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Here’s a Curious Thing or Two

June 23, 2017

Page Views per Month for

June 23, 2017

Overall Activity Report: AIAS

These are the scientometrics for page views per month for using WebLog 2.53 feedback software. The same method has been used for fifteen years so there is an excellent and very accurate record. The page views per month for are added to this to give an average for 2016 of 75,264 page views per month.”

According to Ron’s favorite monitoring site, statshow, “ is not currently ranked anywhere. was launched at January 25, 2010 and is 7 years and 151 days. It reaches roughly 30 users and delivers about 30 page views each month. Its estimated monthly revenue is $0.00. We estimate the value of to be around $10.00”  Is that not curious, given that upitec is essentially a mirror-site for both aias and Ron’s blog? What does WebLog say about upitec, Ron? And look how craftily he combines the page-views for the two sites in order to conceal this strange disparity. It is rather like the old conundrum given to beginning statistics students: ‘a tramp jumps into a billionaire’s Rolls Royce. Not counting the chauffeur, is there now an average of two multi-millionaires in the car?’ Ron certainly wants to give that impression. Here is another curious thing. Statshow also says that Ron’s blog has been running for over 17 years. Where is the rest of it?

Dylan Expert

June 22, 2017

Comparison with the Dylan Thomas Centre

June 22, 2017

On the Dylan Thomas Centre website is getting 10,950 page views a month compared with 75,264 for our very own AIAS / UPITEC, based in Swansea’s North Pole, Craig Cefn Parc. Dylan Marlais Thomas is advertized now as Swansea’s most famous son, but in his own lifetime he was dirt poor and regarded as a waster by the bone headed, of which there are many around here. He is certainly Swansea’s most famous son, science in Wales always takes second place to literature.”

Learn more about Dylan from local Swansea celebrity, historian and poet:



A Cunning Plan

June 22, 2017

We know that various individuals have sent complaints about Ron to the Royal Society of Chemistry, to the Honours Forfeiture Committee and to other relevant bodies and officials. The problem is that bureaucracy can easily ignore an isolated ‘disgruntled of hicktown’. Meanwhile, petitions tend to fizzle out, or are blocked by the very person who is complained about. Even a successful petition with many signatures might be easily ‘mislaid’ … being a single communication. So the plan is this: at some date in the future, we shall provide a handy checklist of all of Ron’s misdeeds. At a second date, every suitably motivated person will simultaneously send a letter to one or all of the relevant bodies (foreign readers should allow for postal delays). Try as he might, no bureaucrat could hide such a pile of snail-mail, especially if the media got to hear of it.  Distasteful advertisements and TV programmes have been banned because of a relatively small number of simultaneous complaints; hence our stratagem. Any readers who would be inclined to take part in such a ‘writing exercise’ are invited to signal such intent on our latest poll. 

Poll News

June 22, 2017

Attentive readers will have noticed that our other polls have been moved from 2014, where they were languishing, to permanent display. Do not worry if you voted back in 2014, and found that repeat votes were blocked: to celebrate the move, we have temporarily removed the block on previous voters … for one time only. We do not believe in the Irish advice to “vote early, vote often!”

Damn Fine Bagels

June 22, 2017

Edits for my Lifetime Achievement Site

June 22, 2017

Fred Marks, Editor in Chief, notified me that the website is

I edited the entry and submitted it about a week ago, so the edits may be in your files. I sent it using the “submit” facility. If at all possible, it is best to reproduce the attached CV in the above site. The attached CV may also be used to update my Marquis entry next time round. I can electronically update my Marquis entry as usual. I am most grateful for this signal honour and the award is proudly displayed in our library here.”

Needless to say, this is yet another vanity scam. It is run by Randy Narod. His ‘thing’ (wink wink) is night-club ownership. Oh, and he also owns bagel shops. He is perhaps not the best person to document academic qualifications, given that he paid someone to take examinations in his place. For that he was barred from practising his chosen profession.  Like Ron, he is an FoT (friend of Trump). Ron is linked to Trump by climate-change denying. Narod is linked to Trump by an educational scam in which they participated,

 In his CV, Ron has of course included almost all of the usual lies, such as the one that he is an Honorary Fellow of Lancaster University.  He openly admits his links to perpetual-motion cranks. That would bar him from inclusion in genuine biographies but, of course, it does not matter here. Again missing from his CV are all of his entries in the books from the International Biographical Centre. Perhaps he is able to spot at least some of the many vanity scams out there. Note that it is possible to contact Ron via the first link above. Be sure to congratulate him. By the way, Ron, was it your idea to have a spinning-top next to your entry, or is that Randy’s concept of ‘science’. In either case, what irony!


