Blatant Data Manipulation

Overall Activity Report: AIAS from Weblog 2.53

August 3, 2017

Overall Activity Report: AIAS

Page views per month for combined sites and can be estimated by doubling the page views per month shown above on the overall activity report back to May 2002. This puts combined sites ahead of the Princeton Institute for Advanced Study for example, the most prestigious IAS in the world, and ahead of the Royal Society of London, the “British Academy of Science”. The figure of about 75,000 page views per month in the attached table is underestimated. Weblog 2.53 has been used consistently for for over fifteen years.”

At first sight, this looks reasonable. After all, is essentially a mirror-site of But that is where the similarity ends. Using, for want of a better one, the semrush monitoring site, one finds this for,

and this,

for So Ron wants to claim, in effect, that n + 0 = 2n; which, admittedly, is on a par with his usual calculations. As we said before, Ron must be the sort of statistician who sees a tramp standing next to a billionaire, and tells others that he has seen two multimillionaires.  Of course, when one spots this blatant lie, one wonders what else Ron is lying about. By the way, Ron, thanks for pushing up our rating at semrush.



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