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September 30, 2017

Groucho Marx famously quipped that he would not join any club that would have him as a member. Ron’s philosophy was slightly different: he wanted to occupy every post and win every prize that he would never get. So here is another one to add to the list. Hey, Ron, why are you not a Fellow of The Learned Society of Wales? Can you not be a big fish even in a pool that small? 


The Con Continues

September 25, 2017


September 25, 2017

Information for “Marquis Who’s Who”. I have updated my CV (attached) to include three Wolf Prize nominations this year for the 2018 Wolf Prizes in chemistry, physics and mathematics, nominations for honorary Fellowships and Doctorates, and a mention of about nineteen directorships and one group chairmanship held in the past. I would like to check whether I am included in Marquis Who’s Who in the World, 2018. “Principles of ECE, Volume Two” has been published (August 2017).”

Are you never afraid that someone (other than us) might check up on the truth of that CV? After all, you claim to have an official job but ‘pensioner’ (Civil List or other) is not a job. You fail to mention that Marquis Who’s Who is a vanity publication. You fail to mention that your nominations for prizes are made by co-conspirators (who are not even in good enough standing to nominate). You lie about possessing honorary Fellowships, and you fail to note that your company directorships were at your own failed enterprises or at the companies of the now-hated ‘Professor’ Fucilla. Is this any way for a Civil List pensioner to behave?

Osoroma, Drahcir, S.

September 23, 2017

Fundamental Symmetry Conservation in the B(3) Field Theory

September 23, 2017

To Horst: This is explained in Omnia Opera OO395, the Reply to Barron of 14th Dec. 1992 published in Physica B. Buckingham had blocked my reply in “Chemical Physics Letters” almost forty times before finally agreeing to reject Barron’s paper there. I am told by Richard Amoroso that the B(3) field was nominated for a Nobel Prize in about 1995. Bo Lehnert told Richard Amoroso, sometime Chair of the Vigier Symposia, that the B(3) field had been nominated several times for a Nobel Prize. I strongly recommend a reading of “The Enigmatic Photon” and the “Advances in Chemical Physics” articles of volume 119, the second edition of the award winning “Modern Nonlinear Optics”. As you know these are in the Omnia Opera. Buckingham and Barron invented a mythical “complete experiment symmetry” which was rejected by theoretical particle physicists like Prof. Justin Huang of the University of Missouri. The only relevant symmetries are explained in OO395. These symmetries are the usual ones in physics and are applied to equations. There is now a new law of physics, the conservation of antisymmetry. The B(3) field far from material matter can now be interpreted as the magnetization of the aether by a circularly polarized electromagnetic field, an inverse Faraday effect. As soon as the CP electromagnetic field interacts with matter (for example an electron), the inverse Faraday effect occurs.”

Isn’t Amoroso the guy (a professor only in his own mind and institute) who cannot decide whether he is a fake physicist or a real psychic? Isn’t he the one who wrote The Scientific Origins of Sexual Preference under the above nom-de-plume? Bit of a goer eh? Nudge nudge wink wink. Didn’t he try to patent a “Method and apparatus for a general-purpose transistor of the higher-dimensional spacetime backcloth, consistent with the symmetry parameters of a new cosmological paradigm with a unique M-Theoretic background making correspondence to a complex scale-invariant covariant Dirac polarized aether where energy pathways follow spacetime geodesics; and where switching is achieved by manipulating resonant modes of a Calabi-Yau mirror symmetry hierarchy inherent in continuous-state brane topology of the structural-phenomenology of least cosmological units tiling the raster of spacetime as it emerges from the infinite potential of the unified field.“? Does not that device rather tread on your toes theory-wise? It seems to us that, although hinting at some sort of energy-from-nowhere, he still subscribes to the tenets of mainstream physics. How do all of you crackpots manage to stick together when all of your theories clearly clash? Well, as we have said before, you may as well hang together … as you will certainly hang separately  


S’Okay, Nothing to be Boastful About

September 21, 2017

Lessons of History, Reform of the University System.

