The Big Question

Survey of UFT88

July 14, 2018

Using my blog stats archives for (the blog on and I have made a survey of university interest in UFT88 from 28/11/13 to present. This survey confirms that UFT88 is a classic paper by any historic standards. Since 28/11/13 for there have been consultations from about 311 different universities, institutes and similar in 4.5 years and 68 repeat consultations from about two to six times, about four on average. This gives a total of 515 consultations in 4.5 years. UFT88 was published in 2007, so extrapolating, there would have been 1,258 consultations of UFT88 from 760 identifiable university URL’s. The total number of consultations of UFT88 since 2007 is given by the Book of Scientometrics, and is 29,040 from So 4.3% of consultations are from identifiable URL’s. blah, blah, blah”

The question is: are you just dishonest, incredibly stupid … or both? How could an honest and intelligent person possibly claim success in the face of zero evidence (apart from that which he concocts himself)? How could so many people possibly read about your crackpot theory, and fail to do anything with it, year-after-year? Yes there has been no criticism of it, but neither has there been any praise. Are you still relying on the excuse that followers are afraid of losing funding? Really? Robitaille manages to hang onto his job even while spouting nonsense all over the internet.  Are your followers all cowardly? Even that would not stop them from contacting you privately … but they do not. The Occam’s Razor conclusion is that the ‘consultations’ are mere ‘internet noise’ and that nobody outside of your gang  takes any notice at all.  Why not give up the losing battle, and stop making the Welsh look dishonest and stupid (which is how they are already depicted in English culture).


4 Responses to “The Big Question”

  1. Harry Hab Says:

    It’s a version of Pascal’s wager, isn’t it? Admitting that the jig’s up leaves him with a huge crater of shame and regret, whereas continuing the act gets him an infinitesimal shot at immortality. This is aggravated by the fact that he is surrounded by even bigger fools who all admire him. Robitaille and Mathis perennially feel they are about to hit the big time for the same reason.

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      Pascal of course was not very good at probability theory. Have you ever seen his proof that the Moon must host some kind of fauna? His mistake was to assume that, in the total absence of evidence, one has to use 0.5 as the probability of the existence of something. The Reverend Bayes should be more revered than Pascal.

      • Harry Hab Says:

        Christiaan Huygens believed there must be hemp growing on Saturn. Because Saturn has moons, which God, ever benevolent, put there to aid navigation, which, being a reasonable deity, He would not have done if there were no ships on Saturn. And ships have sails and sails need ropes and ropes are made out of… hemp.

        • crackpotwatch Says:

          These things multiply without end, the more that one looks. It seems that quite a number of ‘experts’ once thought that birds migrated to the Moon in the Winter. It is said that Francois Arago thought that the Sun was inhabited, but we have yet to find documentary proof. On a related note: students are regularly surveyed as to their belief in homoeopathy, bigfoot, ufos, 10% use of brain, etc., etc. It is noticeable that belief in a sky-pixie (i.e. a god) is never on the list.

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