Clear Admission of Guilt

FOR POSTING: Methods of Preparation of the Scientometrics

August 10, 2017

This is the pdf file describing the methods of preparation of the sceintometrics. Many thousands of hours have been spent in this way. I regard this work to be as important as the science, because it indicates a phenomenal amount of interest in avant garde physics.”

So, in other words, you pick-n-mix, pick-n-mix, massage and manipulate multiple sources until you get the ‘number that you first thought of’. Not only is that dishonest, but it means that you cannot make valid comparisons between your results, and the results for organizations that do not fiddle their data. Of course it is important to you … it is the only thing propping up your delusions of success.


4 Responses to “Clear Admission of Guilt”

  1. Harry Hab Says:

    OK, here’s a serious question re “delusions” – do you suppose that Ron, Public Dick, SS et al. ever have moments of pure clarity in which the pitifulness of their accomplishments (and the futility of trying to garner recognition) truly dawn on them and hit them like a freight train? I’m wondering because their pathetic incompetence seems so obvious to us… I’m also thinking: yes, that does happen every once in a while, and almost all their behaviour can be understood as trying to avoid dealing with that pain.

    Again, I’m serious. Obviously I come here for the entertainment factor (as well as genuine concern re the actions of our political class) but our dramatis personae are human beings after all, they must be driven by common enough hopes and dreams and needs. That, or the deranged mind is an alien thing.

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      Although we seemingly joke about ‘abnormal psychology’, we have in fact been scouring the literature in search of academic studies of such ‘folies a plusieurs’. We have a growing file, but they all tend to be religion-related cases. The closest thing to AIAS so far is the Heaven’s Gate cult where the victims were apparently tech-minded ufologists, in spite of the biblical undertones. That is why we have joked several times about the dangers of AIAS seeing a new comet. It is tempting also to cite Searl, who seems to exude a sinister charisma that makes more intelligent people follow him. We have always said that, if Searl had not been obsessed with perpetual-motion and antigravity, he could have become bigger than L.Ron Hubbard. There are rumours that the ‘sociologist-of-science’, Prof. Harry Collins may be writing a book or major article about Ron. One of his assistants contacted Ron some time ago, and Collins has been writing about some of Ron’s AIAS Fellows (without naming them). The problem here is that Collins is essentially anti-science and so any such book may turn into an hagiography of Ron. We are not psychologists, and consider psychiatry itself to be a pseudoscience, but – noting the ages of everybody concerned – we would guess at the cause being an annoyance at their lack of ‘status crystallization’, combined with incipient dementia.

      • Harry Hab Says:

        I like the ‘status crystallization’ theory, but then how do you explain guys like Robitaille, who had a decent career as a medical imaging guy but went into full-on Black Hole denial? Maybe it’s the same mechanism, but writ large… I’m also thinking of Penrose, who is of course extremely accomplished and acclaimed, but he is still “uncrystallized” – he appears to want a legacy that dwarfs Newton and Einstein (say) combined.

        • crackpotwatch Says:

          Perhaps they feel that they are nevertheless ‘in the wrong job’: Robitaille wants recognition as a cosmologist, and Penrose has written some awful quantum drivel about brain structure. Hey, it is almost as if they are trying to swap places.

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