden behind a pay-wall.   


And Why Wouldn’t There Be?

August 19, 2017

Large Spike of Interest on the Blog Yesterday

August 19, 2017

There was a large spike of international interest in the blog of yesterday.”

After all, it is not every day that a bunch of self-styled geniuses conspires to deceive the awarding committee of a prestigious prize (which the nutters have absolutely no chance of winning) and then openly discusses the deception in full view of the world! In fact, ‘the world’ would not normally notice, but some spoilsport had been sending out invitations to interested parties. How much longer can it be before Ron ‘has his collar felt’ by the Honours Forfeiture Committee? 

You Spoil Us!

August 18, 2017

Wolf letter draft from Prof. Stephen Bannister

August 18, 2017

This is a powerful support letter from economist Stephen Bannister, and I am most grateful for it. The Wolf Prize Committee is obligated to judge fairly on the facts, and must judge objectively. A Judge cannot ignore the evidence. Once again, many thanks. GJE can send you his home address in confidence, and it would indeed be useful to have an original signature on departmental notepaper. The other two supporters might care to send original letters and signatures to GJE. This would eliminate any possibility of the nomination being thrown out on a technicality. The judges are standard modellers, it will take a great effort on their part to judge fairly, but if they do not, the physics system collapses. It has already collapsed to all intents and purposes.”

Our author-friend now has more than he ever dreamed of: concrete proof that a professor of economics at a supposedly bona fide US university has bought-into Ron’s pseudoscience and therefore into the concepts of perpetual-motion and antigravity.  That is far from being the only scalp hanging from our friend’s tepee however, and he is becoming increasingly alarmed that, such are the levels of career-wise professional suicide in academia and in high-tech companies, that his readers will think that it is the norm. We are similarly amazed at the mind-boggling stupidity of  Ron’s gang. Even if the entire exercise were not a priori futile, given that the Wolf prize can result only from invited nominations by people of stellar reputation, this bunch of idiots are openly discussing how to conceal their conspiracy to hide the fact that they all belong to the same tightly-knit (but not too tightly wound) gang of isolated nutters. Do they really imagine that the Wolf prize committee is not being kept continuously informed of their nefarious activities and of Ron’s fondness for anti-semitic shock-jocks. Ron even imagines that Sewage’s home address is a big secret. That, in itself, is hilarious (how are things over at SA44?). Oh, the judges will know how to judge; who knows, they might even send a letter of complaint to your boss. And what if some mean-spirited person were to forward Dismal’s letter straight back to his HOD (cc Physics Dept. Utah U.)?

That Letter in Full

August 17, 2017

Wolf Prize Letter of Support from UPITEC President Dr. Horst Eckardt

August 17, 2017

Many thanks indeed for this letter of support. The letter of support from Dr. Doug Lindstrom has arrived, and when the letter from Dr. Steve Bannister arrives, the material can be collected and ordered, and submitted by the Nominator, Dr. Gareth Evans, by e mail to the Wolf Foundation. It consists of the material for the nomination form, three support letters and the support letter from Prof. Emeritus Alwyn van der Merwe rolled over from a previous Wolf Prize nomination. All these nominations are recorded in Marquis Who’s Who, and have established ECE theory as the mainstream physics of the ECE School of Thought. At the 1927 Solvay Conference, physics split into two the Copenhagen and Einstein de Broglie Schools of Thought. The latter has developed into the ECE School of Thought. The Standard Model has remained essentially stagnant since 1927, surprising as this may seem. All the major advances of the past fifteen years have been made by the ECE School of Thought – van der Merwe’s post Einsteinian paradigm shift.


Many of you will have been disappointed, nay devastated, to find that the above document was as corrupted as the group itself. However, using some secret homemade software tools, our IT expert has been able to recover the contents: 

Letter of Support for 2018 Wolf Prizes Ô

From Dr. Horst Eckardt

To The Wolf Foundation.

