Ron Caught Out

October 10, 2017

Nomination Remains on the Table

October 10, 2017

For your information, nominations in the Colleges of the University of Wales, for example Aberystwyth, are open to all staff, all students and the general public. To find this google “nominations, honorary awards, Bangor, general public” to find the rules at Aberystwyth (fourth or fifth site). Nominations are not restricted to the Senate or the Council. You should have known this.”

This was provoked by an e-mail from someone who spotted that Ron had been nominating himself, as usual. We wonder whether he will dare to rant about the fine old Welsh surname of the person who sent the e-mail.



October 10, 2017

Rhodri Morgan

October 10, 2017

Sadly, Rhodri Morgan died earlier this year, so I will refer this matter to the next Chancellor at Swansea. Rhodri Morgan was a relative of mine by marriage of my Uncle, the late Raymond Evans of Y Grithig, Glyn Tawe, although I never met him. Rhodri once interceded on my behalf to have some wildly pejorative comments removed from the notice board in physics, Aberystwyth. The Welsh Assembly, if it means anything, should reestablish the true University of Wales, in which sincere scholars would be welcome and in which everyone is from Wales itself and also fluent Welsh speakers.”

So Ron openly admits the (ab)use of political influence to bolster the reputation of a dubious academic; the very thing that he accuses others of doing or accepting. Still, two-facedness is very much Ron’s watchword. What were those comments, Ron? Were they perhaps accurate, rather than ‘pejorative’? Crackpots have always had a thing about notice-boards: when Ron’s friend, the petty criminal ‘Professor’ John Searl, was giving one of his talks at Leeds university (sic, why do universities allow that sort of thing), somebody scrawled unwelcome comments on the poster for the event. Searl’s gang seized the poster for the ‘fingerprints and other evidence’. Why does that behaviour seem so familiar? We seem to remember that, in the distant past, Ron was sent a poster about him that had been on another university notice-board.

Bogus Scholar

October 9, 2017

World Rankings of Swansea

October 9, 2017

These are 557 in the world by webometrics; 251 – 300 by Times, 431 – 440 by QS and unranked by Shanghai. Not very good at all. There is a Vice Chancellor called Richard B. Davies (of whom I have never heard) who gets a salary of £179,000 a year according to a recent freedom of information request. I attempted to calculate his h index but could only find four papers which may be by him on Google Scholar, so his h index is apparently 4, not enough for tenure. Mine is about 42, enough for the U. S. National Academy, plus a vast impact by scientometrics. ”

According to Scopus, your h-index for recent (i.e. post-breakdown) work is 1. It should have been zero, but for the fact that a loony publication somehow slipped past the strict filters of Scopus.  We are are not even sure that your pre-breakdown work was worthy of a high h-index and the award of that pension. We are still working on that. So far, it looks as though well over 90% of the citations were by yourself and conspirators. Another few % were due to authors hoovering-up relevant papers for their introductory paragraph, without using, evaluating or specifically caring about your results. That leaves very few ‘valid’ citations of your papers at all; including the ones that you deem to be ‘influential’.  As for the ‘scientometrics’, you cannot prove that they are meaningful.

Big Corpse on Campus?

October 9, 2017

World Rankings of Swansea

October 9, 2017

These are 557 in the world by webometrics; 251 – 300 by Times, 431 – 440 by QS and unranked by Shanghai. Not very good at all. There is a Vice Chancellor called Richard B. Davies (of whom I have never heard) who gets a salary of £179,000 a year according to a recent freedom of information request. I attempted to calculate his h index but could only find four papers which may be by him on Google Scholar, so his h index is apparently 4, not enough for tenure. Mine is about 42, enough for the U. S. National Academy, plus a vast impact by scientometrics. Rt. Hon. Rhodri Morgan is Chancellor, and receives no remuneration and does not claim expenses. He is a relative of mine by marriage. “

Perhaps he receives no remuneration or expenses because he died several months ago. How come your in-laws did not bother to tell you this? Or was that relationship just another routine ‘social-climbing’ lie? Also, you seem to be confusing the ‘joke’ post of Chancellor with the highly-paid and powerful post of Vice Chancellor. Oh, and the title, ‘Vice’, does not necessarily mean that they are ‘up to something’.  


एक कमरा लो

October 6, 2017

Mr Rajpal, of course, is another Ron-worshiper; one who is almost as creepingly cloying as Sewage … but not quite.


October 6, 2017

Ron claims that ‘dogmatists’ hang onto incorrect theories and distort facts so that they can reap undeserved funding from the taxpayer. Due to the British habit of never discussing/divulging salaries, he can get away with this implication that academics are rolling around in piles of banknotes. Here is a rare insight into the true situation (spoiler-alert: it will make Tesco shelf-stackers feel like kings):,25.htm

 Some weeks ago, Ron mentioned a nutter called Kidd. His ‘gyroscopic’ ‘antigravity’ machine was backed by Laithwaite, and a Scottish university was browbeaten by Laithwaite into giving Kidd a ‘desk’ there. Kidd was also invited to meet Ron Evans of British Aerospace. Kidd has even been mentioned in a leading aerospace journal. See? There is no problem with physics, but there seems to be a hell of a problem with engineering. Anyway, the point of this digression is that Kidd demanded a salary of £50,000pa in order to compensate him for his loss-of-earnings as a tool-fitter.  So, he instead went down the ‘brain drain’ (LOL) and took his invention to Australia.

