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Discussion of Note 385(3)

August 8, 2017

In the Note, omega sub 0 = m c squared / (2 pi h bar), (Eq. 34), and not zero. Assuming B = 0 and partial A / partial t = 0, gives Eq. ( 5), which is developed as Eq. (12). Using Eq. (34) gives curl A = 0. Using Eqs. (26) and (34) gives the vector potential (27) in spherical polar coordinates, whose curl is zero. It would be interesting to graph this A. It is related to the linear momentum of the aether by p = e A. So the vacuum or aether electric vector potential (27) imparts a momentum p to a charge e in material matter, for example one electron. The electric field strength induced in a circuit is directly proportional to the spacetime or aether or vacuum A. This shows how the circuit in UFT311 picks up an electric field strength. The solution omega sub 0 = – c / r is also valid mathematically and could also be used with the dipole electric field. The computer alebra you sent over this morning shows that omega sub 0 = – c / r introduces a constraint in order to have curl E = 0.”

But Ron, UFT311 is the paper which claims that Ideotic’s Magic Doorbell produces energy from nowhere … but it doesn’t: nobody in his right mind  would believe that. So that means that your mathematical theory is wrong.  You see, physicists use the conservation laws as a handy way of checking their theories: if a theory can be construed so that it appears that energy is coming from nowhere, they know that the theory is wrong. Only crackpots instead insist that it is the conservation laws that are wrong … or say that they are correct but have to invent a magical new energy source to make the energies balance. You are not a crackpot, are you Ron? The RSC wouldn’t tell the PM to tell the Queen to give a pension to a crackpot … would it?


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