Prof. Evans has made may outstanding contributions to theoretical chemistry and physics. I have worked with him since 2005 and during that time we have produced nearly four hundred papers and books. I have made several fundamental contributions myself, in co-authorship with Prof. Evans and Dr. Douglas Lindstrom. Prof Evans has forged a new understanding of the generally covariant structure of atoms and elementary particles on and, an achievement that is unique and original. I have carefully checked all his calculations, and have used computer algebra and graphics to develop the work. It is therefore highly accurate and original. The theory has been applied to many experiments and notably in UFT311, UFT321, UFT364, UFT382 and UFT383 new circuits have been developed, replicated and patented for a new source of energy from spacetime. Prof Evans has unified the four fundamental forces of nature using well known geometry, and has unified quantum mechanics and general relativity. The unified field theory ranges from quantum physics to astronomy and cosmology, forging new and unified explanations for seemingly disparate phenomena, for example the red shift of light and the structure of galaxies. Another example is the derivation of the quantum Hamilton equations, consistently developing the classical Hamilton equations in a wholly original way. Even fluid dynamics, electrodynamics, and classical mechanics have been triply unified. The unified field theory is able to derive the Dirac equation from geometry, the tetrad postulate. The Schroedinger equation is obtained as the non-relativistic limit of the Dirac equation. The Dirac equation has therefore been made generally covariant, a great advance in understanding made in a relatively simple way. In fact all of Evans work is relatively simple and free of the plethora of adjustables which plague and destroy the standard physics. The work has also forged a new understanding of particle physics and has completely refuted the Einsteinian general relativity. I myself developed many of these refutations in the Section 3 of the UFT papers, using rigorously correct computer algebra at every stage over a decade of detailed work. So I am completely familiar with all aspects of Evans work from about 2005. Before that, the work was recognized with many well known honours and awards. I believe that Prof. Evans will be judged historically as a man far ahead of his time, who suffered the usual tribulations of an original mind. There are now 385 papers on the Einstein Cartan Evans theory, described in all detail by the nominator. Papers by Evans and myself achieve the highest number of views per month per author of any institute or university in the world, and Evans is the most prolific theoretical and chemical physicist in history.

There are many practical applications of the work, probably the most important being the development of new sources of energy such as energy from spacetime and low energy nuclear reactors.

Dr. Horst Eckardt,

President UPITEC, Director AIAS,


August 17, 2017

Wolf Prize Letter of Support from UPITEC President Dr. Horst Eckardt

August 17, 2017

Many thanks indeed for this letter of support. The letter of support from Dr. Doug Lindstrom has arrived, and when the letter from Dr. Steve Bannister arrives, the material can be collected and ordered, and submitted by the Nominator, Dr. Gareth Evans, by e mail to the Wolf Foundation. It consists of the material for the nomination form, three support letters and the support letter from Prof. Emeritus Alwyn van der Merwe rolled over from a previous Wolf Prize nomination. All these nominations are recorded in Marquis Who’s Who, and have established ECE theory as the mainstream physics of the ECE School of Thought. At the 1927 Solvay Conference, physics split into two the Copenhagen and Einstein de Broglie Schools of Thought. The latter has developed into the ECE School of Thought. The Standard Model has remained essentially stagnant since 1927, surprising as this may seem. All the major advances of the past fifteen years have been made by the ECE School of Thought – van der Merwe’s post Einsteinian paradigm shift.”

Well, we all know that you are idiot pseudoscientists, but we thought that you could at least read to grade-1 standard. Can you read this?



‘Invitation’ is quite a big word isn’t it? But what is that little word following it? Do you know that funny little word? And even without that problem, would they even consider someone who had been a guest on this sicko’s show?

But who knows? Shared delusions make for strange bed-fellows: the Israeli PM is best friends with magician Uri Geller. Geller likes to align himself with the Freud family, of which he claims to be a member – even calling himself Geller-Freud in some business ventures. Sigmund Freud of course has the very highest h-index, in spite of having been a numerology-crank, drug-addict and pseudoscientist. Even cuddly urbane Radio-4 star, knight-of-the-realm and MP, Clement Freud, is now known to have been a violent paedophile.

