Way, Way Down Memory Lane

Relevance of City of London Fraud to Wind Turbines in Wales

June 24, 2012

I have been using the case of Ascension Securities on my blog to illustrate how fraudsters can cause severe damage to the financial system in the City of London. The same type of gangsterism has been at work in the wholesale theft of commonland in Wales, under the pretext of global warming. The Welsh Government in Cardiff is seen by fraudsters as being very weak and open to prey. It is a very ineffective government. This is why I think that the law is the only recourse, a section 41 injunction. The aim in Wales should be to have all turbines demolished legally and efficiently and replaced by gas fire power stations. After all, huge gas piplines have just been driven through Wales.”

So what sort of naughty things did Ascension get up to? Well, some time before, they had been putting out this glossy investment brochure,


Can you see the list of names at the top of page 4? And what were they planning to do with the invested money? They were going to run internal combustion engines on water. This ludicrous idea has been around since at least 1856. The idea is to electrolyse water to give hydrogen and oxygen and then recombine the hydrogen explosively with the oxygen (or ambient air) to drive the motor*. It is ludicrous because one might as well propel the vehicle by using the battery power directly via an electric motor. Claiming that the vehicle will ‘run on water’ is just a tagline to fool the gullible. The energy does not come from the water; it comes from whatever source was used to charge the battery. Of course, the bottom-line is: why had Ron been hand-in-glove with these people … and why did he not mention it? [The people behind Ascension tried to sue bloggers. who had outed them, for defamation. They lost. The Financial Services Commission later closed Ascension down]. Incidentally, if one follows the organisational links, one is led first to Global Energy Technology, and then to GAK. One of the directors of GAK is the lawyer who sent a threatening letter to Professor G.Bruhn, telling him to cease dissing Ron’s defective mathematics.

* One new tweak was that they were apparently going to use something called ‘B-fields’. What on Earth could they have been? 


One Response to “Way, Way Down Memory Lane”

  1. Ioan Richard Says:

    Truth and Energy Sources by Ioan M. Richard of Swansea
    From my thirty two years’ experience as a Planning Committee member I have witnessed many legal ruses being used by developers in order to gain planning approvals for their personal proposed schemes. Nowhere has this been worse than the devious statistics put forward by green energy producers. Most politicians, at all levels, are keen to be seen to be green, and will rarely challenge any buzz words claiming to be “good for the planet” or “sustainable to prevent climate change”.
    I sometimes get the feeling that a feeling of being green is a replacement religion for the zealots that do exist in certain movement factions and they are rarely challenged. If they are challenged they respond by branding the “non-believers” with words like “flat earthers”, even comparing people who do not believe in their green scheme mantras as being likened to holocaust non-believers, an absolutely disgusting insult.
    Whenever a “green” energy scheme is proposed the developers, as planning applicants, always boast the absolute maximum “capacity” of a proposal, stating how many homes their scheme could supply energy to. The problem is that for solar power the sun does not shine all the time, and for wind energy the wind is grossly unreliable and does not blow at the right time for power to be deemed reliable. Although for tidal energy it is extremely reliable, but it has four peaks and troughs every day at ebb and full tides when the waters balance without moving producing no energy.
    All of these systems get massive subsidies of public / consumer monies. It is possible to use a reliable Government Source called DUKES, the Digest of United Kingdom Energy Statistics to see exactly how much public subsidy is consumed and to calculate average effective outputs over twelve month periods. Then the true figures emerge. Generally it is about just 10% for solar and generally about 25% for wind. This lowers the “number of houses” boasted about considerably to a tenth or a quarter. Whilst at it, the developers conveniently fail to mention that their figures do not take into account any commercial or industrial power consumptions, so their figures are not just grossly exaggerated, they are utterly meaningless.
    The “green” people have made a huge “hoo-hah” to halt the extraction of vast quantities of methane that lie below all the former UK coalfields as it is claimed to be environmentally unfriendly. Yet these same people wholly endorse the mining of metals like molybdenum for the massive Neodymium light magnets in Wind Turbines. The mining of these metals is creating environmental devastation in the countries that export these metals. Furthermore the greens want us to rush into a new era of battery driven vehicles powered by Lithium-ion batteries. Such batteries are ideal for small devices and localised commuting for small cars. Although recycling of such batteries is on a virtual nil scale. There are two forms of Lithium ore – the currently used Lithium Carbonate is one on a small scale. Large scale use will necessitate using Lithium Salt Beds and such extraction is about as devastating as Molybdenum mining. The greens turn their backs on this destruction as long as it is in China or Chile and not their UK back doors. Batteries are not a source of power, they simply store power. Despite this, a massive Lithium-ion battery gimmick is being built in Australia. A classic workable “battery” hydro source of power is Dinorwic in Wales. The greens want us to charge our new battery driven vehicles using Solar and Wind power overnight with connections to the mains plugs in our homes. They conveniently forget that solar does not work in moonlight, and quite often the wind does not blow all night.
    Of course we all must do something serious to cease abusing our planet and conserve global resources for future generations for as long as the planet and humankind lives on it, but green whims are not the answer. The only answers so far locally have been tight building regulations on new homes and all buildings to save energy. Another energy saving now becoming successful is Smart Meters. The lowering of vehicle excise road duty for small vehicles and a very high excise duties on large private cars and 4X4s used for shopping trips! An interim method would be to use some home produced coal bed methane to replace imported carbon based fuels to work in harmony with tidal power ebbs and flows as so admirably proposed by the Swansea Lagoon with a Gas Fired Power Station nearby in Swansea of the same capacity. We should stop using agricultural crop growing fields and grazing lands for the abysmal wind and solar complexes and stop their “renewable” subsidies. These fields should be returned to food growing (and why not subsidize that food) instead of flying in fruit and vegetables, many that can be grown in the UK climate via massive fuel guzzling freight aeroplanes. The current trends people have of making boastful trips of weekend flights to Dubai or New York etc. to just visit fashion shops for a few hours should be heavily taxed. Moreover the public need to really challenge green washed timid politicians who are afraid to contradict green mantra. There are far more votes in serious credible energy policies than green wash.

    Ioan M. Richard

    23, Mountain Rd., Craigcefnparc, Swansea, SA6 5RH*
    0044(0)1792 843861 aptrefor@yahoo.co.uk
    August 2017

    Ioan Richard retired from Swansea Council after spending 32 years on the Planning Committees. For 25 years he was embroiled in the battle to preserve Mynydd y Gwair common from Wind Turbines of a trivial output – a bitter fight he lost in early 2017. He worked mostly in the Coal and Steel / Tinplate industries and also spent a few years as a Science Teacher.
    *Evans lives just around the bend from this address.

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