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Hope Springs Eternal

January 14, 2018

List of Civil List Pensioners in Poetry and Literature

January 14, 2018

I have selected what I think are the best recipients. In the early years of the Civil List there was sometimes absurd patronage, for example one thirty two year old tax collector was awarded a Civil List Pension in literature, but here was an outcry and the offer was swiftly withdrawn. ”

Have you not claimed in the past that a Civil List Pension is never removed? Well, what has happened before can happen again. All that is required is to embarrass the government and crown sufficiently in the eyes of the international community.  And then you will be gone, you Trump-style oaf of the scientific community.

“These days the Civil List in Literature is of the highest quality, as is the Civil List in science and other fields. ”

How can it be, if a raving pseudoscientist is on it? 

“The ECE theory has efficiently demolished the old thought in physics, but the physics establishment is to date hypocritical, it sticks to what it knows to be wrong, and it is decidedly unenlightened. It does not like what is happening. ”

Nothing is happening: your only ‘evidence’ for the ‘success’ of ECe is the ‘data’ which you concoct yourself. Why does nobody cite it in the open literature? Your excuse, that ‘they are too scared to’, does not hold water because even good theories attract critical comments. ECe is not mentioned at all.  Why are all of your books panned by critics? Only your lapdog, Penderghastly, praises them. Why are there no hit-counters on your website or blog? Why are our poll results heavily on our side? Your ‘millions of readers’ could swing the polls the other way within minutes. They do not do so, because they do not exist.

“Things will have to change, anyone can see that ECE theory is all over the internet and read by the tens of millions. These days one can actually measure one’s impact scientifically, so it is not left to subjective guesswork or fashionable trends.”

Really? Compare your ‘internet presence’ to that of your conman hero, ‘Professor’ John Searl. There are hundreds of YouTube videos covering every aspect of his ‘work’, and each one attracts comments on a daily basis.  Your dreary ‘Silurian’ recordings on YouTube are largely ignored, but still attract a preponderance of thumbs-down. Why not do the decent thing, Ron? Give up the pension, have yourself taken off the list and thus do a real favour to science. 




Person of Interest

January 11, 2018

Analysis of the Civil List

January 11, 2018

Many thanks, on Alfred Russell Wallace he was awarded a Pension of £200 a year on Oct. 13th 1881, and he was also Order of Merit like Augustus John the artist. This is £23,582 a year in 2018 money, so enough to live on together with his other incomes. In the era from the Reform Act of 1837 to 1889, the date of publication of Colles’ book: “Literature and the Pension List” the following were awarded Pensions in mathematics and the physical sciences:

1) John Couch Adams, July 14th 1848, £200 per annum.
2) Sir Fotherill Cooke, inventor of the telegraph, July 25th 1871, £100.
3) Augustus de Morgan, mathematician, Jan. 21st 1870, £100.”

If they were all alive today, Ron, one of them would certainly take a great interest in your theories. De Morgan took inexhaustible pleasure in cataloging the moronic ideas of the cranks of his time.  His sarcastic dismantling of their silly ideas  is still a joy to read. Sadly, he never saw the published fruits of his labours, A Budget of Paradoxes, and he never even got around to starting on a sequel devoted to perpetual-motion loonies; probably because Dircks had already covered the subject in encyclopaedic detail. De Morgan and Dircks would never have dreamed that perpetual-motion conmen would still be operating 150 years after their time.  To be even-handed we have to report that De Morgan believed in ghosts, but that may have been an attempt to appease his wife. Wallace also believed in ghosts. Perhaps it was a universal sickness.

Companion of Dishonour

January 11, 2018

Analysis of the Civil List

January 11, 2018

Exactly my view and fully agreed with GJE, a new Reform Act is needed. I am the most productive Civil List Pensioner in history, my co authors and myself having produced almost four hundred papers and books since I was appointed by the Prime Minister on Feb. 29th., 2005 on behalf of Queen Elizabeth. ”

You were awarded it on a date that could not exist? There is a rhyme which tells us, “and 29 on each leap year”. Also, expert mathematicians (and drooling idiots) know that a leap year is always even. So how come a self-declared genius like yourself does not know it? Or is it the usual problem: you can never correct any error that we have pointed out?

