Hungry for the Wolf

The Wolf Prizes 2018

August 10, 2017

Many thanks and I trust that the Eisteddfod went well. This is laudable activity. I suggest adding the two attached files to the nomination to show the impact beyond reasonable doubt. They can all be sent in electronically. I suggest studying the rules so we do not trip over a technicality. For example the Wolf Foundation has a rule that the nominator and supporters must have different affiliations from the nominee. So my affiliation is Civil List Pensioner appointed directly by Queen Elizabeth II, the Head of State. A Civil List Pensioner is appointed for life, and holds one of the highest State honours. Many thanks once again to all concerned, the nominator and supporters know the work best. Millions of others also know the work.”

Oh, FFS Ron, give it up. They will never have heard of you, and the few who may take an interest in pseudoscience-bashing and abnormal psychology will know that – in spite of superficially different affiliations – you are all part of the same minute nest of perpetual-motion cranks.  The ‘scientometrics’ are contrived and meaningless. The ‘state honour’ is minor, but should nevertheless be taken away because your possession of it is an insult to the memory of previous holders. There are millions who know the work? Well, why not put out an appeal on your blog: tell them to go to our polls and vote in your favour. That should completely reverse the current massive anti-Ron trend by close-of-day.


3 Responses to “Hungry for the Wolf”

  1. Interested Observer Says:

    “I suggest studying the rules so we do not trip over a technicality.”

    Here’s a ‘technicality’ for you, Ron: nomination for a Wolf Prize is by invitation only. So which member of AIAS has been sent an entry form by the Wolf Foundation? Thought not.

    Those invited to nominate are Rectors of universities, presidents of national academies, Nobel prizewinners and the like – several leagues above a local council science officer.

    Since Gareth Evans is manifestly not a qualified nominator, it follows that his submitting a form will not constitute a ‘nomination’. So Ron’s much-repeated claim to have been ‘several times nominated for the Wolf Prize’ is a flat-out lie.

    Are you listening, Royal Society and RSC?

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