Nutter Pesters PM … Again

Photographs of the Coeur d’Alene Energy Conference in Idaho

August 9, 2015

Many thanks again. This conference was opened by AIAS Director Dr Douglas Lindstrom, ”

Shhhh! Some people might prefer to keep that embarrassing connection quiet.

“Canadian Government (retired),”

and they never caught him? That does not say a lot for the Canadian Government.

“who spoke to one hundred and fifty participants on applications of ECE theory to new energy devices and low energy nuclear reactors (LENR).”

who spoke to 150 cranks about perpetual-motion machines.

“A conference report by Doug Lindstrom has also been posted. ECE is recognized internationally as the only theory capable of explaining these very important devices. ”

It is recognized only as being a collection of loonies who concoct nonsense mathematics to ‘explain’ why the mentally-challenged should waste a lot of time taping magnets to bicycle wheels. Cigarette-cards were always much more fun. 

“In this context I recommend UFT311 and UFT321,which give complete circuit details, and prove the ECE theory by comparison with a circuit by Osamu Ide which outputs more energy than inputted. ”

Yes, that is the way: compare one worthless gadget with another worthless gadget. Crackpots have been reporting net gains in energy ever since electromagnetic induction was discovered. That merely proves that they are incompetent experimenters.

“The Ide circuit is described in UFT311. UFT321 by Eckardt and Lindstrom is a paper that applies ECE to circuit theory in order to design a circuit to take energy from the ECE vacuum developed from ECE theory in the Eckardt / Lindstrom papers UFT 292 to UFT299.”

And that merely makes you part of a conspiracy to sell worthless devices to suckers. That is fraud. Even Steorn assembled an independent panel of testers before daring to attempt to sell anything.  Shame on you, Ron, and on your ’employer’, the Queen.

“The latter are being studied thousands of times a year off alone.”

And? Nobody acts on the information. Nobody mentions it. Nobody except us even bothers to criticize it any more. It is just another sad chapter in the annals of pseudoscience; one that unfortunately drags down a valued scientific accolade.

“In view of the catastrophic, grotesque, failure of wind turbines, and the cessation of suibsidies for wind turbines on land in the countries of Britain, we will see our ruined landscape decay into a junk yard full of scrap from a nightmare by Kafka.”

The only Kafkaesque element here is that an inscrutable unaccountable bureaucracy took it upon itself to award a scientific honour to a loudmouthed pseudoscientist … and then did the same thing for his biographer. Just wait until this travesty becomes known to the wider scientific community.

“In view of that wild and corrupt insanity, UFT311 and UFT321 are smiles of reason (“The Smile of Reason” is an episode of “Civilization by Kenneth Lord Clark, describing Voltaire and the classical enlightenment, youtube in high definition).”

Is that really your only guide to culture? He did not do a very good job of instilling noble principles in his son, did he? Alan Clark comes high in the ranks of the UK’s most depraved MPs … and there have been a lot of them! 


2 Responses to “Nutter Pesters PM … Again”

  1. Serftolordglyntawe Says:

    For some now (just a few weeks) Moron has desisted from insulting and defaming his neighbours and other villagers. We guessed it was one or two reasons (a) somebody (or the Police) had given him a severe warning, or (b) he was taking his medication again. It turns out it must be the former – somebody must have warned him. It must have a serious warning to silence him. It can’t be the latter as he now believes Mr Corbyn is already the Leader opf the UK Labour Party as he wrote to the British Prime Minister about that bit of nonsense and quoted he was a cousin of the Queen of England. So he is obviously not taking his medication. That leaves us wondering as to who warned him to keep silent about villagers. The best bet is that the Police have warned him. What do you think Crackpotwatch? Can you invite him to explain?

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