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Retrograde Ron

October 17, 2017

Einstein Theory is Totally Wrong

October 17, 2017

This is a powerful and incisive result by Dr. Horst Eckardt, confirming earlier work that showed that the orbit of the Einstein theory is not meaningful when tested with sufficient rigour. My earlier note this morning showed that it is not even precise. I just did some simple calculations on a hand calculator. Einstein does not produce retrograde precession. On the other hand the ECE2 orbit is meaningful and produces retrograde as well as forward precession, a major discovery. The intellectually dishonest refusal of the dogmatists to accept numerous and simple refutations such as these has resulted in the emergence of the ECE2 School of Thought, splitting physics entirely into two subjects. The ECE2 School recognizes major discoveries, the dogmatists ignore them, and ignore science. They should obviously not be funded by taxation for ignoring science.”

But retrograde orbital precession is not observed. You misread a scientific paper, and thought that it was. So, the fact that you twisted your – already incorrect – theory so as to appear to predict such a phenomenon merely goes to show what a pseudoscientific fraud you are. Now it is clear; ‘torsion’ to you simply means twisting of the facts. Leave this place. Leave the science that you never properly embraced. 



Avoiding the Dogmatists

October 16, 2017

Suggestion for Testing Einstein Numerically

October 16, 2017

The suggestion is described in Note 391(3), and it is to compute g and the orbit from the lagrangian (1) of that note. The ECE2 lagrangian is given in Eq. (6) and is known to give both forward and retrograde precessions, a major discovery made numerically by Horst Eckardt. The numerical methods developed by Horst Eckardt can be applied to Eq (1) of Note 391(3) in oorder to find out whether Einstein gives forward and retrogade precessions, using exactly the same methods as used previously for Eq. (6) of Note 391(3). Once g is computed for Einstein, conservation of antisymmetry is used to compute the spin connection, vector potential, scalar spin conenction and dQ / dt. Einstein is known to be riddled with errors and obscurities, so the suggestion aims to show that these quanttities will begin to behave in a strange way. It is desirable to have as many refutations of Einstein as possible, because such a lot of taxation is wasted on his obsolete ideas in general relativity. Many of his other ideas are of course fine. There is a need for much stricter government control over the self-funders. The referees are dogmatists and will obviously fund other dogmatists and will reject new ideas without looking at them. “

Leaving aside the question of why you are trying to explain/model an unobserved phenomenon (retrograde orbital precession) why don’t you actually publish your results? Publish for real, that is, not just post them on your own website. We have already shown that there are bona fide professors at real Indian research institutes who can easily get their perpetual-motion results into impressive-looking journals. Why can YOU not manage that? In fact, why not try (again) to win a prize from the Gravity Research Foundation? After all, it was founded by a loony and does not automatically reject crackpot papers. It is almost as if you are afraid of being rejected, even by the lunatic fringe.

Always the Worst

October 16, 2017

Paul Dirac and the Ugly Theory

October 16, 2017

Many thanks to Steve Bannister in Utah! It makes Clouseau’s Quasimodo look like a ballerina. It is indescribably weird and stuffed with adjustables, so you could fit anything. Paul Dirac described QED as an ugly theory, when talking to Richard Feynman at a conference. Like Clouseau’s helium balloon, it needs to be deflated so it falls into the Seine. ECE2 makes QED obsolete using simple methods and at no expense to the taxpayer, so that will never do. They don’t have much time left to come to their senses.”

Haha, only economists and bucket-chemists would value the views of an electrical engineer. The latter are well-known to account for most of the anti-physics contingent of the lunatic fringe. It is probably because they are taught physics only on a need-to-know basis and share much of the same terminology. Take the example of a simple RLC circuit (like Ideotic’s perpetual-motion machine). Just try to tell an electrical engineer that ‘everything’ happens outside of the wiring, that special relativity is involved, that the magnetic fields between coils are as complex as those around the Sun and that static charges are created at bends in the wiring … and he will assume that HE is the one dealing with a crank. Unfortunately for him the circuit claims are all true.  Another difference is that, when an experimental result appears to contradict a conservation law, the physicist will look deeper into his assumptions (in true Baconian fashion) while an electrical engineer will immediately start to apply for a patent on a ‘free energy’ device.  Just look at all of the most prominent cranks, e.g. Laithwaite, Aspden, Valone, Puthoff … and one will find an electrical engineering degree lurking in their closet. Even the uneducated conman, John Searl, was a coil-winder.   


October 15, 2017

Post of Chancellor of the new University of Wales

October 15, 2017

There have been no objections to my availability as Chancellor, because I am Wales’ most productive scholar and have been a Scientiae Doctor of the University of Wales since 1978. ”

Oh yes, in the same way and for the same reason that there have been no objections to your crackpot theories. That is, few people know about you … and even fewer care. We would not care if it were not for that wrongly-awarded paltry  – but otherwise significant – pension.

