Not Even any ‘Noises Off’

Demonstrating the World Leading Impact of AIAS / UPITEC

August 4, 2017

This is best demonstrated by a table of page views per month per author (x) for the websites of each institute or university. In a university or institute an author would be a faculty member or post doctoral or post graduate student. So in the larger institutions there are thousands of authors compared with two active authors for AIAS / UPITEC. This table would put AIAS / UPITEC ahead of almost all the best universities and institutes in the world. It would be helpful to use Weblog 2.53 for at some point in the future if that can be arranged without too much work. ”

No, it would be best demonstrated by some hint, of a glimmer, of a sign that anybody was really reading the drivel … let alone acting on it. You claim that nobody cites it because they are scared for their jobs and their stellar salaries as dogmatists. At the same time, you claim that this deathly silence signals acceptance, even by malcontents.  This is where the growing problem of pseudoscience conspires against you: why do none of those loonies – who have no academic posts to protect – use your worthless theories? There are professors of engineering and physics in third-world countries who now openly publish, in impressive-looking journals, papers about perpetual-motion machines; the sort that you support. Why on Earth would they be averse to citing your work? They have no reputation worthy of the name, so what can they lose? The Occam’s Razor explanation is that your scientometrics are contrived. The glittering prizes are given to the stars of science. You are pydredd seren: that material which, cranks claim, falls from the heavens but which is in fact an unpleasant excrescence that was already on the ground … and always had been.  


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