Da Loony

Best Selling Book of All Time in Britain (Five Million Copies)

August 9, 2017

This is “The Da Vinci Code”, so the great British public has a truly diabolical taste in lterature. In fact I have never read any of the top hundred sold in English in Britain, and never heard of most. Worldwide the best seller is Miguel de Cervantes, “Don Quixote”, written in Castillian. That is good stuff. I cannot find any list of best selling poetry books, but I guess that the best in English would be Shakespeare, not bad for Stratford. we are probably already the “best seller” of all time in Britain, 2002 to present. The difference is that al our stuff is free.”

It is a funny sort of ‘best-seller’ which is never mentioned and, on the rare occasions when it is reviewed, attracts very negative comments. What book is that? Well, it applies to all of your post-breakdown books, and to any books about you. Didn’t one of the reviewers liken your anti-turbine obsession to the delusions of Cervantes’ anti-hero?  We are not quite sure who your Sancho is. SS is a more constant companion, but Sewage is more worshipful. Above all, remember the old truism: “that which does not cost anything, is not worth anything.”


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