September 21, 2017

With reference to the attached list of many awards won by my Room 262 Group, I won the first three Fellowships in 1974, before I graduated Ph. D. in 1974. These were the intensely competitive SRC Fellowship, ICI European Fellowship and Canadian NRC Fellowship to work with Herzberg, the Nobel Laureate. My external examiner was Prof. Sir John Rowlinson F. R. S., Professor at Oxford. At that point I should have been awarded a tenured research associateship, and allowed to develop my natural talent for research, and teaching through research. This was the first time in the history of the University system in all Britain that three prestigious Fellowships had been won simultaneously by a graduate student. Remember that the fierce open competition included OxBridge and overseas university graduate students. That achievement has never been bettered in any University. In the event I was not offered a job at the EDCL, causing me to become bitterly resentful. I realize now that I should have asked for tenure, but that would probably have resulted in me being thrown out. I very reluctantly went to Oxford as in Auto Two. The reason is that John Thomas was using up all the departmental resources for his own group, awarding several jobs without any competition. As we now know, those people avoided open competition like the plague, so the EDCL slid towards closure. The reforms I have in mind would mean that the Government would step in and award tenure by law to an outstanding candidate and put the closed shop out of business. Without wishing to be boastful in any way, the facts show that I was an outstanding graduate and post doctoral. My Ph. D. is seen to be among the best in the history of the College (Aberystwyth) and the entire Federal University of Wales. It is in the Omnia Opera of plus early papers based on it. I think that almost all graduates treated like that would have given up. I felt depressed at having to leave my native Wales, but slogged on, and in 1975 was elected a Junior Research Fellow of Wolfson College, Oxford, in open competition. Then came the highly prestigious Ramsay Memorial Fellowship of 1976 to 1978 of University College London, which I took up at the EDCL. I was very happy and in my prime at the age of 26 to 28, but then came the incredibly sordid Purnell episode. So that was five Fellowships and still no tenure at Aberystwyth. I was being told that there was no money, and that was blatantly untrue. The system was unutterably depressing, it was selfish, self seeking and contemptuous of merit. However, science was always a continent to be explored. If I were a Head of Department I would have tenured such a graduate immediately.

That would be the thesis with the title, Far Infra red Spectroscopic Studies of Gaseous and Liquid Molecular Systems? Why is it then that, according to Google Scholar, it has never been cited by anyone at all? By the way, one of us is slowly working through your oblivione and plotting graphs of (number of times cited by you and friends)/(total number of times cited) and number of times cited at all since publication. The results so far are very unimpressive.

Every One of Them a ‘John Thomas’

September 19, 2017

Many thanks to GJE

September 19, 2017

Many thanks to AIAS Co President Gareth Evans, a distinguished sceintist in his own right, and member of all Wales Committees. ”

What sort of ‘distinguished scientist’ works for a local county council? Why does he not put the latter’s address on his ‘scientific’ papers, just as you have been known to put the address of the Queen’s piggy-bank on yours? Do any of those committee-members realize that one of their number is dreaming of perpetual motion, and swooning over a fellow crackpot, while they debate matters which affect the general public? You are all very lucky that the public cannot distinguish pseudoscience from science.  

“I am greatly honoured by these remarks. ”

Don’t you find this adulation a trifle creepy? Everybody else does.

“GJE was also most unjustly overlooked for tenure, and in so doing, the EDCL destroyed itself. That should be a clear indication that the Government must step in and impose a close control on the award of tenure. ”

The government should certainly step in and take a good hard look at to whom it has indirectly awarded pensions and at the sort of people who are making possibly science-related decisions in local-government committees.   

“An exceptional Ph. D. student must never again be forced to compete for fourteen prestigious Fellowships in the teeth of closed shop hostility. A job must never be offered and simultaneously advertized. ”

To lose so many fellowships is certainly notable. But in what way was the student exceptional? Exceptionally good, or exceptionally unsociable? 

“It must either be offered outright or advertized fairly. Reform of the University system must ensure that merit is recognized and that new ideas are rewarded, and a completely new research system is needed along continental lines (e. g. CNRS, CNR, INFN, DFG).”

It always was recognized, that is why you are not part of it. We think that it should be organised along the lines of the old Battelle Institutes: every researcher had to find his own funding/salary, and there was no room for dead wood. 

“I tried to initiate such a system when I was EMLG coordinator. The two drops of liquid in my Armorial Badge commemorate the founding of the European Molecular Liquids Group (EMLG) at the National Physical Laboratory.”

Aw, and we thought that they were tears wept over a failed career. 

“I discussed these matters with Rt. Hon. Tam Dalyell, M. P., then Labour Shadow Minister.”

Wasn’t he the ‘man of the people’ … who just happened to live in a castle?

“I support Labour’s policy of reinstating the sixties system. Fees would be paid by the Government and a small grant awarded. ”

Agreed; but only if the entry qualifications were simultaneously raised to three A-grades and all of those ersatz ‘universities’ were turned back into polytechnics. 

“We at AIAS / UPITEC offer free education to a vast new School of Thought.”

Name just one ‘graduate’.