Clowns Not Being Taken Seriously

August 16, 2017

FOR POSTING: Refusal of Authors to Give Permission to Stephen Crothers

August 16, 2017

This petulant and grossly unethical refusal by authors to give Stephen Crothers permission to reproduce figures in volume two of Principles of ECE is a pathetic and intellectually dishonest effort at censorship. In nearly fifty years as a professional I have never seen such an ugly incident before. It is petulant because they cannot answer numerous devastating criticisms by co author Stephen Crothers and by Professor Robitaille, who has shown that big bang and black hole theory violate the zero’th, first and second laws of thermodynamics. ”

The problem is that they have done so only to their own satisfaction. They play successfully to the gallery of lunatic fringers and anti-science laymen, but would not last five minutes among real experts.  But they do not need to be complete wastes of space. We think that, rather than ignoring them, their theories should be given to undergraduates as ‘homework exercises’  … to poke holes in. Mathematics professors used to do that with ‘proofs’ of angle-trisection which they had received.  

“Today’s scientometrics show that the ECE theory is sweeping the world of science. ”

Hmmm, strange that. Strange that the only ‘proof’ of such success conveniently originates from your own computer.

“I strongly recommend that Stephen’s work be read in ECE2. Its preliminary version is UFT366, excellently collated by Horst Eckardt. I also recommend Steve’s chapter in UFT350 and in the publications section, volume one of “Principles of ECE”. ”

Yes, good homework exercise.

“The attached document on eighty three refutations of Einsteinian general relativity (EGR) is being read regularly around the world. ”

No it isn’t.

“So EGR is completely riddled with errors and is as obsolete as yesterday’s melted snow. ”

EGR has passed every experimental and observational test with flying colours.

“I have also witnessed Steve being subjected to a vicious verbal common assault by a senior level academic, and to the usual disinformation and defamation by wikipedia. The latter has committed a criminal offence under the malicious communications act by using the language of the gutter. It is a criminal offence to send grossly offensive communications. ”

He deserves worse.

“It seems that a great majority of scientists are starting to reject the standard physics. ”

Only ‘starting’? It was ‘sweeping’ before! But given that ‘standard physics’ has never heard of you, both statements are untrue.

“Those who respond with abuse and censorship are finished. ”

That might be true if they addressed fellow scientists in that way. But you are not fellow scientists. You are beyond the pale. You would have been heckling drunks at one of Faraday’s lectures. Mindless contrarians are, like the poor, ‘always with us’.

“I recommend that Steve describe the figures in words, or redraw them so they do not violate copyright. Strenuous efforts were of course made to censor “Principles of ECE”, which has been read many tens of thousands of times in a couple of years, entirely without criticism . One cannot stop the march of ideas (Victor Hugo). There is a new generation of scientists which demands recognition and intellectual honesty”

Nobody reads your books apart from the few reviewers … who pan them.

World Record Liar

August 14, 2017

FOR POSTING: World Records

August 14, 2017

I hold at least three individual world records as follows:

1) Number of prestigious Fellowships won in open international competition. They are listed in the attached CV. Normally, only one of these is needed for tenure as a lecturer. I won fourteen in all, and was kindly made Honorary Fellow of the University of London, Royal Holloway and Bedford New College, and the University of Lancaster. This record is never likely to be broken.”

As you say, just one is usually enough. What happened? Did you ‘look good on paper’ and ‘give good interview’ , only for people to find out what you are actually like? Or was your CV padded with lies even then, just as it is now:

“2) Youngest recipient under modern rules of the D. Sc. degree (Scientiae Doctor), by a margin of about a decade. This record is never likely to be broken. The Degree is earned for internationally recognized contributions to science. I submitted the Thesis when I was twenty six years old. Under modern rules I had to wait for two years to pass since earning my Ph. D. when I was twenty four. I am now over eighteen.”

We think that this was a desperate ploy to get rid of you. Was Aberystwyth as corrupt/incompetent then as you say that it is now? By the way, why does the ‘Opera Omni’ cite two different D.Sc theses and why does it seem that neither of them has ever been cited?

“3) The most prolific author in chemical physics, probably of all time.”

The pre-breakdown work was voluminous (as it is for all ‘bacon-slicing’ chemists) but was unremarkable, which makes it all the more baffling that you were recommended for a Civil List pension in the first place. The post-breakdown work is rubbish. Your record of pseudoscientific deceit is never likely to be broken by anyone with a doctorate.

You Cannot Be Serious!

August 14, 2017

Design of Devices with Defined Spacetime or Vacuum Properties

August 14, 2017

We can hope that the design and construction of spacetime power stations will be accelerated by this theoretical understanding. Thanks in particular to Horst Eckardt and Doug Lindstrom, and congratulation to all staff.”

