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“Damage to the Hippocampus by Verbal Assault, Onset of Uveitis

This is well documented medically so there are grounds for punitive damages and criminal prosecution in such cases. A test case would be very useful to eliminate this kind of conduct in the workplace. I experienced it at Aberystwyth and UNCC, and it went entirely unpunished. Trolls could be sued and prosecuted. It is well known that major severe depression damages the hippocampus area of the brain, situated in the medial temporal lobe and responsible for long and short term memory and orientation. It has high levels of glucocorticoid receptors and is vulnerable to stress induced in any way. It is well known that damage of the hippocampus due to stress leads to severe depression, or as in my case major severe depression. The effect reverses itself if the stress is removed. It is also well known that stress can cause uveitis, (bleeding of the eye), and this has happened twice in my case (see the blog posting of 23/10/14 quoting Maca et al. Journal of Ophthalmology, 2013).

Oh yes, we remember that: in your usual pseudoscientific manner you completely misrepresented the Maca paper. It clearly concludes that those suffering from uveitis (not surprisingly) suffer from resultant depression. It does not conclude that depression causes uveitis, although some patients self-diagnosed ‘distress’ as the cause. In fact, ‘stress’ per se is mentioned only twice in the paper. So, we again have to wonder: are you dishonest (misrepresenting information) or just stupid (unable to understand scientific papers)? By the way, why did you not man-up and defend your first wife rather than suffering harm by proxy? Does not the blood of the Princes run in your veins? The pussy princes who could not keep the English out?


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