“This is a distinction higher than full professor. ”

Rubbish: one cannot compare an earned degree with an academic post. There have been professors who had only a BSc. 

“The new University of Wales would be closely associated with the National Eisteddfod, and work in the same way, entirely in the Welsh language. ”

So how exactly would that function? They all arrive at work, and then talk, teach and learn in Welsh. Are all of the textbooks in Welsh? Are they allowed to look only at Welsh-language websites and journals? Indeed, are there any Welsh-language journals in any useful subject? And then what? What about the accreditation-system: do they defend theses in Welsh in front of English-speaking external examiners? Do they write articles-for-publication in Welsh for English-language journals? Do they attend conferences, international or not, and speak only in Welsh to uncomprehending audiences? No. It is a complete fantasy. The concept is like one of those 1980s movies aimed at teenagers where the little hero’s computer-game skills are sought by aliens to aid them in their intergalactic war. That is, it is an inherently masturbatory fantasy wherein the dreamer re-invents the entire universe so that his minor skill suddenly becomes very important. After all of this enforced Welshness, the graduates of your laughable concept of a ‘university’ would still have to operate in an English-speaking world. These days, it would make more sense to found a Mandarin- or Farsi-speaking university. Meanwhile, if a university really wanted to make itself unintelligible to most of the population, it could always fall back on Latin. 

“The Chancellor is not paid anything. Many thousands of people are very deeply angered by the way in which the People’s University was cut up into poor quality remnants, and deeply angered by its huge salaries and anglicization. This is worldwide anger, not only in Wales. At one time the Chancellor was Prince Charles, my distant cousin. ”

Can you not still complain to him, or to his mother … your ’employer’ LOFAS. What is the point of boasting of important cousins if they wangle nothing for you?

“The students wanted Rev. R. S. Thomas as Chancellor, a great poet. Sir Thomas Parry was also a great poet. I would certainly not be an inert Chancellor, and would be constantly helping and advising the new University, a small university established in and for Wales, friendly towards Welsh speakers, who would not be forced to speak English as at present, simply because everyone would speak Welsh naturally. Its Supreme Authority would be the People of Wales as in the original UW, founded at the National Eisteddfod of 1893. The Supreme Authority of the United States is the People, not the President.”

Well, this is where we came in. The last thing that Wales needs is a Welsh-only university with a crackpot poetaster as chancellor. As if.

Craigcefnparc News #24

October 12, 2017

A correspondent writes:

We all remember Mr Evans claiming on his BLOG that he was the Chief Scientific Adviser to the Welsh Assembly. Here are the facts formally answered today from the Wales Government:-
Thank you for your e-mail request of 6 October about Dr. Myron Evans. I should say that this not a Freedom of Information request, as it is not for recorded information or asking questions which we can respond to by provision of any recorded information we hold. I can, however, comment on your enquiry. The website of the Welsh Government and its predecessor bodies does not mention Dr. Myron Evans as Chief Scientific Adviser (CSA) as he has never held or been appointed to such a role or any other position with the National Assembly for Wales, the Welsh Assembly Government or Welsh Government, either paid or unpaid.
Professor John Harries, from Imperial College, London was the first formal Chief Scientific Adviser for Wales, appointed in 2010. He was succeeded during 2013 by Professor Julie Williams, of Cardiff University, who completed her appointment last month. Professor Christopher Pollock, former Head of the Institute for Grassland and Environment Research, Aberystwyth (IGER) and of Aberystwyth University was given the CSA for Wales title by the then First Minister from 2008-9, while he worked to scope the need for and role of a Chief Scientific Adviser for Wales. He was not formally undertaking the role.
If there has been an assertion by any party that Dr. Evans undertakes, or has undertaken, such a CSA role in Wales, from a Welsh Government perspective I can confirm he has not.I cannot comment on anything that Rhodri Morgan, our late First Minister, may have said in respect of Dr. Evans

Another Point of View

October 12, 2017

Over Twenty Eight Thousand Blog Postings

October 12, 2017

There are over twenty eight thousand blog postings now available on from Dec. 2006 to present, all archived on To date I have produced about two thousand papers, books, essays, broadcasts and translations. These are all on and, archived on So any assessment of my work would have to be based on a detailed scholarly study of thirty thousand items to date. This will take many years of work by historians of science.”

And every single one would/should be a source of acute embarrassment to a normal person. Writers of popular skeptical books about cranks, and psychiatrists studying aberrant behaviour, will have a wonderful fund of information upon which to draw.