What about the noise pollution? What will such a power station look like? Will it consist of one giant Ideotic Magic Doorbell echoing out like a sort of demented Big Ben? Or will it contain millions of little doorbells on shelves, all twittering away like a battery-farm full of insane chickens? Yes, mention the gang, spread the blame. Don’t forget that certain people may now be monitoring your activities. 


Encore une Pièce à Conviction

August 14, 2017

Support Letter from AIAS Director Douglas Lindstrom

August 14, 2017

This is greatly appreciated, Dr. Douglas Lindstrom has a complete knowledge of ECE theory and has independently made several significant theoretical and experimental advances based on ECE theory. He is a graduate of one of the best universities in the world, British Columbia in Canada. I am forwarding this letter to the Nominator, AIAS Co President, Gareth Evans. Many thanks again to all concerned! In past nominations the Wolf Foundation has accepted this format, i .e. letter and original signature sent to the Foundation electronically.”

Well that is going straight into our collection of evidence! It is quite hilarious that these clowns, so caught up in their shared delusion, hand out concrete proof of that delusion. ‘Better to remain silent and let people think that you are stupid, than write a letter … and prove it’. So, in one fell swoop, Lindy openly admits to believing in the scam known as LENR (formerly cold fusion), to believing that Ron is some sort of credible scientist … and to failing to comprehend that the Wolf Prize nominations are invitation-only. He also seems to have forgotten Ron’s recent warning about concealing their affiliation. Lindy’s university must be very proud of him.   

Great News Ron!

August 12, 2017

The hit-counter on our ‘unvisited’ blog has just rolled over to 130,000. This last 1000 took just 1 week and 2 days to accumulate. The previous 1000 had required 1 week and 6 days; as had the 1000 before that. The first 1000 after setting up the hit-counter required 2 weeks and 2 days. Where will it all end?

Read Our (Numerous) Lips

August 10, 2017


August 10, 2017

I wish to thank the nominator, Dr Gareth John Evans, and the supporters, Drs. Horst Eckardt, Douglas Lindstrom and Stephen Bannister, for their work towards the Wolf Prizes for 2018. I think that if the Wolf Prize is going to be viewed as objective, it must not be restricted to one school of thought. These are nominations not of myself in particular, but for new science that is making a tremendous impact by any standards. This impact has been measured with great accuracy and prefect objectivity since 2002.”

Sewage cannot nominate you. Nobody whom you know can nominate you. We have corresponded betimes with several Nobelists and scientific knights who could nominate you. But would they? Would they ****!

Marquis Annotations

August 10, 2017

Marquis Who’s Who Updates for 2016 / 2017

August 10, 2017

Many thanks, the specific updates for 2016 / 2017 are as follows.

1) Hardback and softback editions of “Principles of ECE Theory” published in 2016 respectively by ePubli of Berlin and New Generation of London.

2) December 2016: Nominations for the Newton, Dirac, Faraday, Glazebrook, Bragg and Blodgett Gold and Silver Medals of the British Institute of Physics.

3) 2016 / 2017 Nominations for the Copley, Davy and Royal Medals of the Royal Society.

4) 2017: Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award.

5) 2017: Nominations for the 2018 Wolf Prizes in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

6) It is anticipated that the second volume of “Principles of ECE” will be published in the fall or winter of 2017.

7) About forty new scientific papers published on and



Hungry for the Wolf

August 10, 2017

The Wolf Prizes 2018

August 10, 2017

Many thanks and I trust that the Eisteddfod went well. This is laudable activity. I suggest adding the two attached files to the nomination to show the impact beyond reasonable doubt. They can all be sent in electronically. I suggest studying the rules so we do not trip over a technicality. For example the Wolf Foundation has a rule that the nominator and supporters must have different affiliations from the nominee. So my affiliation is Civil List Pensioner appointed directly by Queen Elizabeth II, the Head of State. A Civil List Pensioner is appointed for life, and holds one of the highest State honours. Many thanks once again to all concerned, the nominator and supporters know the work best. Millions of others also know the work.”