“This output can be seen on the Wayback Machine ( and on combined sites and, and is alone easily enough for F. R. S. or a tenured research professorship. ”

But the only supporting data are supplied by yourself. Whether or not you value conventional citations, that should not stop others from citing your output. Are you still clinging to the fiction that they are all too scared to cite you? How would that explain the absence of negative comments?

“This work has made a devastating impact on the dogma of the standard model, which is why I am not offered a knighthood and so on.”

Haha. There are far more prolific cranks than you around. Their drivel is also ignored. You are not successful even as a pseudoscientist.

“I would refuse a knighthood if offered one, but would accept O. M. or C. H., with which the Civil List Pension is fully equivalent. ”

To be a CH, one has to be a real scientist … like James Dyson. He is such a genius that he has also managed to become an FRS without penning anything that even approximates to a scientific paper. OTOH, he seems to have discovered the physical principle that “money-grubbing government does not abhor a vacuum”.

“Faraday, Dirac and Yeats all refused knighthoods, because of their political baggage. The prizes and honours system in science is still tightly controlled by stone age dogmatists but we are building up a record number of nominations as the new avant garde in science presses the ancient and creaking establishment for reform. ”

There are certainly more cranks around these days … or is that just an artefact caused by ‘increased reporting’; that is, there are far more loony-friendly journals around these days, making it easier to get published.

“The Civil List Pension should be freed from the Civil List and replaced by a Parliamentary Award for Merit (A.M.) of the same order as salaries of Vice Chancellors, about £250,000 to £500,000 a year, not £2,500 a year. ”

How about the salary paid to a local-government ‘science officer’ who is an active pseudoscientist? Is that not equally shocking?

“The State Pension in Britain is by far the lowest in Europe, and among the lowest of all the developed countries. Many old age pensioners are cold and on the edge of starvation after a lifetime of hard work, while intellectually obscure Vice Chancellors spend a thousand pounds on cushions in luxurious mansions, living off poor students, specially imported to Britain for the purpose. With society like this, Blake’s Victorian dark satanic mills, iron works and killer coal mines look like beacons of enlightenment. I will write the article in a few days’ time, I have all the historical source data ready.”

Civil servants are overpaid, and then receive generous pensions. Just ask Sewage.

Pension Devaluation

January 10, 2018

Analysis of the Civil List

January 10, 2018

A list of all Civil List Pensioners from 1837 (Reform Act) to 1889 (date of publication) is given by William Morris Colles in “Literature and the Pension List”. The entire book is online. In this interval of time there were forty seven pensions awarded in science and ten pensions in the physical sciences and mathematics. I have looked up all forty seven recipients and they are ALL most distinguished. Their biographies can be looked up online. From 1782 to 1837 pensions were awarded to Herschel (1782), John Dalton (1833), Ivory (1835) , Lardner (1835), Sir George Airy (1835), Mary Fairfax Somerville (1835) and Faraday (1836), superdistinguished. The pension to Herschel was roughly £30,000 in 2018 pounds and pensions remained at this (untaxed) level throughout the Victorian era, enough to live on as intended by the Government. I will write up a short history of the Pensioners from 1782 to Heaviside in 1896. They were all highly distinguished without exception, several were knights, several were F. R. S. and so on. Pensions were often awarded to dependents, for example the widow of the mathematician Clifford in 1879. ”