Dole Too Good for Ron

September 18, 2017

Award of Tenure must be Regulated by Government

September 18, 2017

I hold the world record (attached) for the number of Fellowships won in open competition – fourteen in all, plus two honorary fellowships. This is because the award of tenure is the key step in an academic career. I exposed corruption by a man called Howard Purnell, who offered me a lectureship in late 1977 but simultaneously advertized it (Auto volume two). That really enraged me, so I still look back in anger. The system was a sordid and arbitrary closed shop. Purnell made sure that life was made very rough for me thereafter, and also for innocent people like Gareth Evans. A man called A. J. S. Williams was awarded tenure on the day he graduated B. Sc. Obviously he was part of the closed shop. Some candidates are worthy of lecturer or assistant professor after a Ph. D. or one regular (non competitve) fellowship (from a grant for example), but I was made to win a world record of fourteen prestigious, open competition, Fellowships and then told that I was going to run out of them and go on the dole. ”

How many more times does it have to be said? Having to apply for a lot of fellowships is a bad sign. A valuable candidate will be grabbed by the first institution to which he applies. We have already shown that you hold no honorary fellowships: that is a blatant lie. We would suggest that giving you a job without advertising it openly would itself have been corrupt. It is certainly contrary to current regulations. The best people obviously got the jobs – as confirmed by subsequent events extending right up to the present day. Get over it. 


September 18, 2017

Six Hundred Papers and Books in a Decade

September 18, 2017

This is the tenth anniversary of UFT88, a classic paper read several tens of thousands of times in several hundred of the world’s best universities.”

Available in 19 versions, none of which is cited … not even by Ron and the gang. How bad does a paper have to be for it not to be referenced  … even by accident? But this is entirely normal for a Ron paper.,5




September 16, 2017

Frank Wild Polar Medal Sold for £130,000 in 2009

September 16, 2017

Frank Wild was a Civil List Pensioner who was awarded a Polar Medal with four bars, and a C. B. E. So the valuation of my medals, currently held by Mullock’s, is accurate, because I am also a Civil List Pensioner. They are best kept safely in the strong room. Frank Wild is most famous for being second in command to Shackleton on the “endurance” expedition, where he was in charge of men stranded on Elephant Island, while Shackleton went to South Georgia in an open boat. Wild was also with Shackleton on the Nimrod expedition which came within 97 miles of the Pole, and which discovered the Beardmore glacier.”

This sounds almost like one of the errors in logic that budding scientists are always warned about … along the lines of:

All dogs have hair

Fido has hair

Therefore Fido is a dog. ♫ TILT ♫

Nope, Fido is a tarantula.  How do you deduce that the fact, that a noted celebrity was a Civil List Pensioner with medals, in any  way enhances the value of a different type of medal belonging to a nonentity? If anything, association of your name with the medals will decrease their prestige.

Ron’s Mathematical Rout

September 14, 2017

Simplest Proofs of Tetrad Postulate and Evans Lemma

September 14, 2017

This is a very important project. I would recommend UFT7, which follows Carroll’s chapter three (online). To simplify I recommend removing the a and b indices as in the latest papers. The Lemma leads to the ECE wave equation as you know. This was one of the early successes of ECE theory, the wave equation unifies general relativity and quantum mechanics. The standard model is still unable to do this. When Steve Bannister was here he suggested setting some problems at the end of each chapter. Steve has taught for some years at Utah, not only economics but the background mathematics. I have given a great deal of detail of Carroll’s proofs in the early UFT papers. The removal of the b indices as in Note 379(5) will simplify the early UFT papers. For a complete understanding, however, it is necessary to retain the b indices.”

All of Ron’s delusions stem of course from his fundamental error in thinking that he is a mathematician. He is not. His superficial acquaintance with tensors, differential forms, etc., was obviously picked up while modelling molecular motions. Unfortunately for him, being able to use such techniques in an off-the-shelf manner is not the same as possessing an understanding which is sufficiently profound to permit the discovery of valid new mathematical theorems.  Ron’s abysmal mathematical expertise was pointed out long ago by the excellent Dr Gerhard Bruhn. It is ironic that Ron is so casual with indices in general, as confusion over their handling is essentially what led him astray in the first place.

We are reminded that that (other) pseudoscientist, Eric Laithwaite, also had a problem with indices. He developed a relationship which he thought was a fundamental law of Nature … and wrote frequently about it. It involved mere partial differentials of a function, rather than tensors. That was the problem: he thought that he could do without the indices that showed which independent variables were being held constant. He thus ended up with a horrible travesty of one of Maxwell’s thermodynamic laws. He even told one of our number that, “my daughter teaches it in school”.  

