Probable Clarification

December 29, 2017

Number of physicists and astronomers in the world

December 29, 2017

This was the result of a google search – I think it must refer to faculty or similar.

Subject: Re: Number of physicists and astronomers in the world
To: Myron Evans <myronevans123>

Are you sure that there are no more than 17,100 physicists in the world? Did you only count permanent members of universities? Then this number may be realistic. There should however be many more scientitst with an education in physics.
Some time I was told that there are only about 1000 physicists in the world who understands Einstein’s theories. This may be a realistic number.”

The figure probably refers only to those who function as professional physicists, and does not include those who ‘did a physics degree’ and then went into a different field. The latter are a permanent potential menace because they often try to use their half-remembered and out-of-date knowledge to compete with those who have stayed in the field. This causes great confusion among journalists, ‘science-writers’ and other laymen. A typical case would be Eric Laithwaite, who rose high in the electrical engineering field but remained pig-ignorant of (and antagonistic towards) physics. The journalists thus thought that Professor Laithwaite’s demented opinion of spinning-tops outweighed that of the hundreds of non-celebrity physicists. We ourselves have to contend with electrical engineers and chemists who ‘did a physics course’ decades ago but who are unqualified to make valid scientific innovations. The man-in-the-street never seems to learn that not everybody who ‘wears a white coat’ is on the same page. In fact, a great deal of pseudoscience emanates from supposed ‘centres of scientific excellence’, such as NASA.


Ron’s Crooked Hero

December 28, 2017

Why on Earth would the website of a real scientist include a link to this criminal clown? Do you like those unfilleted German sardines, SS? You do realize, don’t you, that when one eats such a sardine one is also eating its ****.  Get the analogy?

Zero Physicists/Astronomers in Craigcefnparc

December 28, 2017

Number of physicists and astronomers in the world

December 28, 2017

Currently there are 17,100 physicists and astronomers in the world. We know from fifteen years of scientometrics that most of them study ECE and ECE2 theories regularly, and from the best universities in the world, and have done for fifteen years. ”

Name just one who cites, or corresponds, with you.

“In 2016 the average number of distinct visits per month to combined sites was 26,542, increasing sharply to 37,402 last month, and approaching a new record high this month. ”

Why do you write ‘combined’, when you very well know that the other site is rarely visited?

“Our methods at AIAS / UPITEC have made the journal and citation methods obsolete because clearly, everyone reads ECE and ECE2 all the time.”

Yeah, yeah, but they are all still too scared (for their jobs) to mention ECe in any milieu or context, even though they are now supposedly in the ascendancy. Can you not see how incompatible your two claims are?

“In my opinion something is only worth doing if it is radically new and tested against data. I have never been a one for grinding the old cobblers. ”

Yes you have! Your entire career has been based upon ‘glorified curve-fitting’; in your case, fitting ad hoc models to limited data. That is no better than the dead-end methods of Greek ‘science’. Have you never read Bacon? You never test theory using new data.

“EGR has been refuted in many different ways so the Einstein field equation predicts nothing.”

It has never been refuted, and has passed every experimental test.

“A paper such as UFT225 completely refutes electroweak theory, so there is no Higgs boson. ”

A paper which contradicts experimental proof is automatically suspect.

“A small group of ancient mariners keeps rolling out the dogma via captive media, but the dogma is immediately discarded. A community of 17,100 people is a large village or small town. There are village idiots who are well known to be idiots. They rarely shave and never look in the mirror, and are fond of calling the entire village an idiot. The village knows them well, smiles, and writes more refutations. Who holds the high ground in the village and who owns the cesspit full of dogma? On a foggy and bitterly snowy evening in December, it is easy to fall into the dogma, like Dunstan Cass in “Silas Marner”. He had just stolen all the weaver’s hoarded gold, or taxpayers’ funding. Many years later when they cleared the bile and dogma, a skeleton was found with a big bag of funding. No ideas in sight. He had drowned in years of bile – Dunstan Cass, the Squire’s younger son, an idle waster . So the children of the village look at things anew and with wonder every morning, and keep away from the cesspit.”