The economic devaluation of the Civil List Pension pales in comparison to its academic devaluation. What would the shades of all of those great scientists and mathematicians think if they knew that it has since been awarded to an utter crank and academic midget?  Sure, some of them believed in the ‘aether’, but they would soon wise-up if resurrected. The belief that ‘spinning-tops weigh less’ was rife among schoolboys of their era, and questions about it even appeared on examination papers, but they would be appalled to learn that somebody now on the same list as themselves could subscribe to such a nonsense idea. All is not sweetness and light, of course. Airy was involved in a criminal scam concerning recycled paper, and reputedly set fire to a coalmine while conducting gravitational experiments. He also wrote a paper which seemed to support the possibility of perpetual motion. But even he did not directly promote perpetual-motion scams as enthusiastically as does Ron. Do the decent thing, Ron, give up the financially paltry pension before you irretrievably wreck its symbolic value.   

Moronic Myron & Co.

January 5, 2018

FOR POSTING as UFT397: Gyroscope Paper by Horst Eckardt

January 5, 2018

This is an excellent paper which shows that the conservation of linear momentum is not necessarily true in Euler / Lagrange dynamics. ”

The paper is utter drivel. How can techniques which are predicated on Newton’s third law possibly contradict it? If linear momentum is not conserved, then neither is the first law of thermodynamics … but that will not faze nutters who believe in perpetual motion. Linear momentum cannot be converted into angular momentum.

“A photograph of the experimental gyroscope apparatus is given, and the equations of motion worked out, giving many new and intricate results.”

Similar crackpot machines have been built for nearly 100 years. The derived equations of motion are incorrect and the ‘new and intricate’ results are illusory.

“The experiments and ideas of Laithwaite are verified and explained by careful use of the Euler Lagrange equations . ”

Laithwaite was a crank about everything. As well as thinking that spinning-tops can levitate, he thought that moths communicate by radio. ‘His’ inventions were all stolen from others; he even wrote a book, on inventing, which recommended the theft of ideas. His spinning-top demonstration was not new; the only difference was that previous demonstrators had not lied about what was occurring. There is no anomaly to be explained; again confirming that the calculations are worthless.

“Using this approach it should be possible to design new lifting devices in heavy engineering and the aircraft industry. ”

No it won’t: there is no new phenomenon to be exploited. But we should not complain: it is much easier for onlookers to grasp that you are an idiot when you embrace this sort of blatant nonsense than when you prattle about the aether.

“Prior to this pioneering paper the gyroscope was by no means well understood.”

‘Pioneering’ if one wants to be the most pig-ignorant writer on the subject. The gyroscope (not that you have considered one) has been intensively studied for over 200 years. It is true that there are subtleties in rotational behaviour, but they offer neither levitation nor propulsion and are clearly unknown to you.

“The people who ridiculed and ostracised Laithwaite were incompetent dogmatists.”

Ridiculing Laithwaite should be part of physics education. What better way to pique the interest of moody teenagers than to encourage them to laugh at ‘great men’. You would be another suitable ‘case for treatment’ if anybody respected you in the first place. We note that Oily Lorenzo also suffers from the same delusion: somebody should complain to the IAEA. Morons should not be allowed anywhere near a nuclear reactor.

Another Nail in Siemens Stain’s Academic Coffin

January 5, 2018

FOR POSTING as UFT397: Paper on lifting gyroscope

January 5, 2018

Many thanks, this looks to be an excellent paper which can be posted as UFT397. Can it be sent also to my gmail address? Thanks in anticipation AOL desktop will close down within a week.”