Down with Wikipedia

September 13, 2017

FOR POSTIING: False Authority of Wikipedia

September 13, 2017

We at AIAS / UPITEC have repulsed and routed the ad hominem attacks by Wikipedia, which has no credibility in the eyes of the scientific world when it comes to ECE theory or myself.. ”

We are no friends of Wikipedia, because of its avowed neutrality. This overgrown-Hippie attitude leads it to be too soft on cranks. No traditional encyclopedia would have stooped so low as even to mention the out-and-out mountebanks who find a place in Wikipedia. The closest that the latter comes to condemnation is to intone something like, “there is no generally accepted proof for this claim”. In reality, there are millions of physicists (in particular) shouting, “don’t give these crackpots the oxygen-of-publicity”, at their own computer-screens*.

“Wikipedia is a private company, it has no legal authority, no academic authority, no scholarly authority, and is not above the common law. It is frequently riddled with inaccuracies. ”

The saving grace of every Wikipedia article is however the ‘Talk’ page, where better-informed individuals can put right the more insipid fence-sitting texts of the Wikipedia writers themselves.  We find the Wikipedia article on ECE to be very weak and falling far short of the outright condemnation which that nonsense-theory deserves. The associated Talk page is much more ‘on the mark’ and details many of Ron’s outrages. But it is far from complete. If we were to contribute to the Talk page, we would make much more of Ron’s illegal backing of a quack cancer-cure and of his association with the utterly shameless Turner-Thomas. One can always judge a man by the company that he keeps. 

“I would describe the ad hominem attacks and gutter abuse on wikipedia as McCarthyism. ”

Isn’t that the situation where a peculiarly twisted individual constantly tells lies in order to get what he wants?

“My co author Vigier was denied entry to the United States when invited by Albert Einstein to work as his assistant at PIAS. Vigier was a member of the Legion of Honour, France’s highest award, and a recipient of the de Gaulle Resistance Medal and member of the general staff of the Resistance. He was denied entry to the U. S. because he was a member of the French Communist Party, causing tension between the U. S. and France. ”

To put it another way: he was the mindless follower of a doomed political system, and didn’t mind moonlighting as a terrorist. 

“He went on to become one of France’s most prominent Statesmen and one of the best theoretical physicists of the late twentieth century. ”

One of us used to be puzzled decades ago by the appearance of a rash of dubious papers, in Applied Physics A, which claimed that certain electrical phenomena do not obey Newton’s third law. How had such dross slipped through the peer-review process? He then found out that Vigier was the editor … and all became clear. Vigier finally showed his true colours by attending the same conferences as those frequented by the likes of Searl and Valone. 

“He savagely condemned what happened to my wife and myself at UNCC, together, with many other international scientists. UNCC and Wikipedia remind me of stalinism, or any false authority, or any skinhead.”

How was the then Mrs Ron affected? Was she blamed for not buying enough soap? Those other ‘international scientists’ of course included ‘Professor’ Viv Pope and that AIAS member who later recorded his incredulity that a highly-educated academic could be so … er … Ron-like.

*A  particularly dire example can be found here:

Craigcefnparc News #23

September 12, 2017

Ioan Richard writes:

Now the publicly funded local Swansea Valley Welsh Language paper “LLAIS CWMTAWE” has swallowed the pseudo-science and all of its pseudo trappings. Those involved refuse to answer critical communications. “LLAIS CWMTAWE” needs to be reminded they are publicly funded and that funding could be challenged if they will not answer criticisms of spreading pseudo-science beliefs. Here is proof of that funding from the “Welsh Government” in Cardiff Wales:-
Regarding Papur Bro Llais on 23/8/17, please find below response to your questions:
1) Welsh Government does fund Papur Bro Llais within the Grant to Promote and Facilitate the Use of the Welsh Language.
2) The Grant awarded to Papur Bro Llais is £1,700 annually.
3) The Welsh Government implements the principle that Papurau Bro are free to publish content that is appropriate and acceptable according to their editorial opinion.
4) Contact details for Papur Bro Llais can be found on their website:
Here is the article written by LLAIS CWMTAWE and published in Welsh in their features on “prominent people” in the Swansea Valley and then placed on Mr Evans’ own web site by Mr Evans as an English version – copy below:-
Translation of the Article in “Llais” by Dewi Lewis.
Prof. Myron Wyn Evans is a native of Craig Cefn Parc. He was born on 26th May 1950, son to Mary Jones and Edward Ivor Evans, his grandfather was Head Deacon of Elim Chapel. He obtained his early education from Pontardawe Grammar School before going to Aberystwyth. Here in 1971 he won a first class B. Sc. degree. In 1974 he won a Ph. D. degree, and in 1977 the D. Sc. degree, the youngest person in Britain and the Commonwealth to win this degree. Ever since then Myron has dedicated himself to the world of science. His major work is the development of ECE theory (Einstein Cartan Evans). His main field of research is the discovery and development of new forms of clean energy. The sum of his academic work is extraordinary. He is a disciplined man, who is dedicated to his work from early morning to late in the evening. He has published over 800 papers, and authoritative essays in chemistry and physics. He is the author, co author or editor of over fifty books. At present Myron is the only scientist on the Civil List, which means that he receives a Pension direct from the Queen – this is a national honour and recognition of his contributions. However, science is not his only interest. In addition to his work as a leading scientist he can turn to other fields with enthusiasm and discipline. History is important to Myron. He has managed to assemble his genealogy over hundreds of years. His family tree is a rich and interesting one to say the least. Among his ancestors and ancestral cousins he counts Sir Walter Havard, Tewdwr Mawr, Dafydd ap Gwilym, Owain Glyndw^r, and Oliver Cromwell. Nearer to the present era he is related to the boxer Ffloyd Havard of Craig Cefn Parc, and also the present Queen.
Another of his interests is poetry, he is very fond of the work of R. S. Thomas and Patrick Kavanagh. He has composed englynion and sonnets, and published a collection of sonnets in 2005. This is his englyn to the coal miner.
Poer y llwch o’r pair llachar. – Yn ei boen,
Yn ei boen aflafar,
Poen ei gymal, sw^n galar,
Rhed y cec ar hyd y cwar.
“The dust pours from the fiery cauldron. – In his pain,
In his harsh pain,
Pain of meeting,
Mournful echo,
The pick runs across the rock.”
Another feature of his work is a strong desire to protect the heritage of our country. He battles to protect some of the historical buildings of Mawr that are threatened, the historical chapels and nearby churches. Protecting the environment is important to him too, and seeing his own square mile being destroyed by vandals causes him pain. He was key to winning the battle against wind turbines on Mynydd y Gwair. Myron is strong and sure in defence of the Welsh language and Welsh culture. Not only protecting the language locally but making sure that the profile of the language is heightened across the world, and along with this the importance of living with our fellow humankind in order to cultivate mutual understanding. Professor Myron Wyn Evans is a great scientist, a man of firm principles, sure of his views, and more than all that, fully worthy of being called one of the People of the Valley.
Thanks to him for his eminent work.
Dewi Lewis , Editor “Llais”, “Voice”, Cwm Tawe, Swansea Valley.

Just-Like-That [(C) Tommy Cooper]

September 12, 2017

388(3): Some Development of the Lindstrom Constraint

September 12, 2017

This note gives some development of the Lindstrom antisymmetry constraint (1), which is a fundamental antisymmetry law of physics. The complete set of antisymmetry equations are (18) to (22). Some computational procedures and interpetations are given. Two interpretations are considered:

1) The Lindstrom antisymmetry constraint (1) is considered to be a solution of the Lorenz condition (17).
2) The Lorenz condition (17) is replaced entirely by the Lindstrom antisymmetry constraint (1).

It is immediately clear that the Lindstrom constraint refutes the radiation or Coulomb gauge (33) used in quantum field theory, and profoundly changes the entire theory.”

What, no experimental exploration/confirmation? No throwing-open of the claim to discussion by experts in the field? What an easy time of it you denizens of the lunatic fringe have. If only real science were that easy. On the other hand, real science may move slowly … but at least it moves in the right direction. 

Another Blow to Ron

September 11, 2017

No comment.

Why do we have this persistent image in mind of Ron, replete with coat-of-arms, charging them?


September 9, 2017

Original reference to the Discovery of Dan yr Ogof

September 9, 2017

This was kindly described and sent to me by my cousin Stuart Davies, (a descendant of Morgan Morgan Craig y Nos) and it is on page 24 of my Autobiography Volume One in the blue box above my coat of arms on the home page of It is a handwritten book by Eliphaz Morgan in the NLW, “History of Abercra^f Colliery”.”

This is the best description of Dan yr Ogof. It applies to the communal pile of hard-hats which visitors are required to don, thus exposing them to communal sweat, dandruff, head-lice, etc., but also to the enterprise as a whole. One of the most common popular delusions, encouraged by movies and creationists, is that humans and dinosaurs were contemporaneous. So what do they do at the caves? They juxtapose dioramas of human cave-life with giant plastic dinosaurs. The educational value must be a negative quantity.

Brush Up Your Pidgin English

September 9, 2017

Invite you to join the Editorial Board

September 8, 2017

Dear Dr Singh,

Thank you for this invitation. Can you advise on duties and level of salary, and send a sample contract? The details you request are on, my CV is in the blue box on the home page.”

This is definitely the job for you, Ron. They are your sort of people: they refer to ‘spacial’ and ‘artical’ when they mean ‘special’ and ‘article’. One doesn’t have to be dyslexic to work for them … but it must help. 

