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Broydd Iaith

August 30, 2017

Say no more.


Wolf Prize Conspiracy

August 27, 2017

Three Wolf Prize Nominations for 2018

August 27, 2017

I wish to thank Dr. Gareth John Evans for three Wolf Prize nominations for 2018 in physics, chemistry and mathematics. Since 2003 major discoveries have been made in all three subject areas. The nominations have been accepted by the Wolf Foundation in Israel and are under consideration. The tremendous impact of the work is well known and has been measured with objectivity. Many thanks also to the three supporters: Dr. Horst Eckardt, Dr. Douglas Lindstrom and Dr. Stephen Bannister.”

Completely pointless exercise, given that Sewage has no right to nominate and Ron certainly has no right to win. What will remain, unless Ron hurriedly deletes the evidence, is the proof that these clowns conspired to fool the Wolf Prize Committee into thinking that the supporters were independent admirers.  

Little ‘Non-Englander’

August 27, 2017

Unwanted Communication from Ioan Richard

August 27, 2017

As Armiger or Squire in Mawr I have asked the Police Commissioner to act on evidence that Mr Richard has violated the malicious communications act by posting grossly offensive material on a blog well known to the police. ”

Do you have an official document to the effect that you are a Squire? All of Mr Richards’ communications are truthful, unlike yours, and have the weight of a former Lord Mayor behind them.

“This blog has grossly offended the scientific world, which has ignored it with utter contempt. ”

That blog offers numerous means via which the ‘scientific world’ could express its displeasure. It has not done so. The scientific world despises pseudoscience.  You claim, untruthfully, that the blog is not visited simply in order to explain the absence of votes that support you. What about all of the negative votes? 

“That is enough for charges to be brought on the written evidence. Under a House of Lords ruling, a communication is grossly offensive in the malicious communications act if the recipient finds it so. I am described as “Moron” and so on ad nauseam. I find this grossly offensive and press for charges. ”

The blog is not ‘communicated’ to you: you choose to read it. If mere posting is communication, then you are in serious trouble for backing various perpetual-motion scams, not to mention quack cancer treatments. That is a criminal offence even if the treatment is an accepted one: you are no more an oncologist than you are a physicist. To scientists, you are just an annoying clown who should never have got a Civil List Pension and whose posts are offensive to them.

“The Local Authority Ombudsman has advised that this is a matter for the police. ”

Post that statement.

“The material has caused gross offence to all members of AIAS / UPITEC. ”

Good. Pseudoscientists deserve every brickbat that they receive. They do untold harm to the scientific education of young people. 

“Richard has admitted to being part of this organized trolling. ”

Informed criticism of a gang which is clearly up to no good is not trolling.

“Accordingly I do not wish to have any contact with him at all. I do not want anything from him pushed through my door. He has no right to try to “organize” the frontigers of Mountain Road. ”

He has as much right to as anybody. By the way, the term is ‘frontager’. Now that we have made a point of it, you are forever doomed to misspell it (like Monte Python)  lest anyone should think that you were taking instruction.

“The objections to unwanted development on 10 Mountain Road were all ignored. I have been told that planning permission was given without any consideration of objections.”

That is because the objections were frivolous or malicious.

“Richard’s letter is written in English and is concerned with the value of house prices. ”

Strangely enough, that is permitted under the Welsh Language Act.

“In my opinion prices are wildly inflated, young people cannot even save enough for a deposit on a mortgage. ”

The situation is much worse in other parts of the country. At least some young local people can look forward to inheriting a house. Unlike like your own wife. 

“No one has the right to interfere in the right of a frontiger. ”


“For many years the road was used as access by bike vandals whom I fought personally for eight years. ”

And never once got a brick through your street-side windows? Softies.

“They sped along the road in front of Richard’s house, without any regard for human life. The present surface of the road is adequate and controls speeding. ”

Don’t you mean that the road surface is inadequate.  As a FRONTAGER of an unadopted road, you will have a pay a lot to fix that one day.

“The Welsh language and way of life has been destroyed in Mawr by overdevelopment and the greed for money at the expense of the younger generation. It is up to the frontigers to object to any further development. Prices should be driven down according to Bevanite socialist principles, and the Welsh language revived. It is clear that much of the damage to Mawr has been caused by poor government. Mawr Community Council has been reprimanded twice as is well known. Richard does not write in Welsh because he probably cannot. ”

Did you know that the village has a facebook page? Why not try your rants out there, for an instant  vox pop. response.

“I am a fluent Welsh speaker and a well known poet in both languages. I am a member of the nobility of Wales and descended from the Princes. I am not a “fellow resident” of Mr Richard. I was born in this house and know Mawr as well as anyone.”

And Mawr knows you.

Shhh, Don’t Mention the (Race) War!

August 27, 2017

UFT88 Read at the University of Bonn

August 27, 2017

UFT88 has been read at the Argelander Institute for Astronomy of the University of Bonn, which is ranked 156 in the world by webometrics, 113 by Times, 239 by QS and 101 – 150 by Shanghai. It was founded in 1777 and has 35,619 students. It has produced several Nobel Laureates and Fields Medallists, notably Lennard (1905) and Paul (1989) in physics, and Wallach in chemistry (1910).”