Nota Bene Ron

June 21, 2017

It is 02.32BST, and our hit-counter has just rolled-over to the nice round figure of 126,000. Why don’t you, and any other interested party, write that number down somewhere. Then, before your usual morning regime of lie-telling commences, why not check our hit-counter again. It will not have changed much in 3 (early-morning) hours, but one can be sure that it will have changed more than your rotten monitoring-service tells you. And if the service is wrong about that, just imagine how many other things it might be wrong about. 

Biefeld-Brown Bollocks

June 21, 2017

Biefeld Brown Effect

June 21, 2017

Good idea, combining the field equations should produce a lot of new ideas. Thanks for going through the notes. It will be very interesting to see whether equations such as (34) and (35) produce precession from the spin connection. The combination of field equations and the numerical integration method is very powerful.”

Here Ron goes again, ‘explaining’ something which does not even exist. The Biefeld-Brown effect is one of the big ‘set pieces’ in the lunatic fringe. It is essentially just a misinterpreted Faraday-Wind effect. Brown was not even the first to kid himself that he had discovered an electrical influence upon gravity. An Irish-Dutch inventor had previously put an electrical gadget on a weighing machine, turned  it on and reported that the balance-reading had decreased. Being an incompetent experimenter, he declared that the gadget had lost weight. This was one of the classic errors that Bacon had warned about (not considering alternative explanations): it had not lost weight, there was simply an ion-wind directed downwards. Incidentally, this inventor (whom our author-friend has asked us not to name) had attended the same Bristol school as Grindell Matthews (previous crackpot-in-residence at Craigcefnparc). Even nowadays, the present incarnation of that school employs a professor who believes in the Viv Pope theory that gravity does not exist. That same professor runs a unit which is charged with ‘bringing science to the man-in-the-street’.  Brown was the less usual sort of scam-artist; the sort who tries to ‘sell a bill of goods’ to a government: Garabed Giragossian had tried that, and almost succeeded because US senators did not understand the difference between power and energy. Grindell Matthews tried to con £25000 (at 1920 prices) out of the UK government by faking ‘death-ray’ demonstrations. However, the Office of Naval Research looked at Brown’s work … and dismissed it (we of course have a copy of that report). In order to make himself look more respectable, Brown latched-on to Biefeld (deceased 74 years ago to the day) – a respected astronomer who was 38 years his senior – and who was already exhibiting early signs of dementia. There is no proof that Biefeld actively contributed to this apparent collaboration. But Biefeld had known Einstein as a student in Europe, and lunatic-fringers love to be able to link themselves to Einstein even while denigrating his work (eh Ron?).  But even the worst can be useful, in that anybody who mentions Brown (or Tesla, or Searl, or Laithwaite or …) in anything less than scathing terms marks himself out as being one sandwich short of a picnic. 


G o o d M o r n i n g R o n !

June 20, 2017

It is currently 02.45BST here. So, before you start your usual round of lying – which habitually begins at about 05.30BST –  we would just like to point out that, in the past 7 days, our blog has received 671 hits. If you were a competent mathematician, you would have been able to work that out for yourself by using our hit-counter. We cannot locate your blog’s hit-counter … where is it?  

(Sort of) Craigcefnparc News

June 19, 2017

Now Ron is even being ‘ticked off’ by his ‘ticked-off’ friends,

Dear Mr. Myron Evans,
It seems to me that, by association, the Quantum Antigravity Hypothesis is now on the Crackpot Watch blog :
The Quantum Antigravity Hypothesisis is no pseudoscience, because it is based on both, established accepted theories and physical effects, and also makes empirically testable predictions that we are presently in the process of experimental testing :
Pardon me, but just because we communicate within this closed private email group, it does not follow that anybody in this group, including you, has any right to freely announce any correspondence from this group to the entire World, like you have been doing via your blog, without ever asking for any permission.
Effective immediately, I ask you to stop posting any of my, or Siggi’s, correspondence on your blog, nor to disseminate any of it to any third parties under no condition.
Also, please remove both, my and Siggi’s email addresses from all your mailing lists.
Thank you.
Dr. Agatha Lorentz-Ferenstein, Ph.D.
 You know, Aggie, Evans is a serial offender in this regard: just have a look at this,
Nevertheless, the weighing of spinning-tops is pure pseudoscience; ask a physicist about it, rather than an electrical engineer.

Now, Now

June 18, 2017

Harassing Site Returns Zero Traffic for Six Days Running

June 18, 2017

This troll site is well known to AIAS / UPITEC staff and to the police. There has been no interest in it at all for eighteen years (, it is an optimistic stalactite among the idols of the deepest cave. There is also no international interest at all in the local hicks who have posted a lot of illegal and infantile abuse on the site.”

You are overwrought, and are now just making yourself look (even more) silly by repeating these obvious lies. Go and lie down until you feel better.