Come Off It, Ron

September 8, 2017

Rigorous Development

September 8, 2017

Thanks again. There is a lot of pseudoscience in the area of energy from spacetime. ECE and ECE2 are Cartan geometry itself, within a few simple hypotheses. My aim in the UFT series is to cover as much of physics and chemistry and engineering as possible. Kozyrev was a very good scientist but what does he mean by “conscious” particle? The word may have been mistranslated. From the wiki article (and that may be inaccurate) he was arrested in 1936 and sent to a Gulag and rearrested for speaking the truth. He is mentioned by Solzhenitsyn in “Gulag Archipelago”. Contemporary society is very much like Stalin’s murderous dictatorship, one can be anonymously denounced and be arbitrarily dismissed for being politically incorrect. As in Kozyrev’s case these injustices were righted, but not by the perpetrators. Horst Eckardt, Douglas Lindstrom and I have shown that torsion completely changes the geometry used by Einstein. Your own effects with Trevor Morris have effectively led to great theoretical progress”

No, really, exactly what instance of energy-from-spacetime pseudoscience have you not fallen for, hook line and sinker? You have even discussed the old Bessler-Wheel fraud (exposed even in his own lifetime) as though it were a valid invention. You have a permanent link to the modern fraudster, Searl, on your aias website and you think that Bedini and Ideotic had/have valid devices. So which is your ‘loss-leader’, Ron, what scam are you going to pretend to be skeptical about in order to make yourself look ‘discerning’?  Kozyrev was a complete nutter. For a start, he thought that action and reaction were sequential (a common schoolboy howler). This led him to deduce that the Earth is apple-shaped. Like you, he also thought that spinning-tops can levitate. His idea of testing this old wives’ tale experimentally was to have everything shaking as much as possible; not a good idea if one is looking for subtle Lense-Thirring type effects. And what of his paranormal beliefs? Do you believe in them as well? A ‘conscious particle’ was the least of his crackpot ideas. Face it, Ron, you are part of energy-from-spacetime aka ‘free-energy’ aka perpetual-motion pseudoscience. 

A ‘Classic’ Ron Paper, HaHa

September 8, 2017

The New Physics, very good summary by GJE

September 8, 2017

This is a very good summary. Much of standard model physics is entirely obsolete but they will not admit it. This does no one a favour, least of all the tax payer. Its system of censorhip and propaganda is in tatters. Einstein was ostracized and sidelined for his views on quantum mechanics. He kept his job at PIAS by contract but he was regarded as a non entity by the weird interpreters of the Copenhagen School. They were demolished in UFT175, which is a classic paper.”

Oh, what a classic paper: available in 13 versions … none of which are cited, not even by Ron and the gang:


Censure, not Censor

September 8, 2017

Circulation Problems

September 8, 2017

Their circulation is confined to the Idols of Dan yr Ogof Cave in winter, so they are feeling the frostbite. This fact can be found quite easily from Google, about half of the old system’s papers are not read by anyone. I suspect that even the referees don’t read them. In hyper enormous journals like Phys. Rev., the editors never read anything. In great contrast, van der Merwe read everything. We produce a million book equivalents a year, these are read avidly in up to 182 countries. So people who produce work that is not read by anyone have tried to censor a million book equivalents a year. Any AIAS Fellow is welcome to try to submit work anywhere, to see what happens. Our work gets an immediate and huge readership. I am not being vain, but would Beethoven submit work to a referee? He would improvise any referee under the piano.”

Nobody censors your output, Ron, because nobody knows about it. Your claim, based entirely upon your own unverifiable data, to produce ‘a million book equivalents a year’ verges on the insane. Why does nobody refer to you or your theory, not even in the lunatic fringe? If one searches Google Scholar for your name, restricted to the UK for the past year, and cuts out your blog posts, one is left with:,ctr:countryUK%7CcountryGB&source=lnt&cr=countryUK%7CcountryGB&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiwlezHopXWAhXnDcAKHeCIAhgQpwUIHg&biw=1366&bih=613

(Warning: do not click on the Wexford site, folks; we are already too familiar with the strange affinity between ECE and pornography). Surely the reading of a million books a year should elicit more interest than this. And why does the coat-of-arms guy call you a racist?  What you really do attract is censure, for bringing the Civil List award into disrepute.

Ron and Sewage use ‘Jackal’ Trick

September 8, 2017

The New Physics, very good summary by GJE

September 8, 2017

This is a very good summary. Much of standard model physics is entirely obsolete but they will not admit it. This does no one a favour, least of all the tax payer. Its system of censorhip and propaganda is in tatters. Einstein was ostracized and sidelined for his views on quantum mechanics. He kept his job at PIAS by contract but he was regarded as a non entity by the weird interpreters of the Copenhagen School. They were demolished in UFT175, which is a classic paper.”