The problem with such attempts at literary allusion (nice little nod to Bertrand Russell, by the way) is that it so often rebounds on the writer. Stop dissing Craigcefnparc!

Dear Lorenzo, There is a Santa Claus

December 28, 2017

“Dear Lorenzo (are you really in charge of a nuclear facility?),

Prof. (he really isn’t) Evans has a new email address (because he is frequently stymied by technology that a school-kid can handle), see CC of this email.
Let me give some comments to your questions. Spacetime devices is a field with a lot of cheating and unproven claims (and we provide much of that). We try to seperate the weat from the chaff. The mechanisms of Osamu Ide (er, his gadgets certainly do oscillate … like door chimes) have been proven by our Munich group (we use our own unique definition of proof) but so far we have not succeeded in building a functionable energy device (because that is impossible) . The (fraudulent) Bedini machine did not deliver overunity (because that is impossible), we only made a theoretical study (and got it wrong). Another field (of fraudulent activity) we are pursuing is magnetic generators (or “motors” we cannot tell the difference). Here we are working on several concepts scams that are promising. As private persons, we have to use our hobbyist budget. Thing would proceed faster (after pigs take flight) if we could give development orders to mechanical and EE companies but as you know this is politically delicate (not to say criminal) and nobody of other inventors who went this way succeeded with this (except for Rossi, who got funding and then spent 8 years in jail for it). It would be sufficient if a research lab of a university would work with us but even this is not possible for well known reasons (i.e. 99% of them have never heard of us, and the rest laugh at us). We ourselves will use the open source paradigm (now a major money-making racket) with no information hiding (not that we have any information worthy of the name). I agree with your political agenda (we try not to mention the war).
There is no commercial device available to date (because that is impossible) but the LENR device E-cat of Rossi seems to be nearest to market launch (although he may go back to jail), if he will overcome the problems with his financing company (and that will be the reason).”

‘Broken Record’ of a Broken Man

December 26, 2017

Youngest Recipient of the D. Sc. Degree

December 26, 2017

My D. Sc. Thesis is in the Hugh Owen Library and National Library of Wales, and the first few pages are in the Omnia Opera of It was submitted on 23rd April 1977, when I was twenty six, and awarded without corrections or criticism early in 1978. It is a distinction higher than full professor. ”

And one has to wonder why: the work upon which this award was based was unremarkable and little-cited … except by yourself. We maintain that this was a desperate attempt to be rid of you (companies often give exemplary references to troublesome employees, in order to make them tempting to others).

“So I effectively became a full professor at the age of twenty six. ”

No you didn’t; since when does a qualification equate directly to an appointment? Other skills are required and sought.

“Very rarely is the D. Sc. awarded to a scholar under forty, because one has to have forged a distinguished international reputation to be awarded the degree.”

You had not ‘forged an international reputation’ … and you still haven’t, not even as a nutter (why does the GASE not list you)

“I was awarded the Harrison Memorial Prize in 1978 and the Meldola Medal in 1979.”

Do you know where some bodies are buried? There is no other rational explanation

“These are now kept in the archives of Wolfson College, Oxford. I am one of only two people in history who have been awarded both the Harrison and Meldola, the other being Geoffrey Luckhurst.”


“I refuse to accept the illegal dissolution of the University of Wales, so regard myself as full professor in the University of Wales.”


“I earned another full professorship at UNCC in 1992,”

A post for which you were singularly unqualified; who hires a chemist to teach physics? Is that why you spent so much time ‘working at home”? Were you cramming ready for your next lecture.

“and resigned”

after losing the ‘battle of the smell’.

“to become Director, later President, of the world famous AIAS, later AIAS / UPITEC. ”

Swerving physical suicide, you committed professional suicide.