October 11, 2017

It will be recalled that we have always been rather ambivalent/negative regarding Professor Waldyr Alves Rodrigues even though he has published refutations of Ron’s theory. The problem is that his own ‘straight-shooting’ status is decidedly unclear. For instance, he was until recently a Director of Steriwave, which also employed Ron until his spat with ‘Professor’ Fucilla (the owner). The latter’s ambit has included the promotion of water-powered vehicles and the attempted  ‘development’ of the notorious Volfson antigravity machine (successfully patented by a sanitary-ware operative). One of WAR’s current posts is as an editor of this journal,

It is of course on Jeffrey Beall’s invaluable list of ‘predatory’ journals*. Such journals are a boon to third-world academics who are eager to pad their CVs, and nobody (including the peer-reviewers) cares if the topic is perpetual-motion or antigravity.  Among the recent papers is one by ‘Mike’ Lawrence (Michael Jefferson Lawrence), a former naval officer and presumably wealthy eurobond-dealer who formerly lived in North Wales. His house  Maldwyn Centre for Theoretical Physics is now on the other side of the UK. He has his own, viscosity-based, theory-of-everything. The puzzle is: why has WAR not refuted it?  WAR has also been on the editorial board of at least one bona fide mathematics journal. But then so has ARK (Arkadiusz Jadczyk). Ron has not been slow to use information from the SOTT website of ARK’s wife. Ron is not at all fazed by the fact that she claims to be in contact with aliens.  It is pretty hard to keep track of all of this nonsense. “If only they all had but one neck” Caligula (attrib.)

*Others include: Advances in Automobile Engineering, Advances in Robotics & Automation, Bioceramics Development and Applications,  Biosensors Journal, Computer Engineering & Information Technology, European Journal of Applied Engineering and Scientific Research, Global Journal of Technology and Optimization, Industrial Engineering & Management Innovative Energy & Research, International Journal of Advance Innovations, Thoughts & Ideas, International Journal of Advanced Research in Electrical, Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering, International Journal of Advancements in Technology, International Journal of Innovative Research in Computer and Communication Engineering, International Journal of Innovative Research in Science, Engineering and Technology, International Journal of Sensor Networks and Data Communications, International Journal of Swarm Intelligence and Evolutionary Computation, Irrigation & Drainage Systems Engineering, Journal of Aeronautics & Aerospace Engineering,  Journal of Applied Mechanical Engineering, Journal of Architectural Engineering Technology, Journal of Biomimetics Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering, Journal of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Journal of Electrical & Electronic Systems, Journal of Electrical Engineering and Electronic Technology, Journal of Fashion Technology & Textile Engineering, Journal of Information Technology & Software Engineering, Journal of Nuclear Energy Science & Power Generation Technology, Journal of Steel Structures & Construction, Journal of Telecommunications System & Management, Journal of Textile Science & Engineering,

and that is just one topic offered by just one publisher!

Aaaaw, How Sad

October 11, 2017

We were really looking forward to this:


Never mind, it served its purpose; look at the list of would-be speakers. How do/did all of those people hold down high-powered jobs in spite of their obvious ignorance of physics. At least one of them believes devoutly in telepathy and other tripe. At least one of them has tried to patent an antigravity machine, one of them is a Nobel prize-winner and one of them is – ugh – an AIAS Fellow.  This all makes things very difficult for the ‘scientifically interested’ layman or beginning physics student. Indeed, what is the point of seeking qualifications and glittering prizes if one ends up like this?

Much Better!

October 11, 2017

FOR POSTING: Protests against Anglo Norman Colonization of Wales

October 11, 2017

There are many protest groups who are always active against the Anglo Norman colonization of Wales and the deliberate destruction of the language and culture in Wales by malfeasance and colonial misgovernment. Gwynfor Evans for example described Wales as the last colony. These groups should make a formal protest to UNESCO and human rights organizations throughout the world. The deliberate anglicisation of Wales is completely illegal. ”

That’s the way to do it;  take a more noble statesman-like approach. This is much better than your individual cold-calling method of last year:

Was that any way for an employee/appointee of The Queen to behave? 




October 10, 2017

Availabity for Chancellor

October 10, 2017

To Vice Chancellor’s Office,

I write to indicate my availabilty for the post of Chancellor, being a fluent first language Welsh speaker and native of Craig Cefn Parc, author over two thousand papers and books, a poet in both languages. ”

They may prefer someone who can spell ‘availability’ at least once in two tries. Also, should that not be ‘Availability as Chancellor’?  The latter is in fact a contraction of ‘Availability as a Chancellor’ whereas your version implies that you are available for the use of a Chancellor. Unless of course you are contracting: ‘Availability for occupying the post of Chancellor’.  English is such a difficult language is it not? Perhaps you should stick to Welsh.