Ron rushed to put this nonsense paper on his blog at 4am!  It is hard to believe that this tripe was concocted by someone who is gainfully employed by a reputable company.  It is wrong in every respect. It begins by reciting the old schoolboy howler that a spinning-top moves perpendicularly to the disturbing force.  Yes, it says so in poor-quality textbooks but that would clearly be contrary to Newton’s third law. This fallacy has led to dozens of inventors trying to patent devices that could supposedly levitate or propel themselves through outer space. SS also claims that the full 3D motion of a spinning-top is never given. He has obviously never read the ‘bibles’ of rotational dynamics written by Gray, Greene, Sommerfeld and others. The paper then goes downhill and cites the ‘results’ of the crackpots, Laithwaite, Kidd and Shipov. Kidd is very useful … in a way. He acts as a stalking-horse for detecting loonies who are employed by supposedly high-tech companies. A Dr Ron Evans of British Aerospace invited Kidd to demonstrate his gadget, and the results were published in the company magazine.  Is it any wonder that BAe was accused of bribing people to buy its products, and ran a profitable sideline in supplying electric batons to oppressive regimes … it certainly seems to lack something in the engineering department. Kidd was also given research facilities at Dundee university, after Laithwaite browbeat weak faculty members into complying, and demanded a salary that was 5 times that being offered to new  PhD holders. That is how – to its eternal shame – the university became associated with a loony antigravity patent application.  Ah well, worse things happen overseas: one aviation engineer, with a connection to antigravity claims, was in the habit of ‘interacting’ with horses … and that interaction was not riding or whispering!

Thanks, No-Bubbles

January 4, 2018

Daily Blog PDF for 2017

January 4, 2018

FOR POSTING: Blog backup for 2017.

Many thanks indeed to Michael Jackson, deeply appreciated by all avant garde scientists worldwide! I am forwarding to Dave for posting on The archiving is among the most important work of all at this stage in my career and I am also forwarding this to the blog so that it will be archived on the Wayback Machine.”

We are grateful that records of all of Ron’s loony activities are being  spread so widely that it will be impossible for him to deny or delete them when he is eventually exposed as a crank to the general public. What a wonderful resource all this will be for anti-pseudoscience skeptics, students of abnormal psychology and perhaps even researchers in early-onset gerontological dementia.

“I will have a look at increasing the width so that the column problem is repaired. Agreed about the psycho’s [sic]  – Semrush and statshow both indicate that fruitcake has gone stale, it tastes like yesterday’s anthracite – full of ossified fossils and fogmatic stalactites. “There is only one thing worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about” (Oscar Wilde).”

On the other hand, the superior site Alexa disagrees and gives much more believable sets of data,

“Date: Wed, Jan 3, 2018 at 10:45 PM
Subject: Daily Blog PDF for 2017
To: Myron Evans <myronevans123>

Dr. Evans, attached is your daily blog for the entire year of 2017, in pdf format. I added the traditional “Selected Feedback Interest” entries, and kept the edit password the same, as always.

It is your decision if you want to offer it to the public (and to the hate bloggers), since it is such a valuable research tool, while also being very helpful to the psycho stalkers. Either way, their disinfo campaign looks to have utterly failed 😀”

Good decision! More than any other of your hero’s mindless followers, you do most to reveal him to be an idiot. You are clearly mentally challenged, and your crazed belief in flying saucers inevitably links Ron to that same lunatic idea, especially as he did nothing to question your claim (on the Rancid Rense Show) that Einstein was planted by the Rockefellers in order to undermine the perpetual-motion efforts of the worthless crank, Tesla, and that Cartan and Einstein aided the Nazi  regime. Ron must be really desperate to tolerate a 24ct loony like you. Apart from anything else, merely participating in a Rense broadcast puts anybody into a very select class … of morally deficit individuals. A forthcoming book will reveal horrifying details of technical incompetence and depraved personal behaviour at major high-tech companies. We would be even more grateful if you could make Ron much more visible: at the moment, he is little more than a footnote. You are also too much of a nonentity. Perhaps you could be so kind as to provide us with a detailed CV.

“Congratulations on another year of pioneering discoveries! My only disappointment is there are no proven spacetime energy devices, which can sit on a desktop, and be started by a 9 volt battery… maybe 2018 will bring the breakthrough we’ve all been waiting for…”

Ooh, don’t they already have those at Area 51? 

“At least we can be certain, these pdf archives will be the last resort backups, if the internet based archives are deleted some day.”