Oh, FFS Ron, give it up. They will never have heard of you, and the few who may take an interest in pseudoscience-bashing and abnormal psychology will know that – in spite of superficially different affiliations – you are all part of the same minute nest of perpetual-motion cranks.  The ‘scientometrics’ are contrived and meaningless. The ‘state honour’ is minor, but should nevertheless be taken away because your possession of it is an insult to the memory of previous holders. There are millions who know the work? Well, why not put out an appeal on your blog: tell them to go to our polls and vote in your favour. That should completely reverse the current massive anti-Ron trend by close-of-day.

Clear Admission of Guilt

August 10, 2017

FOR POSTING: Methods of Preparation of the Scientometrics

August 10, 2017

This is the pdf file describing the methods of preparation of the sceintometrics. Many thousands of hours have been spent in this way. I regard this work to be as important as the science, because it indicates a phenomenal amount of interest in avant garde physics.”

So, in other words, you pick-n-mix, pick-n-mix, massage and manipulate multiple sources until you get the ‘number that you first thought of’. Not only is that dishonest, but it means that you cannot make valid comparisons between your results, and the results for organizations that do not fiddle their data. Of course it is important to you … it is the only thing propping up your delusions of success.

Open House

August 10, 2017

Description of Stats

August 10, 2017

This is a good idea, and I agree about the password protection to prevent link spamming.”

Don’t bother on our account. The mole in your organization gives us the passwords. What, for example, did (108 references) find of interest chez toi?

More Creeping

August 9, 2017

Many Thanks

August 9, 2017

Many thanks to the Co President. This is a team effort and paying off spectacularly now. Thanks again to all concerned.”

Also Sprach Sewage, ‘science officer’ at Ceredigion County Council. Or have you retired now? We wouldn’t like to think that you were again brown-nosing Ron on the rate-payers’ dime.

Da Loony

August 9, 2017

Best Selling Book of All Time in Britain (Five Million Copies)

August 9, 2017

This is “The Da Vinci Code”, so the great British public has a truly diabolical taste in lterature. In fact I have never read any of the top hundred sold in English in Britain, and never heard of most. Worldwide the best seller is Miguel de Cervantes, “Don Quixote”, written in Castillian. That is good stuff. I cannot find any list of best selling poetry books, but I guess that the best in English would be Shakespeare, not bad for Stratford. we are probably already the “best seller” of all time in Britain, 2002 to present. The difference is that al our stuff is free.”

It is a funny sort of ‘best-seller’ which is never mentioned and, on the rare occasions when it is reviewed, attracts very negative comments. What book is that? Well, it applies to all of your post-breakdown books, and to any books about you. Didn’t one of the reviewers liken your anti-turbine obsession to the delusions of Cervantes’ anti-hero?  We are not quite sure who your Sancho is. SS is a more constant companion, but Sewage is more worshipful. Above all, remember the old truism: “that which does not cost anything, is not worth anything.”


August 9, 2017

Referring URLs Report: AIAS

August 9, 2017

This file is several thousand pages long, and records the unprecedented international interest in ECE theory in up to 182 countries. There is some spamming that should be ignored. All these WebLog 2.53 files are used to construct the overall picture.

Referring URLs Report: AIAS

Note that Ron now hides the details. In the past, his failure to do so revealed that there were no referrals from academic sites worthy of the name … but plenty of referrals from porn sites. Little has changed.

Back to the Drawing-Board

August 8, 2017

Discussion of Note 385(3)

August 8, 2017

In the Note, omega sub 0 = m c squared / (2 pi h bar), (Eq. 34), and not zero. Assuming B = 0 and partial A / partial t = 0, gives Eq. ( 5), which is developed as Eq. (12). Using Eq. (34) gives curl A = 0. Using Eqs. (26) and (34) gives the vector potential (27) in spherical polar coordinates, whose curl is zero. It would be interesting to graph this A. It is related to the linear momentum of the aether by p = e A. So the vacuum or aether electric vector potential (27) imparts a momentum p to a charge e in material matter, for example one electron. The electric field strength induced in a circuit is directly proportional to the spacetime or aether or vacuum A. This shows how the circuit in UFT311 picks up an electric field strength. The solution omega sub 0 = – c / r is also valid mathematically and could also be used with the dipole electric field. The computer alebra you sent over this morning shows that omega sub 0 = – c / r introduces a constraint in order to have curl E = 0.”