Ron’s Antisymmetry Refuted

October 6, 2017

In the light of his current obsession with antisymmetry, it is well to remember that he cannot handle the relevant mathematics:

More Barrel-Scraping

October 4, 2017

“The Life of Myron Evans” by Kerry Pendergast

October 4, 2017

This is a biography by my friend Kerry Pendergast of the EDCL, the cover information was read on 2/10/17 at St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, Memphis, Tennessee and is available from all good bookshops.”

Really? What exactly in that hagiography would be of interest to such a ‘reader’? Perhaps they are studying fear-responses in youngsters: flashing the cover-photograph at the kiddies would certainly be a good experimental test. And for suitable horror stories, just look at the reviews.

Stupid Tail Tries to Wag Clever Dog

October 4, 2017

To Mr Rajpal in New Delhi

October 4, 2017

I think that the Nobel Prize for gravitational radiation is a predictable non event, it is already completely obsolete.”

Real physicists like to quip that, “theory is what one does when there are no useful experiments to perform”. Reproducible experimental results take precedence over theory. Experiment decides which one, among competing theories, wins out. Your so-called theory is not even in the running.

“There is unanimous acceptance of ECE theory insofar as there have been no criticisms for over a decade, and a huge amount of interest that will last indefinitely. ”

Few people know about your rubbish theory, and those who do know about it have already said all that there is to be said about its ‘value’. Where are the signs of this so-called ‘acceptance’? Oh, the ‘scientometrics’: compiled by someone who has been caught out in many other lies, such as being an honorary Fellow of Lancaster University … easily disproved by googling.

“The Nobel Prize had to be given in order to make sure of more funding from the taxpayer. ”

Typical bad-loser-speak. If you want to be ‘part of the game’, why do you not join in? That is, submit your ‘work’ to reputable peer-reviewed journals instead of hiding away.

“This has nothing to do with Baconian physics. ”

It has everything to do with Bacon. He stressed the importance of either performing controlled experiments or making careful observations of natural phenomena. In both cases, he warned about the dangers of their illogical theoretical interpretation. You fail every test.

“What is needed in society is meritocracy and toleration of valid ideas. ”

The traditional ‘cry of the crackpot’. You are not even up-to-date here: there now exist hundreds of fake journals which will publish any nonsense at all. And the fees are reasonable, given that they are all based in third-world countries and only pretend to be in New York. Just imagine how good their impressive titles would look on your CV. After all, ‘Markwiss’ is not going to care.

“This is completely absent from standard model physics as you know. Powerful new laws of physics are emerging from the AIAS / UPITEC group, notably the laws of conservation of antisymmetry, based directly on Cartan geometry, the antisymmetry of the two-form and the tetrad postulate. It is easy to show that Einstein violates antisymmetry by putting his field equation into the format of the Einstein Maxwell equations. ”

And we bet that your new laws predict perpetual-motion and anti-gravity. Not exactly novel in the lunatic fringe is it?

“These violate antisymmetry and violate geometry, because torsion is completely missing as you know.”

And you know, or should know, that torsion has long been considered by real physicists and has been found to be irrelevant.

“If you ignore the toiling masses forever, you will be on the receiving end of a revolution in thought, and become an obsolete and dusty corner of history. As Oscar Wilde wrote: work is the enemy of the drinking classes. It takes a lot of work to really understand new thought. The dogmatists prefer their champagne.”

Communist! Oh, another failed plan.

So Sooner Said Than …

October 2, 2017

Available for Invitation for Chancellor or Vice Chancellor

October 2, 2017

I am available for invitation to the post of a University Chancellor or Vice Chancellor in Wales as a fluent Welsh speaker and Wales’ foremost scientist at present (attached CV). ”

Glad to see that you are taking our advice of yesterday.

“This salary would be in the region of £500,000 pounds a year, the norm for the world’s most productive physicist. After taxation I would plough it back into research. ”

Nah, you would be off to pastures new on the next bus, just like any Welshman who gets his hands on some cash. 

“These salaries are wildly inflated, and there are far too many posts offered to people with no knowledge of Welsh or of Wales, and in fact no sympathy with the plight of the language or People of Wales. (The latter is by Charter the Supreme Authority in the University of Wales.) To many people in Wales these secretive appointments are completely unacceptable. ”

There are Italians who get elected in spite of knowing no Latin, Frenchmen who know no Breton, Swiss who know no Rheto-Romanche, etc., etc.  Chancellors tend to be elected by popular acclaim. Agreed that Vice-Chancellors are ‘all mouth’: the previous one at Aberystwyth was a linguist and the next one will be a dentist. What were you expecting: a scientist? Real scientists have better things to do. 

“In 2010 the students at Cardiff stormed UW Cardiff in protest against fees. I do not know how Chancellors or Vice Chancellors are appointed, or why, so I offer myself for invitation. recently students stormed UW Cardiff in protest against fees. I would never greedily increase my salary or spend thirty thousand on air travel, or live in a mansion with a retinue of servants and solid gold taps like the Ukrainian dictator. I am at home in my coal miner’s house. AIAS / UPITEC is so efficient that I do not have to travel at all, and waste tons of polluting fuel when it should be conserved. It is the institute that makes by far the greatest impact in Wales (attached). ”

Most Chancellors are celebrities. As you are not an actor or pop-star you have no chance … unless there is a protest-vote.

“Is your admin really necessary? (A variation on Dylan Thomas, who lived in a boathouse).”

He had to live there because he continually drank his money away.  He was not trying to be ‘carbon-neutral’.