Ron will delete himself one day when his career of abject failure finally crowds in on him.

Best wishes for another amazing year!

Michael Jackson”


Open Reply to Oily Lorenzo

December 31, 2017

“Dear Professor (he is not a professor, and he long ago gave up the moral right to call himself even  ‘Dr’, as he no longer obeys rational scientific norms or uses proper methods of scientific investigation) Eckardt,

thanks a lot for your kind and exhaustive (exhausting to correct, more like) reply.

I have just some few comments:

-energy from vacuum: I know that in Germany professor Marcus Reid and prof Claus Turtur are working on the possibility to technologically harness such energy. (Isn’t it good to know that loonies are everywhere; it makes the UK and US look less bad)

Also the late Stefan Marinov was working on it in cooperation with a German company before (mysteriously) passing away in 1997. (Marinov was an anti-Einstein crank who was heavily into perpetual-motion and antigravity. His death was not mysterious: he committed suicide by jumping off the fire-escape at his local university library. It appears that the fall also broke a [much more valuable] highlighter pen which was in his pocket. Seeing the day-glow yellow around him, a loony observer called it a halo. Marinov is missed only by fellow conmen).

I believe that both the formers and a lot of others are working as you said by using private founding (why do they need ‘funding’? If the gadgets already work, why not sell them as novelty items at market stalls … or on Ebay? Admit it: you cranks just want money for old rope. The latter does at least provide some energy … if one burns it)  but targeting completely different devices (Why? How many different perpetual-motion machines does the world need? After all, they all work … don’t they?) . I’m of the opinion that it should be desirable a sort of “alliance” and connection between those different researchers of this topic in order to properly circulate information and maximize results considering the founding limitations. (Not ‘alliance’, ‘conspiracy’ … one cannot say conspiracy without saying ‘con’)

Thanks to ECE theory I believe that how to achieve space-time resonances has been clarified once for all, but the biggest challenge is still to close the energetic cycle of a technological device. (Ah, always the same problem: the ever-overbalancing wheel that does not quite overbalance, the buoyancy device that suffers from airlock problems, the magnetic motor that cannot quite make a complete circuit, the oscillator circuit that cannot quite power itself. Have you heard of a little thing called the first law of thermodynamics?)

I’m sure that this achievement has already been reached by other researchers/inventors in the past, but details are hidden from the general public. (Another familiar moan: the patent was blocked, the inventor was bought-off [or murdered] … or there is a glut of working perpetual-motion machines being used to polish the captured flying-saucers at Area 51. Jeez, ‘have a word with yourself you utter twat’, as the English say)

I’m not a fan of conspiracies, but knowing the monolithic interests that are behind the actual energy marked, I would not be astonished if one day we discover that such a cover up was pursued intentionally. For this reason, if I can suggest something, I would be very cautious before publishing any result in case your team will reach the final goal. (See? Same refrain as the above)

-Gyroscopes and linear momentum violations: this is a very interesting aspect of mechanics. (‘Interesting’ in the sense of non-existent? There can be no anomalous results in classical mechanics because the governing equations are all predicated on Newton’s third law. General relativity offers a loophole, but the loophole is too small to exploit). I remember when I was studying it in university, the sensation that something “magic” and mysterious was around the gyroscope despite the tons of equations spent in books (You were clearly a poor student, and got by by rote-learning and parroting things that you did/do not understand. Hint: tempting as it seems to assume so, the angular momentum vector rarely coincides with the axle of the spinning-top. Duh!). The astonishment is even bigger if one handles a spinning top in his hands (Hey, that’s what Laithwaite said. That is what all second-rate minds think. Is there a club that you fools have to join?) (a similar sensation of mystery you can have by looking a Crooke’s radiometer spinning…). (You probably have that wrong as well. Ooh, the Sun’s rays push it round? Nope. Never mind, Crookes [at least try to get the name correct!] got it wrong as well. Did you know that he took it to seances in order to detect ghosts?)