But Ron, UFT311 is the paper which claims that Ideotic’s Magic Doorbell produces energy from nowhere … but it doesn’t: nobody in his right mind  would believe that. So that means that your mathematical theory is wrong.  You see, physicists use the conservation laws as a handy way of checking their theories: if a theory can be construed so that it appears that energy is coming from nowhere, they know that the theory is wrong. Only crackpots instead insist that it is the conservation laws that are wrong … or say that they are correct but have to invent a magical new energy source to make the energies balance. You are not a crackpot, are you Ron? The RSC wouldn’t tell the PM to tell the Queen to give a pension to a crackpot … would it?

Don’t Count On It

August 7, 2017


August 7, 2017

Many thanks to webmaster Dave Burleigh, CEO of Annexa Inc. of Arizona, U. S. A., who does all this work voluntarily. Annexa Inc. is the host company of The work has paid off spectacularly, creating a cast worldwide impact. The x factor Comparative Table shows this beyond reasonable doubt.”

The people at Webalyzer offer a handy “Simpletons Guide to Web Server Analysis”:

It makes for interesting reading: 

“It should now be obvious that there are only certain things you can determine from a web server log. There are some completely accurate numbers you can generate without question. And then, there are some wildly inaccurate and misleading numbers you can garner depending on what assumptions you make. Want to know how many requests generated a 404 (not found) result? Go right ahead and count them up and be completely confident with the number you get. Want to know how many ‘users’ visited your web site? Good luck with that one.. unless you go ‘outside the logs’, it will be a hit or miss stab in the dark. But now you should have a good idea of what is and isn’t possible, so when you look at your usage report, you will be able to determine what the numbers mean and how much to trust them. “

Spot the Difference

August 6, 2017

Perpetual-motion machines sold here:



Perpetual-motion machines built here:



Aspiring to be a Third-World Physicist

August 6, 2017

Ron daily bends his theory to legitimizing classic pseudosciences and scams such as perpetual-motion and antigravity. Siemens Stain, an important figure in the German lunatic fringe, apparently spends every waking moment* working for Ron and occasionally builds a breadboard prototype of Ideotic’s Magic Doorbell.  Ron thinks that he is avant garde or, to put it another way, he thinks that he is in the vanguard of a brave new world of ‘energy from spacetime’. In fact, he is trailing along in the dust of third-world scientists who have proper staff, who work at genuine academic establishments and who publish openly in peer-reviewed journals. Let us just dissect these facts using a sample paper:


Note that Dr (sic) Asthana is a head of department at a major engineering college. You can bet that he did not elect himself to be boss (as you did) and that  the college actually exists (unlike your imaginary research institute). He even has two undergraduate students** at his beck and call. The paper itself is about a familiar form of perpetual-motion machine; the very sort that you and SS explained in the pages of Physica B, the paper where you embroiled QEII by using one of her addresses. So given that you are one of the world’s ‘most prolific scientists’, are the reigning expert on ‘energy from spacetime’ and have written specifically about this sort of machine, why are you not cited? Can it be that Dr(sic) Asthana is a blinkered dogmatist, or a Ron-follower who is scared to rock the boat? That seems unlikely, given that he is much further up the garden path than you are. After all, look at the other references: H.A Nieper, “Revolution in Technology, Medicine, and Society – Conversion of Gravity Field Energy”. Nieper: the ‘grand old man’ of energy scams. D.Kelly, whose  “Free Energy” contains many ‘practical’ magnetic-motor designs. Oh look, the Swiss M-L Converter. Note: there is a religious sect in Switzerland, founded by a convicted paedophile, which claims to get all of its energy from a perpetual-motion machine. And here is your pal with the ‘wild ideas’, Lt.Col.T.E.Bearden, “AIDS: Biological Warfare,” Chapter 4 of “Extraordinary Physics”.  How often does AIDS crop up in references concerning generators? G.D.Hathaway, “Engineering Non-Conventional Energy Systems” is big in the Canadian lunatic fringe. He has written about the death-ray inventions that, the whore-of-science claims, really demolished the WTC. He has also co-authored peer-reviewed papers with a Cambridge academic (the son of another well-known but deceased anti-Einstein crackpot) about chemical reactions that produce ‘anomalous energy’. All of those pioneers and avant garde thinkers, and yet you are nowhere to be seen.  Should we write to Dr (sic) Asthana about you and try to wangle a sabbatical or a visiting professorship? It might be a nice change for you to mix with real academics in a real institute. To our sane readers we say: look at how helpless sarcasm is in the face of this avalanche of pseudoscience. One cannot even say who ‘comes off worse’ in our comparison.