Crackpots are very fond of using what we call the ‘Day of the Jackal’ technique. A key revelation of that book/film, it will be recalled, was the obtaining of a false identity by using the birth-certificate of a dead child. In those days, nobody could be bothered to link  death and birth certificates in the files … and a child would have left no other trace of existence. So, what the cranks do is to sift through the old scientific literature and find the inception of some failed theory which suits them; preferably a theory linked to a familiar name. Such theories often caused quite a stir at the time, and might even have got into the newspapers. This happened, for instance, to people who said that their results contradicted Michelson-Morley. The convenient thing – for loonies – about the scientific literature is that everyone can see when a theory was born but there is never any really formal announcement of when it died. This technique can be used even on a single sentence … if the speaker refers in jest to an outmoded model, and the loonies cut off the sensible end of the sentence. That is what is done in that YouTube video which has Sewage and Ron all excited today:

Have they not read the comments below the video? As the first comment points out, what Einstein actually said altogether was,

“We may say that according to the general theory of relativity space is endowed with physical qualities; in this sense, therefore, there exists an aether. According to the general theory of relativity space without aether is unthinkable; for in such space there not only would be no propagation of light, but also no possibility of existence for standards of space and time (measuring-rods and clocks), nor therefore any space-time intervals in the physical sense. But this aether may not be thought of as endowed with the quality characteristic of ponderable media, as consisting of parts which may be tracked through time. The idea of motion may not be applied to it.”  

But poor loony Ron goes in the other direction and treats his aether as if it were thick soup. By the way, Sewage, you will never come across as ‘someone who knows what he is talking about’ if you cannot even spell the key word, ‘propagate’. Will your little tin god allow you to change that, or will he force you to continue to misspell … just as he does himself.

PS You should also not get too worked up over the Tipler paper: real physicists would call that a jeu d’esprit. BTW, does nobody ever make inquiries into wtf you are paid to do at CCC?


September 7, 2017

FOR POSTING: Essay 122, “Mapping the Vacuum”

September 7, 2017

This essay is meant to be understandable by the general public and summarized recent major advances.”

Utter drivel from beginning to end.  There are no ‘devices which take energy from spacetime’, and anybody who markets such gadgets – or supports their marketing – is no better than a petty criminal.  Given that they do not exist, any theoretical ‘proof’ for their operation is a priori incorrect.  Do you never feel ashamed that you have already lived some two decades longer than Maxwell did, and yet can do no better than ‘bite at his heels’ like a dog? What a jewel in the crown of Wales you are.


September 7, 2017

Communications Physics: Open for submissions

September 7, 2017

This assumes that they are capable of judging our work. They are not capable because they know nothing about it. I do not wish to give them any opportunity of another display of putrid arrogance, a one liner without looking at the paper. I prefer our own system and our own School of Thought. They are welcome to their own School of Thought, their own journals, their own dogma, their own Platonic cave. I think that their journal system is obsolete. By this I mean that their entire system: editors, referees, h and g indices, the lot. Any AIAS Fellow is welcome to try, but I see no further purpose in it. There is nothing to gain and all to lose. One must bear in mind that half of their journal articles are not read by anyone at all. So they scrawl on a wall of darkness and dogma.”

And there it is, writ large, the age-old excuse of the scientific crank for not publishing in reputable journals: the theme is either, “they don’t understand it”, or they are, “rejecting it out of jealously”. Ron knows full well that, if he ever published his nonsense where anybody would see it, it would open an uncontrollable can-of-worms. Why, informed readers would ask, is the Crown feeding even a paltry amount to a crackpot who prattles endlessly about perpetual-motion and suchlike delusions. Perhaps one of us should write an essay for that competition. Something along the lines of, How the Queen is Helping to Fund the Lunatic Fringe.  Nah, bad idea, she has done that for years by backing the pseudoscience of homeopathy. By the way, Ron, did you know that they are thinking  … again … of stripping someone of a Nobel Prize? Previous offences have, we seem to recall, included attempted murder and pedophilia. What makes you think that your Civil List Pension status is safe?

Financial Miscalculations as Well?!

September 7, 2017

Financial Strategy of the Newlands Family Trust

September 6, 2017

This is very simple, as much of the fund capital as possible should be invested for as long a time as possible. The rest of the capital should be kept for expenses. So the Trust will be a compound interest machine. The compound interest formula is

A = A0 (1 + x) power n

where A0 is the initial value and A the final value after n years, at an annual rate of growth of x. I give some results below for n = 125 years

x (percent) A / A0

4 134.64
6 1,456.24
8 15,065.01
10 149,308.86

So if a capital of £100,000 is invested to return 10% for 125 years, after tax, it will be worth 14.9 thousand million pounds after 125 years. Over 90 years since inception in 1928, the S and P 500 has returned an average of 10% a year. The average rate of inflation in Britain over the past one hundred years is 4.37%.”