“As usual, the wikipedia article on the D. Sc. is inacurate, it omits all mention of my D. Sc. and has an entry on someone called Charles W. Lovelace, a person who apparently does not exist. The ECE theory is fully accepted by mainstream physics in that it is read regularly at the best universities in the world. ”

Translation: a few unknown persons occasionally access your websites for unknown reasons. Even the lunatic fringe ignores ECe.

“The wikipedia article on ECE is well known to have been a failed attempt to discredit the theory using scientific fraud. ”

The ECe wikipedia entry is effectively frozen, due to a lack of new reliable information on the subject. The Talk page is regularly updated.

“Obviously, Cartan geometry has not been “discredited”, and ECE is Cartan geometry itself – that is the beauty and power of the theory.”

Of course it hasn’t … but your extensions of it are demonstrably incorrect.

Unwanted by Everybody

December 26, 2017

Question: if Siemens Stain is big in the German perpetual-motion movement,

and is also Ron’s creature, then why do the German loonies not mention Ron?

Why is Ron not at the top of the list of lunatic links? Conclusion: even the lunatic fringe thinks that Ron is too loony.

Dismal CV

December 22, 2017

Still listing the TGA medal, even after Ron called them worthless?

Part of a plot by academic conmen to extract money from gullible politicians. The same thing is currently happening in the UK, and it has happened in the past in the USA (efforts are likely to be re-doubled now that an anti-truth maniac occupies the White House).

Handy list of loonies

Many of these are dead in the corporate sense; others (like Aspden and De Palma) are dead in the much more satisfying personal sense. Good riddance!




SS Wie Er Es Verdient Hat!

December 22, 2017

Merry Christmas to Horst Eckardt

December 22, 2017

Merry Christmas, Froehliche Weihnachten, to Horst Eckardt and the colleagues of the Muenich Group. This has indeed been a fruitful year, with many major advances, many by Horst himself. His graphics and analysis of the famous Sections 3 greatly add to the value of the “stark mathematics”. The interest in ECE2 is at a very high plateau, and we understand the vacuum much more clearly than ten or twenty years ago. We are able to map the vacuum and calculate its effect on all aspects of physics.”

23 seconds in

Facebook Correction Required

December 22, 2017

Season’s Greetings to the Group, Cousins and Millions of Readers.

December 22, 2017

Season’s Greetings, Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year from Larisa and myself.”


Please ask Mrs Ron to alter her Facebook page; she appears to believe that she currently resides in Krasnodar. By the way, how is the dieting going … and is she still creating salads that are ‘real Picasso’?

Meanwhile … in the Real World

December 21, 2017

Wikipedia Entries on Myself

December 21, 2017

Wikipedia admits freely that it has no authority, it does not even know the credentials of its editors. I am in Wikipedia in several ways: Harrison and Meldola Medallist, Civil List Pensioner and Google Scholar. The Wikipedia entry on ECE is now a cashed relic that is a decade out of date. It is like a burnt out tank, a failed attempt to destroy ECE. It suppresses my real CV, which is found in the blue box of I no longer use the journal system, the website system is orders of magnitude more powerful, and already has the permanency of a stalactite. The self appointed “experts” of Wikipedia chant their dogma to themselves in Plato’s cave. My guess is that anyone who tries to post my CV on Wikipedia will find it crazily removed by their system, even though I am displayed in many ways by the same system. Reductio ad absurdum.”

… the Wikipedia Einstein-Cartan-evans site is regularly up-dated:–Cartan–Evans_theory

But it is a little too ‘wishy-washy’ to our minds and could be far more critical of, and less deferential to, a major crank and national embarrassment. The main contributor appears to be located at York University. Ron’s CV (even the true parts) is irrelevant as it dates from the pre-breakdown era. Many famous real scientists/mathematicians (Hamilton, Eddington, Godel, etc.) went downhill in later life; nobody then thought that their previous good reputation counted for anything.