Aspiring to be a Third-World Physicist

Ron daily bends his theory to legitimizing classic pseudosciences and scams such as perpetual-motion and antigravity. Siemens Stain, an important figure in the German lunatic fringe, apparently spends every waking moment* working for Ron and occasionally builds a breadboard prototype of Ideotic’s Magic Doorbell.  Ron thinks that he is avant garde or, to put it another way, he thinks that he is in the vanguard of a brave new world of ‘energy from spacetime’. In fact, he is trailing along in the dust of third-world scientists who have proper staff, who work at genuine academic establishments and who publish openly in peer-reviewed journals. Let us just dissect these facts using a sample paper:


Note that Dr (sic) Asthana is a head of department at a major engineering college. You can bet that he did not elect himself to be boss (as you did) and that  the college actually exists (unlike your imaginary research institute). He even has two undergraduate students** at his beck and call. The paper itself is about a familiar form of perpetual-motion machine; the very sort that you and SS explained in the pages of Physica B, the paper where you embroiled QEII by using one of her addresses. So given that you are one of the world’s ‘most prolific scientists’, are the reigning expert on ‘energy from spacetime’ and have written specifically about this sort of machine, why are you not cited? Can it be that Dr(sic) Asthana is a blinkered dogmatist, or a Ron-follower who is scared to rock the boat? That seems unlikely, given that he is much further up the garden path than you are. After all, look at the other references: H.A Nieper, “Revolution in Technology, Medicine, and Society – Conversion of Gravity Field Energy”. Nieper: the ‘grand old man’ of energy scams. D.Kelly, whose  “Free Energy” contains many ‘practical’ magnetic-motor designs. Oh look, the Swiss M-L Converter. Note: there is a religious sect in Switzerland, founded by a convicted paedophile, which claims to get all of its energy from a perpetual-motion machine. And here is your pal with the ‘wild ideas’, Lt.Col.T.E.Bearden, “AIDS: Biological Warfare,” Chapter 4 of “Extraordinary Physics”.  How often does AIDS crop up in references concerning generators? G.D.Hathaway, “Engineering Non-Conventional Energy Systems” is big in the Canadian lunatic fringe. He has written about the death-ray inventions that, the whore-of-science claims, really demolished the WTC. He has also co-authored peer-reviewed papers with a Cambridge academic (the son of another well-known but deceased anti-Einstein crackpot) about chemical reactions that produce ‘anomalous energy’. All of those pioneers and avant garde thinkers, and yet you are nowhere to be seen.  Should we write to Dr (sic) Asthana about you and try to wangle a sabbatical or a visiting professorship? It might be a nice change for you to mix with real academics in a real institute. To our sane readers we say: look at how helpless sarcasm is in the face of this avalanche of pseudoscience. One cannot even say who ‘comes off worse’ in our comparison.

*Yes, of course you already know this dear reader, but we have to think of the new people from Siemens and Der Spiegel who may be tuning-in these days  

** Isn’t that rather like finding out that ‘the bitch’ from the Alien movie has laid eggs? 


4 Responses to “Aspiring to be a Third-World Physicist”

  1. Harry Hab Says:

    Hard to say indeed. It is true however, up and down all echelons of academia, that departments seem to exist solely to breed clones of the HoD. In this light, Ron’s failings as an academic politician may be viewed as his only redeeming feature…

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      We personally rejoice to see rival nations pursuing pseudoscience. That is why it is so annoying to find that the West is no better. But what a nonsense it makes of the educational system. It must still be true that, “Them as can … do. Them as can’t … teach”.

  2. Ioan Richard Says:

    Mr Evans complains about Crackpotwatch. The problem is that we can only communicate with him via the Comment Box on Crackpotwatch as we are aware he avidly reads Crackpotwatch.
    If you send Mr Evans an e mail to air criticisms and debate in private you get an auto bounce back as below:-
    : host[] said: 554 5.7.1 Your
    mail could not be delivered because the recipient is only accepting mail
    from specific email addresses. If you feel you received this in error,
    please contact the recipient directly and ask them to check their email
    settings. (in reply to end of DATA command)
    This begs the question:- What are you hiding from Mr Evans?
    Can Crackpotwatch offer any answers?

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      We have never tried to use it, but we note that the ‘About Dr Evans’ page appears to have an unblocked comments form at the bottom. Some years ago, somebody made a comment to us which supposedly included his telephone number. We do not play dirty however.

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