Are you operating under the misunderstanding that one can simply subtract the inflation-rate from the interest-rate in order to predict growth? That is certainly what they do ‘on TV’ whenever the subject comes up; perhaps bankers themselves believe it … that would explain a lot of their disastrous errors. In fact, it is easily shown to be mathematically untenable. Would you like to know the correct formula for the long-term performance of capital under combined interest and inflation? Just beg. It is obvious that your crackpot-economist does not know; else he would have warned you already.

Loser-Loser Situation

September 7, 2017

Invitation as Chief Editor

September 7, 2017

Agreed with the Co President of AIAS Gareth Evans and the President of UPITEC Horst Eckardt. I will probably ask them for a salary and will not get a reply.”

Well-spotted! It was indeed an invitation from one of the ever-increasing number of ‘predatory’ journals. But, in your case, this is rather like a scorpion stinging itself: you are already part of the rogue science movement and all of ‘the colleagues’ are rogue scientists. The dodgy journal will probably use your name and … haha … reputation anyway, just as that fake university does:

Playing Nuts against One Another

September 4, 2017

It will soon be conker season in the UK, so what better time to resurrect the idea of bringing two opposing nuts together in the hope that one of them will crack. Ron, it is well known, is keen on replacing wind turbines with perpetual-motion machines because he thinks that the turbines are inefficient. What if they could be made to produce 50 times more energy? Enter one Henry Ivers who, in his recent patent application, US2017248118, claims that the Betz limit is wrong. If only you were a mathematician or physicist, Ron, you would then be able to tell him why exactly he is mistaken. He could then do the same for you.


Galah is as Galah Does

September 2, 2017

Illegal Abuse of Stephen Crothers

September 2, 2017

This abuse (repeatedly and maliciously alleging psychological illness (the term “crackpot”) where none exists) is a criminal offence under the Malicious Communications Act (MCA) in the law of Wales and England, because it is grossly offensive to scientists and the general public around the world. ”

Quite right, one should not call the Public Dick ‘crackpot’ when the homegrown Australian word, galah (accent on the the second syllable), fits him so much better. Incidentally, ‘crackpot’ is not a medical diagnosis; it is just the accepted term for the sort of person who believes in perpetual motion, antigravity, quack cancer-cures, etc. It is not applied to scientists, only to pseudoscientists; the general public instantly ‘gets the message’ and approves.

“We all find ‘t Hooft to be grossly offensive. ”

So? If Public Dick does not like the heat he should stay out of the kitchen. 

“That is enough for charges to be brought by the police against him. The House of Lords has ruled in a recent case that a grossly offensive communication is a criminal offence under the MCA if the recipient finds the communication to be grossly offensive. ”

Members of the lunatic fringe never like free speech but, as they never respond to rational argument, there is nothing left but to ‘call a spade a spade’. There are probably petty criminals everywhere who find a judge’s summing-up grossly offensive … to them. 

“G ‘t Hooft is an obscure standard modeller ”

In reality, of course, a winner of the Nobel and many other prestigious scientific prizes.

“whose work has been thoroughly refuted by Stephen Crothers in a scientific manner, no name calling, no crude gutter abuse.”

The Public Dick could not even obtain a doctorate, and chose to blame others. Why did he simply not buy one, like your fellow cranks, Bearden and Valone? The Public Dick does not refute anything; he simply reiterates his ‘schoolboy howlers’ again and again. 

“So I feel that ‘t Hooft should be disciplined by his University administration because a criminal offence is academic misconduct for which an academic is usually dismissed. ”

We of course think that the Honours Forfeiture Committee should take a good hard look at a Civil List recipient who spends all of his time insulting reputable organisations and scientists … when he is not busy concocting theoretical back-up for perpetual-motion scams. 

“People of ‘t Hooft’s generation have reduced physics to Alice in Stringland, a murky wasteland. I strongly recommend a reading of Steve Crothers’ chapters in “Principles of ECE”, volumes One and Two. ”

We also recommend that scientists read it; it is soooo funny.

“AIAS / UPITEC presses for charges against ‘t Hooft uner the Dutch equivalent of the malicious communications act. Crothers is one of the very best theoretical physicists of our times. Gutter abuse by an obsolete mediocrity should be reported to the police.”

The Public Dick is an annoying little Galah. He should be grateful that any great scientist can be bothered to throw free assessments his way.