Do you mean Philipp LENARD, Ron? He was certainly your type of person: a rabidly anti-Einstein Nazi who dismissed relativity as ‘Jewish physics’. Have you ever wondered why Einstein is  a household name, while Dirac, Minkowski, etc., are not? It is not due to relativity itself, but to Nazi attacks on it … so one should thank Lenard & Co. for that. Just imagine how much he would have appreciated being interviewed by Rancid. By the way, when is your next interview? Will you mention this time your desire to ethnically cleanse Mawr of non Welsh-speakers?

Size Comparison

August 26, 2017

This is just a not-so-little something for the  l o n g  weekend.  According to Ron’s favourite monitoring service,, the ‘top organic keyword’ search for our blog is ‘Happy Birthday Ron’. It far outranks any other keyword for our site. Here is the amazing thing: it outranks every other similar keyword combination, right across the internet:

But just look at who is trailing far behind in second place! Kudos, Ron, you are bigger than Ron Jeremy!  Er, you do know who he is, don’t you? Yes, he is the son of a real physicist. Perhaps you should ask former chemistry professor, Nicholas Goddard, for advice on a career-change. 

PS: before any bright spark rushes to explain condescendingly what is going on here: don’t bother, we know full well. It’s just another semrush defect.


The Problem Is …

August 24, 2017

386(3): Violation of Conservation of Antisymmetry by the Standard Model

August 24, 2017

This note evaluates the magnetic dipole potential (7) in Cartesian coordinates at a point far from a current loop. The spin connection vector can be found from Eq (7) and Eqs. (9) to (11). Finally the ECE2 magnetic flux density B is found from Eq. (13). It is seen immediately from Eqs. (14) to (16) that the standard model violates antisymmetry, a disaster for standard (Maxwell Heaviside) electrodynamics first pointed out in UFT131 ff. Conservation of antisymmetry requires the existence of a spin connection and the existence of torsion, a clear and important result. It would be very interesting to graph the components of A and the spin connection vector omega, and the components of B. This new ECE2 level magnetic flux density must be compared with experimental data. The vector potential is an example solution of the ECE2 Ampere law, curl B = mu0 J.”

that experimental checking of the correct mathematical expression for the field of a current-loop is a standard laboratory exercise for students. It is also the basis for the design of umpteen everyday instruments and gadgets and is currently – we hear – being looked at as a possible way of replacing ‘big K’ at Sevres. Are you daring to claim that your experimentally unverified formula is correct and that trillions of items of contrary practical evidence are wrong? Talking of ‘connections’, did you know that the ‘flux-lines’ between 2 nearby loops are not as they are neatly depicted in textbooks, but are quite chaotic? Can your theory explain that? It is probably the huge ‘disconnect’, between electrical engineering textbooks and the latest physics research, that drives so many supposedly ‘expert’ electrical engineers into the lunatic fringe.

Breaking Rank

August 23, 2017

Ron and his gang like to maintain (in between hissy-fits) the fiction that they do not read this blog. Interested readers may therefore like to peruse  the comments which follow our Irony Oh Irony (09/08/15) and Another Year of Abject Failure (25/12/16) posts. ‘Faulty’ has been making some extraordinary claims there. He agrees that all of the notorious so-called ‘free energy’ (perpetual-motion) devices are fakes and that even their claimed replication of Ideotic’s Magic Doorbell did not in fact detect any energy gain. This is rather like Hitler’s No.2 flying to England! We wonder, has Siemens AG been breathing down their neck? What will Ron and SS make of this? Ideotic is one of their ‘proofs’ of energy-from-spacetime, and Faulty is denying it. Will he be drummed out of the lunatic fringe?    


August 23, 2017

Steve Crothers’ chapter 11 of PECE2

August 23, 2017

I agree with Stephen Crothers, ‘t Hooft in my opinion is a mediocrity.”

Because, of course, poorly controlled demonstrations using a smart-phone far outweigh years of state-of-the-art photometry.  Just as the opinions of crackpots outweigh those of Nobel laureates … in your fantasy-world.

This One’s Free

August 23, 2017

Final version of PECE2 book

August 23, 2017

Agreed with Doug, the typesetting is highly accurate and it is a fine production. UFT354 is currently the most read paper of the ECE2 series, on the effect of torsion on the relation between the metric and Christoffel symbol, and proving that the torsion tensor must be totally antisymmetric. This was the essence of Doug’s contribution. It is very important. Torsion completely refutes Einsteinian general relativity.”

‘Highly accurate’? Then what’s this in the caption to Figure 11.11? Oh, ‘3-dimentional’. If you want to know where the other errors are, in text and equations, you will have to beg.

Blog Stats

August 23, 2017


But who’s counting? Until Ron installs independent hit-counters on his sites, we shall claim to out-class him … no matter how much bogus evidence he concocts.