*Yes, of course you already know this dear reader, but we have to think of the new people from Siemens and Der Spiegel who may be tuning-in these days  

** Isn’t that rather like finding out that ‘the bitch’ from the Alien movie has laid eggs? 

Energy Scams

August 5, 2017

Remarks on 385(1): Conservation of ECE2 Antisymmetry in Electrostatics

August 5, 2017

This is interesting, and can be used to develop the theory of energy from spacetime. The mathematical principles of this subject are now well established, and UFT311, 321, 364, 382 and 383 give an exact fit with a replicated and patented circuit. This is an obvious advance since 2005, when I was appointed a Civil List Pensioner. So the ideas of pioneers like Bearden (sometimes wild ideas) can not [sic] be given a firm mathematical foundation. One has to have wild ideas in order to tame them.”

There is no such thing as ‘energy from spacetime’, and so any claimed success  in providing a theoretical ‘explanation’ immediately proves that the theory is worthless. Where is the experimental evidence which makes theoretical explanation necessary? There is none. There are only perpetual-motion scams. As we showed yesterday, you were yourself deeply involved in an ‘energy from water’ scam*. You have a permanent link to John Searl’s site at For many decades, Searl has been collecting funds with which to (re-)build his levitating cancer-curing perpetual-motion machine; gathering convictions for theft and criminal damage along the way. You back LENR and Rossi; someone who has spent even more time in jail and court than Searl has. You and your entire loony group ‘proved’ how Bearden’s Motionless Electromagnetic Generator worked. Why have you dropped him in favour of Ideotic and Hill-of-Beans? If it worked, why did you drop it? Are you admitting that it did not work and that your theoretical proof was concocted? You polluted previously reputable journals by misusing your position as editor to slip in Bearden’s rubbish work. Did you know that Bearden bought his doctorate from a degree-mill? Is that one of his ‘wild ideas’; or is that just a routine adjunct to fraud? How about his claim that the Yakusa control the weather using some sort of death-ray? You really think that you are ‘up there’ with Einstein, and deserve a Nobel Prize? Reality check: you are one of the lowest of the low; misusing scientific qualifications and undeserved titles to promote confidence tricks indirectly and extract money from the gullible. What would your ’employer’, the Queen, think of that?   

* Water is the ‘ash’ which results from burning hydrogen; good luck with burning ash!

Not Even any ‘Noises Off’

August 4, 2017

Demonstrating the World Leading Impact of AIAS / UPITEC

August 4, 2017

This is best demonstrated by a table of page views per month per author (x) for the websites of each institute or university. In a university or institute an author would be a faculty member or post doctoral or post graduate student. So in the larger institutions there are thousands of authors compared with two active authors for AIAS / UPITEC. This table would put AIAS / UPITEC ahead of almost all the best universities and institutes in the world. It would be helpful to use Weblog 2.53 for at some point in the future if that can be arranged without too much work. ”

No, it would be best demonstrated by some hint, of a glimmer, of a sign that anybody was really reading the drivel … let alone acting on it. You claim that nobody cites it because they are scared for their jobs and their stellar salaries as dogmatists. At the same time, you claim that this deathly silence signals acceptance, even by malcontents.  This is where the growing problem of pseudoscience conspires against you: why do none of those loonies – who have no academic posts to protect – use your worthless theories? There are professors of engineering and physics in third-world countries who now openly publish, in impressive-looking journals, papers about perpetual-motion machines; the sort that you support. Why on Earth would they be averse to citing your work? They have no reputation worthy of the name, so what can they lose? The Occam’s Razor explanation is that your scientometrics are contrived. The glittering prizes are given to the stars of science. You are pydredd seren: that material which, cranks claim, falls from the heavens but which is in fact an unpleasant excrescence that was already on the ground … and always had been.