Crackpot Is as Crackpot Does

FOR POSTNG: Articles on Dissemin

August 22, 2017

There appear to be over a hundred articles of my co authors and myself on Dissemin. My total output is over two thousand items (see and . I will register and start to upload some more articles and books on Dissemin, and strongly encourage all the AIAS / UPITEC staff to do the same. The Wikipedia article to which you refer has been obsolete for over a decade. Some commentary published by Wikipedia uses terms such as “crackpot”. As a result the article you mention is not regarded as meaningful science by the professional community worldwide. It is my duty to advise that it is a criminal offence in the law of Wales and England (Malicious Communications Act) to describe people in terms that are grossly offensive. My staff and I find the tem “crackpot” to be grossly offensive and damaging. Accordingly it is requested that Wikipedia remove this article. It has already removed an article about me that completely distorted my career. I also request that Wikipedia post my true CV, which is attached. To date it has automatically censored attempts to put the record straight, and this is in breach of its policy of neutrality. So I can upload this CV on to Dissemin if that is allowed.”

Ask 1000 people, who know nothing of science, what they would call someone who believes that he can conjure energy out of thin air, who believes that spinning an object is the key to antigravity and who backs quack cancer-cures, and a very large percentage would certainly come up spontaneously with the term ‘crackpot’. A few might want further details, “is he qualified, does he work as a scientist, does he have evidence, does he publish on the subject, does he have followers?” Well yes, but he has no qualifications in mathematics or physics, he hasn’t worked since the breakdown, the evidence all comes from cranks (some with criminal records for energy-related fraud), he now  ‘publishes’ only on his own website and his followers include someone who claims that Einstein was installed (by ‘Big Oil’) in the Berne Patent Office in order to counter Tesla’s free-energy work.  The only detail likely to elicit sympathy would be the mention of ‘breakdown’. That would certainly rebound on the person conducting the ‘vox pop‘, “well that explains everything else, leave the poor guy alone. Is he receiving ‘care in the community'”. Not really; in fact he thinks that he is the most important person in that community.  Interviewee sighs, shakes head, walks on. Look you Ron, don’t shoot the messenger.     



One Response to “Crackpot Is as Crackpot Does”

  1. Harry Hab Says:

    Perhaps Ron could provide us with a list of those he considers “my staff” – I wonder if they fully appreciate how thoroughly he condescends to his associates, and how deeply they are only there to fuel his need to feel important.

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