There are a lot of claims in literature about apparent violation of linear momentum by gyroscopes and weightless behavior. My question is: How is it possible that such an over-studied device (Euler, Lagrange, Kovaleskaya…and many others) that is also extensively applied in technology since more than 100 years (cannon bullets, ship stabilizers, planes and more recently satellites) has never attracted the attention of the scientific community due to its allegedly anomalous behaviors ? this is another mystery to me. (Er, physicists and mathematicians have never ceased to study gyroscopic phenomena. There are no levitational or propulsive properties to be discovered. Have you never heard of Noether’s Theorem? Engineers, by the way, design devices so that they  match those few equations which can be solved in closed form. What about other equations and devices? This is interesting:  to our knowledge, only one person has ever bothered to analyze the spinning-top by attacking the object itself – rather than the Euler equations – directly by computer simulation. Not surprisingly, he also finds no anomalous results)

-ECE books: thanks a lot for the links. The first I had red since long time, the second I’m reading it now. I was particularly struck by the final discussion about the non existence of the background cosmic radiation and it’s very probable terrestrial origin (oceans). Your explanation sounds very reasonable and satisfactory to me (using your words: “everything is cooler and in the light of reason” J). I was grown with the fairy tales about COBE satellites outcomes and that was the truth for me since “yesterday”. Discovering now, at the age of 40, that those were all lies (saying nothing about particle physics world and their expensive and useless accelerators), gives me a very bitter sensation. Discovering now that the scientific community is in such a carcinogenic-metastatic state….changes radically the way we have to look the world. (To pursue your analogy: you have become nothing more than another metastase of the cancer that is Myron Evans)

Best Wishes and happy new year!


Lorenzo Santini

Project Manager (You cannot be serious!)

Mochovce Nuclear Power Plant” (Does the local population know that a fool has control of a potential bomb in its backyard?)

Circus Turn

December 30, 2017

Stephen Crothers Added

December 30, 2017

I just realized that Stephen Crothers was inadvertently left off my new e mail listing, I am still building addresses after the chaos caused by the closure of AOL desktop”

Never mind, there is always room for one more in the clown-car.

How to Fake Scientometrics

December 29, 2017

Methods of Preparation of Scientometrics

December 29, 2017

The attached is a synopsis of the way in which our scientometrics are prepared. The website has been used recently. The typo “” in the attached should be replaced by, which is IBM approved. Our own Webalizer and Weblog data are summarized in the attached. One interesting fact is that there are 3,530 cross links to Yahoo and Bing from for This number looks to be the same as the number of items on They have all been picked up by Yahoo and Bing. Note that picks up only a fraction of the data that are picked up by our own feedback sites. We have been using our own feedback sites since 2002. The fruitcake site has been totally ignored for eighteen years. This can be seen beyond reasonable doubt using Fruitcake is not ranked anywhere and is estimated to have one visitor a day. I suspect that this means nothing at all and is a standard guesstimate by Using for fruitcake shows that it it is frequently totally ignored for months on end. Fruitcake is a typical hate blog, it repels all decent people. For some years, our policy at AIAS / UPITEC is to ignore fruitcake completely, except to note that it has no traffic. My own policy towards Ioan Richard is to ignore him completely and permanently. Oscar Wilde sums them up perfectly: “There is only one thing worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about”. A lot of our readers know the identity of the fruitcake site, and can check for themselves by typing it in to and”

The main step is to shop around, among the various website evaluation services, until one finds the service that gives the results that one wants. Ron really scrapes the barrel in this respect and uses sites which claim that we have been operating for nearly 18 years! Not a good start. It also gets the numbers of hits disastrously wrong: our hit-counter is about to roll over to 141,000. That makes over 14,000 hits since July. We would invite you to ‘do the math’, Ron, but we know that you cannot. Oh, and this year you can thank us for some 1500 referrals to your blog.